He’s leaning in…he’s leaning in…freeze frame! Curse yooooooooooou, drama writers! How can I possibly wait until next week?

Gong Sil’s love life is heating up from all sides now that Joong Won and Kang Woo are both starting to open up to her.

Suddenly, seeing ghosts doesn't seem like such a bad trade-off.

Even though Kang Woo is obviously starting to develop some real feelings for Gong Sil, his scenes with Yi Ryung continue to surprise me week after week. Second female leads are bad enough, but Hong Sister second female leads tend to be especially horrible. Remember how Hye In from My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho tried to kill Mi Ho? That’s the level of evil I keep expecting from Yi Ryung, but she just keeps being funny instead. I’m trying to be on guard in case she goes full-on evil at some point, but so far, it’s not working.

I kind of don’t know what to do with myself now that I like her. I don’t understand! What—what is happening to me? Who will I root against now? The scheming step-uncle? He’s too boring!

Okay, so which story made you cry more this week? Because between the sick boy who never got to confess his love and the soldier who had to euthanize his best friend, this week was pretty heavy on the sad ghosts. For me, I think Pilseung won out just because aside from old people in love, dead pets are probably my biggest weakness on the cry-o-meter.

This whole thing was just an emotional roller coaster for me. That guy had so much fun dancing with his dog! Buuuuut it’s dead. But it still loves him! Buuuuuut he’s going to prison. But he has a job when he gets out! SO MANY EMOTIONS!

Since we’re on the topic of ghosts, you know what’s worse than ghosts? Ghost dolls. What’s worse than ghost dolls?


I don’t know if I will be able to watch next week’s show now that those kids officially took that thing home. Picking up that doll seems like a terrible idea on so many levels! Even if it weren’t possessed by horrifying ghost children (I am seriously shivering just typing those words), the thing is so filthy that you could probably get tetanus just by looking at it. Not to mention that it’s covered in blood. I watched this episode from a hotel room at Kcon, and I couldn’t even leave my bed to go to the bathroom by myself after this scene.

Things I’m anticipating the second next week’s episode is out:

1. What happened after Joong Won leaned in? I’m guessing he just backs off at the last second in true kdrama fashion, but a girl can hope, right?

2. What’s going to happen with Gong Sil and Kang Woo’s date? Seeing people get stood up gives me so much anxiety!

3. When that Chinese matchmaker was talking about ghosts using Gong Sil to come back, Hee Joo was gazing at Joong Won. I was starting to think that Hee Joo was just misunderstood, but now I’m not so sure. Are we going to get some more possession scenes?

4. Most importantly, how many more buttons can Joong Won possibly leave undone before he’s wearing nothing but that ascot?