I'd like to say that I now feel empty and distraught now that Master's Sun has ended (my typical feelings when a drama I love ends), but I'm proud to say that is not the case at all.

I'm finding it's quite easy for me to let go. Not because I won't miss this series (because I will) or that I felt that it ended badly (because it didn't) but because I feel that everything was resolved so well that I don't have any residual feelings of non-closure, which is rare for me.

Everything that I expected to happen, happened. Although not in the way I expected it to.

From the very beginning I waited for the moment Joong Won would temporarily convince himself that Gong Sil had no true value and would tell her to get lost expeditiously. That ended up happening, but not for the selfish reasons I was sure it would be for. Her expressing that she didn't like herself or her ability when she was with him because it brought harm to him led to his seemingly final dismissal after she begged him to do so.

Joong Won had become a better person just by being with her, but how selfish would he would be if he forced her to stay with him if he didn't have the same affect on her? This was the moment that his lesson in consideration of others really showed.

Of course, it took a while to get there.

I also expected a time jump, but it was more than a way to keep us guessing for a few minutes more, or a way to kill extra time that came with that one episode extension.

Gong Sil wanted to be with him on her own terms. Whether she liked it or not, her ghost seeing ability was who she was. It was part of her identity and purpose. She needed to understand it before she could be with Joong Won because she needed to understand herself. Being in love is great, but how could she have the confidence to love anyone if she didn't embrace herself?

What made the time jump even better was that she came back not only as her own woman, but a woman who had the confidence to get her man!

Oh, yes. The time jump was necessary and, frankly, appreciated.

Ultimately, I think this series was about something that we all want. The assurance that someone will protect us, love us, and, most importantly, stand beside us while accepting who we are.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but we don't look for the ones that we love when everything is perfect. We reach for them when the world seems to be crumpling all around us and our only instinct is to reach out hoping that someone is there within arm's reach.

The only complaint I would have is the missed opportunity we had with the other ghost whisperer, Yoo Jin Woo. He has Second Lead Syndrome written all over him! Maybe Hong Sisters knew a love triangle involving another ghost whisperer may be have been dangerous, but, damn, I wish they had just gone for it.

I mean, I know Kang Woo was supposed to be the tired wheel getting us all hot and heavy, but we all know who I had my bets on for him.

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