Drama Debussie: Hey, ladies! Welcome to the end of another Master's Sun week.

Rosie: What’s on the agenda for this week?

Drama Debussie: Well, I was thinking that we could talk about our fave ghosts this week, but then I wondered, am I the only one who’s annoyed when a ghost appears and the series doesn't explore their backstory? While the ghost stories keep us entertained, I’m more intrigued by the ghosts who aren’t explored. Like the coffee loving high school kid who just won’t leave Gong Shil alone. Rosie, I know he gave you the creeps last week, but I kinda want him to come back so we can find out more.

Vivi: I’m absolutely with you on this one. Since we’ve already established that the ghosts need Gong Sil to help them before they can move on, I have to wonder what Coffee Kid needs and why Gong Sil doesn’t just help him out already. Is she that lonely that she needs to keep the nice ghosts around for company?

Drama Debussie: Haha! You know, she may be.

Vivi: I mentioned this in my review this week, but Mozart Ghost was the other one who had me scratching my head. You know there has to be an interesting story there, and it made it worse that he was the main ghost of the week!

Rosie: The fact that we didn’t hear his story did bother me - he just wafted in and wafted out of the story, and did we even get to see a conclusion to it? So far as we know, he’s out there following his third, fourth and maybe 100th victim by now, without anyone (*hint hint* Gong Shil) stopping him. Bizarre? I think so.

Drama Debussie: Exactly! We explored his ability but nothing else. Also, are we going with Mozart Ghost now? I was leaning toward Queen Ghost. Simply because he's about three hauntings (because that's a measurement) away from, "Mirror, mirror on the wall.."

Rosie: What I’m really hoping is that this drama will give us a backstory not just for the main ghosts, but for the whole worldview, this place where Gong Shil sees and communicates with ghosts, and Joong Won somehow dispels them. Is this merely a gimmick, or will there be true consequences down the road.

Drama Debussie: And when you say consequences, do you mean kissing? Because I hope so.

Drama Debussie: Also, on the living side of things, Kang Woo being on some mission of spying on Gong Shil was interesting. Am I the only one that’s reminded of Moo Won from Protect the Boss when it comes to him? He’s a nice guy who’s stuck between loyalties to his mission that seems to have been given to him by Joong Won’s father and the feelings that he’s having for the woman he’s been told to spy on. It’s so easy to like him, but the (drama) reality kicks in and it makes it so hard to do so.

Vivi: To be honest, the split loyalty hasn’t even really registered on my radar. His interactions with Yi Ryung are so much more interesting to me than anything he does with Gong Sil that I kind of want him to hurry through his Gong Sil lovesick phase and build that hate-hate relationship into love! You do have to wonder, though, where he will end up in terms of Joong Won and Gong Sil. Will he turn on Daddy Joo, or will they end as friendly rivals (because I don’t see him ending as their enemy)?

Rosie: I think we all should’ve expected a twist like this. Nothing quite says love triangle without the icky family complications. I’ll just trust that whatever moral dilemmas he runs into, Yi Ryung will solve for him.

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