I’ve got to agree with Drama Debussie: I think I won’t be having any withdrawal symptoms because The Master’s Sun certainly gave us some awesome closure to, well… just about everything and everyone. Our main leads separated and met again as equals (because all it takes for Gong Shil to become worthy of the love of our Giant Mall tycoon is suddenly earning money, a little confidence, money, a reassured standing of who she is in live, money and owning an apartment building).

What I will miss is the fun and overall cuteness that Gong Hyo Jin put into her role. And ohhh man was I happy to see one final scene of her being possessed by all the stray dead. That cat!


Cutest kitty ever!

I really do think it was unfortunate that the drama was given a one-episode extension, because episode 16 was almost a little pointless. I predicted it would be spent watching Gong Shil exploring her past, or at least Joong Won pondering her absence, and yet the entire episode was wasted with him trying to keep her back, just so she could take off after all?

Why couldn’t they just run away together! Had a short-lived fling, let us all watch and observe ogle Lee Chun Hee making romantic-y faces, and then have her return?!? *still bitter*

At least we got a smile out of the man. No trying to fool him that Joong Won will dare let him leave with his girl.

And of course episode 16 also gave us closure on the other couples.

Finally, Kang Woo! You let her kiss you and you don’t run away. Now that’s some female empowerment. See, Yi Ryung? You don’t need to get a man drunk to make him like you. You just need to be a tiny bit persistent, then wait until he think you’re sleeping for you to sneak up and throw out a quick peck on the lips.

Save the red carpet for a while though – poor man looked like was going to throw up for a second.

And how about these crazy kids?

I’d admit it. I always thought they were adorable. And for some weird reason, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on that actor. I know he’s no hottie, but he always picks these weird and/or quirky roles that make me like him (personal favorite is from Can We Get Married? Sure it’s a bit-part, but I’d recommend the whole thing anyway).


At least they both had their eyes closed, which is more than you can say for most Kdramaland kisses.

As for the rest of our resolutions, I’m ever so happy that trash can man finally got a storyline, though I’m a little sad at the thought of Joong Won losing his friend. Oh, to have heard the conversations between these two.

“In its own way, it comforts me when you bang the can and spin the lid for me.”

Letting trash can man’s daughter have the wedding of her father’s dreams was a nice touch as well – a testament to how far Joong Won’s come in character. Ah, when the rich learn to be charitable. What says character development more than that? ;)

Goodbye, you two.

And someday, I hope you’re visited by a kid who’s just finished his SAT’s, and you can all have a real cup of coffee together.

Can you believe that 8 weeks ago he used to frighten the crap out of me?? Now I think I’ll miss Coffee Kid the most!

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