Drama Debussie: Welp, this is it. The end. I hope you guys are coping as well as you possibly can. I know had to do one more *hand wave* “꺼져!” before closing my laptop after watching the last episode.

Vivi: I’ve decided that I’m just going to adopt the hand wave as a permanent part of my goodbyes from here on out. “See ya later!” *hand wave* “Get lost!”

Rosie: It’s kind of addicting, that hand wave. Fortunately, most people I use it on (along with the accompanying word) have no idea what I’m saying. They just think I look cute. ^_^

Drama Debussie: It’s hard to believe it’s all over, but I felt that pretty much everything was settled quite well. Although I do have to wonder what changes were actually made in the name of that one episode extension? It seems the Hong Sisters kept the happy ending(s) that they wanted, but you have to wonder how they filled that extra time they were given.

Vivi: I think a lot of the “I’m going! But I like it here! But I have to go! Maybe I won’t go! Oh, wait, I’m going anyway!” was a result of the extension.

Rosie: All of episode 16 was a waste. They were probably thinking, “Aiiishh we have to throw in how many extra redundant scenes now??”

Drama Debussie: Yeah, the minute I heard there would be an extension I imagined that the Hong Sisters were starting every line of episode 17 with a sigh and an eye roll. I personally thought some things were a little odd. Like the late in life pregnancy for Joong Won’s aunt. That’s great but really? Was that the only way Aunt and Gong Sil could finally come to an understanding?

Vivi: But how else can women bond if not over their fertile wombs?

Drama Debussie: *snaps finger* THAT’S why I don’t have friends!

Rosie: I’m guessing the pregnancy ending for Auntie was always amongst their plans, but it kind of screams “cheeeeesy” to me. Don’t shoot me. I’m not a mom yet.

Drama Debussie: Oh, you’re not alone. Even if I had kids myself I know I’d still be calling it liquid gold (cheesy).

Rosie: However I think it’s kind of cute that her husband gets a kiddo too. I liked that guy, and I don’t usually fawn over Dramaland couples in their age bracket, but they were sweet overall.

Vivi: For me, bringing back the murdered dead kid was a little strange. I liked that she couldn’t resist helping him, but it didn’t really feel like the mom got that much closure in the end, even with Gong Sil’s intervention.

Drama Debussie: Not at all! Gong Sil seemed to save the woman from committing suicide and we never heard about her again. It was strange.

Vivi: Maybe it was plot filler that ran out of time.

Rosie: Most of the ghost stories were so episodic. Yet that kid kept returning! I think it was more for Gong Sil’s closure than the poor mom’s. But for something that yes, I agree was plot filler, it was an awfully sad filler! The only sad mark on an otherwise nice and happy ending.

Drama Debussie: I mean, honestly, if they were gonna bring anyone back, it should've been Yoo Min Gyu. I'm just sayin'.

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