Vivi: Okay, Drama Debussie and I will be handling this week’s wrap-up.

Drama Debussie: Yep, Rosie went to KCON and we didn’t hear from her until yesterday. Girl had fun. Anyhoo, she’ll be back next week.

Vivi: I think we’ve finally gotten to the point in the drama where we need to get serious and start picking sides: Team Joong Won, or Team Kang Woo?

Drama Debussie: Oh, that IS serious.

Vivi: I’m not talking about who you would choose for Gong Sil since it’s been pretty obvious from episode 1 where she was headed (It’s fate! He makes ghosts disappear!), but I want to know who you would choose between the two. The rich, handsome chaebol with a rough exterior that is slowly melting away? Or the handsome, thoughtful security guard with a secret?

Drama Debussie: Well, can’t I just--

Vivi: And no, you can’t just choose both.

Drama Debussie: Damn it! Well, if I have to be honest with myself (something I hate doing), I’d have to go with Kang Woo. Like you said, he’s handsome and thoughtful. Sure, he’s got his secret, but compared to the alternative, he’d definitely be more enjoyable to deal with.

Vivi: Wait, you don’t want someone to poke you in the forehead with a look of disgust? I can’t imagine why not!

Drama Debussie: haha. Yeah, forehead poking is not a fun past time for me.

Vivi: For me, I think that if I had to pick right now (Wait, why did I do this to myself?), I would pick...aaaaaaaahhhhh! So hard! Um, Kang Woo. I think? Some second male leads are so nice that they’re boring. I love that he’s thoughtful and kind, but he also has a sarcastic side. I also don't know if I would be bold enough to keep hugging a man until he fell for me, which seems to be Gong Sil's tactic with Joong Won. Oh! And Kang Woo can also secretly beat people up. Not that I approve of beating people up...

Drama Debussie: Now, we’re still finding out more about Joong Won and I’m sure my response will be different in a few weeks here. He’s got layers and they’re completely surrounded by a thick layer of handsomeness, sarcasm and raw honesty that borders on plain rude. Interesting attributes for a drama hero, not exactly someone I’d like to deal with in my own life. I don’t have Gong Shil’s patience.

Vivi: 100% agreed! I like how Joong Won’s interactions between Gong Sil are getting increasingly playful, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind helping him read on that couch! Give it a week, and I’m sure I’ll be swayed, but for right now I’m sticking with Kang Woo.

Drama Debussie: So, basically, we both choose Kang Woo, but only until Joong Won completely changes our minds which Is inevitable? We sound like true drama fans. I love it.

Vivi: Yeah, I mostly just wanted to write this post so that I would have a reason to find all of these handsome screencaps. How about one more for the road?

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