Whoa, now! It's only episode four, and they've already spent the night together! Apparently, "Is it just me, or are there ghosts in here?" is the best pickup line of all time. Who knew?

Vivi here! It’s official: I love Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Sil. After last week, I was just a little bit nervous that her character would be so over-the-top that it would become annoying or pathetic. In fact, I think that most actresses would have a hard time balancing this character, but Gong Hyo Jin is nailing it so far. Tae Gong Sil might bark like a dog (How hard did you laugh during her possessed scenes?) and proposition men she’s only met a handful of times, but all of that works as a perfect balance to Joo Joong Won.

My favorite interaction so far? The conversation where he kept trying to be a pompous jerk, and she kept twisting his words to make them nice.

He’s trying so hard to be mean, but she just won’t let him!

Now, I know a lot of people got miffed at last week’s review when I said that Joong Won didn’t have much personality in the first two episodes. While we still haven’t seen many sides to him (especially compared to Gong Sil), his gruff exterior creates some great banter between the two leads, so he’s starting to grow on me.

We’re also starting to learn more about the two secondary leads. And by “learn more,” I mean that we’ve learned that Kang Woo’s on-screen appearances are almost always accompanied by sexy elevator music. And that Tae Yi Ryung might be the only person on the planet who hated having braces more than I did. (But seriously, Yi Ryung, don’t be so obsessive. At least you didn’t have headgear. Because I did.) We also know that Kang Woo has ulterior motives behind his kindness, so it’s hard to feel too bad that he’s clearly not going to win the girl this time. Of course, I reserve the right to reverse that statement the second he genuinely falls in love and starts crying and clutching his heart.

Even insincere dimples are better than no dimples at all.

As far as the ghosts go, I’m never trusting them again now that I know they can grab people. What the what? I promise to never steal a dead person’s shoe again! If you want to see some genuinely horrified faces from me and Coco as we watched this scene, check out our Youtube review of these episodes.

Ohhhh no. Just all kinds of no.

The “Most Confusing Ghost award” goes to Yi Ryung’s buddy, who appears to be...a Mozart-impersonating drag queen? Who worked as a mime on the weekends? Somebody give us a story on that guy!

Personally, my big anticipation for next week is for some serious Joong Won jealousy when he realizes that his personal radar might have the hots for the mysterious dimpled ninja! (Fingers crossed)