Let the love triangle begin!

Actually, it's love square if you think about it. Kang Woo likes Gong Shil, Gong Shil is excited about Kang Woo liking her since it occurs so rarely, Yi Ryung is reluctantly falling for Kang Woo while determined to still Joong Won from Gong Shil, and the OTP (Gong Shil and Joong Won) are still figuring out what they are!

Whew, I'm exhausted.

I love the dynamic that's being established between Gong Shil and Joong Won. I've always said any relationship should consist of people that want to make each other want to be better people, but it's not just that with these two. Gong Shil has an overwhelming desire to want to help people, even if they're ghosts. It's contagious.

So much so that even Joong Won ends up helping people when we all know he wouldn't normally do so. The only problem is that Gong Shil wants to help so much that she can be careless with her safety. As much as he may claim he's protecting his investment, the way he's so vehemently wanting to protect Gong Shil goes beyond money. He wants to protect HER, not what she can do for him.

He tried to stop her from going to the ahjumma's house for the ghost matchmaking and from finding the armed man in the mall. It's almost as if he can't help himself from protecting her and I love it! By the way, Gong Shil, if you go to a woman's house and they tell you to change into weird clothing, that's your cue to run away screaming.

But, President Joo, you’re coming with me even though you can’t see it, that’s you trusting me.

I'm hoping that by the end of this series, Joong Won will be forced to reevaluate his value systems when it comes to people. It's been said that he only spends his time with people that can make him money, but we all know that some people enrich our lives in a way that money couldn't ever do.

Are you saying you’ll be my bodyguard?

Of course, there's also the people that may enrich our lives, just not in the way we may need them to. I like Kang Woo, if only because I think he's actually a good guy who's just been put in an uncomfortable position. Although, while he may be an informed bodyguard for Gong Shil, it doesn't seem he'll be able to accept who she really is. Sure, it's nice to have this dreamy guy seemingly crushing on Gong Shil, but it doesn't seem like he's himself with Gong Shil. There's also the fact that he hates talking or even acknowledging the existence of ghosts.

He's more himself with Yi Ryung and I love that. Granted, she's kind of like a cartoon villain the way she revealed her plan to steal Joong Won to Kang Woo just to get back at Gong Shil, but there's something there. Maybe it's because neither of them have ulterior motives when dealing with each other, so it's easier for me to appreciate them together. There's nothing to hide between the two, especially now that Yi Ryung knows Kang Woo is spying on Joong Won.

The meaning of a green rose is a noble love that exists only in heaven

Speaking of weird romances, I loved the romance that was revealed between the ahjumma's grandson and the milkgirl. So cute! And seeing Yoo Min Kyu was pretty awesome too.

I guess the only complaint I have about these episodes is why the heck we're we left with such an ominous feeling when creepy ghost matchmaking lady told Gong Shil:

You shine too brightly. That’s why the creatures of the darkness follow you. You must be alert. Amongst them, there are some who are looking for a chance. The chance to come back by using you. Darkness will swallow the light and death eventually swallows life. Be careful and don’t get swallowed.

Creeps have officially been given.

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