And Rosie’s back! Alright, so last week I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes, but wasn’t so sold on the amount of punch they sold. Sure it’s a cute premise (with some frightening ghosts), but will this drama really give me the emotional tug I’ve been craving? After episodes 3 and 4, I’m starting to think so.

It’s our leads that are to blame. At barely a quarter of the way through the drama… what’s this? They’re already showing so many classic OTP moments! Specifically, Joong Won has made enough swoony moves that his cranky-lead-man-character types don’t usually demonstrate for at least another 4 to 15 episodes.

Case No 1. Savior & Personal Hug Mate

Noticing the terrified Gong Shil in the parking garage and backing up the car to save her – standard fare at this stage for most drama lovers. But letting her lean in for the hug for that long!? Barely over two hours of viewing time, and we already got swoony hugs!

Case No 2. Public Display of Heroism

I knew our steadfast Joong Won wouldn’t be able to stand that twerp who cheated on his wife and then gloated about it to his girlfriend. I also think he expected Gong Shil to make trouble about it on her own. I didn’t expect him to offer his hand down to the harassed looking ghost whisperer, while all the mall hands and customers looked on. Joong Won, you have my props for the week.

Case No 3. The Bed Scene

We’ve all raved about it by now. But it deserves it. My first thought after seeing the evening’s backstory of multiple possessions: “Why on earth didn’t he just kick her out? By that point he’s probably figured out dead girlfriend isn’t coming back. Just chuck this girl out!” Only, he didn’t. And that speaks volumes that he’d consent to sleep all night without letting go of her hand.

Beyond these love birds though, The Master’s Sun is sitting pretty well with me – so far beyond my expectations. And rather than developing Second Lead Syndrome for Kang Woo, I’m beyond tickled at all his run-ins with Yi Ryung. He’s got no interest in her. She’s got no interest in him. In drama lingo, that practically guarantees love!

Is she being manhandled here? Nope. Just a little self defense.

As much as I’m predisposed to hate these type of whiny, rich second ladies, I’m We don’t know why she’s a top model now, and it doesn’t really matter. We do know that she’s got a huge chip on her shoulder from school days of being the “Little Sun” to Gong Shil’s “Big Sun” but broken engagement revenge aside, shouldn’t she hate Gong Shil a little less by now? She’s obvious more successful. Though, this just paves the way for that uber creepy “Mozart ghost” (Thanks Vivi! I knew he looked familiar!).

I think we should all take a moment of silence for Ri Yung’s hair….

It wasn’t my favorite ghost-of-the-day story, but I’m suddenly a lot more interested in how the unveiling of Joong Won’s first love aka Dead Girlfriend Ghost will look with time. After episodes 1 and 2 it seemed like the whole story had already been explained. Dead Girlfriend worked with the kidnappers for some reason, and then she ended up dead. Can’t even grieve properly. Gong Shil suddenly being possessed by her spirit now – I think there’s way more emotionally to look forward to. And I don’t believe for one moment that all Joong Won cares about is the ransom money.

Look at that boy. He was so obviously smitten, and now so obviously hurt.

So who else is looking forward to seeing more of Myungsoo learning more about this heartbreaking backstory?

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