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This week was great for pushing the relationship dynamic to a new level. Even though it’s the oldest trick in the book, I looooooove jealousy as a plot device, and I was surprised to learn that the relationship between Gong Sil and Joong Won is much more complicated than I thought it was this whole time. Before episodes 7 and 8, I kind of assumed that Gong Sil was doing the typical female lead thing where she quickly falls for the guy and uses any excuse she can to be near him. I was genuinely surprised to find out that this whole time, Gong Sil thought she was just getting close to Joong Won out of desperation.

That lean doesn't look very desperate to me.

I like the nuance that this week added to the relationship. Even though Joong Won is the more obviously snooty one in the relationship, we learn that he wasn’t the only selfish one. Gong Sil has finally become aware that forcing herself into Joong Won’s life is also an act of selfishness. That’s a level of self-awareness that many kdramas skip, and I appreciate that the Hong Sisters decided to recognize it here. It will hopefully make for a more balanced relationship at the end of the show. (Pleeeeeeeeease don’t mess it up! Please!)

Apparently, they are both also really, really dense. I swear they have blatantly confessed their feelings at least five times, and every time, they both go on with the next scene like they have no idea that they’re both falling in love. Either the subbers are just playing tricks on us and they are actually talking about golf in those scenes, or these two need to get their ears cleaned out and just kiss already.

This week was also the week of romance all around. Just about every single scene in episode 8 revolved around a couple, and I can’t say that I minded.

It’s about time that Gong Sil’s sister got some action of her own!

Aside from the romance, the other satisfying part about these episodes is that we finally got to learn about the gigantic golden telescope! That thing went from one of the weirdest background props ever to a sign of romance and trust in about 0.2 seconds.

Even though these episodes helped us with our understanding, like Drama Debussie, I still have a lot of questions. We learned so much about Hee Joo so fast, and I feel like we’ve been stalled at “Is she bad? Is she good? Why did she help the kidnappers?” for a long time now. Personally, I would also like to hear some more about Gong Sil’s accident as well. For such an obviously traumatic event, I feel like it doesn’t get much development other than “Now I see ghosts!” I would love some actual flashbacks to pre-accident Gong Sil.

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