Rosie’s home! It is so good to be back in the world of dramas again! Particularly to get out of the shade and under the master’s SUN! Forgive me for being lame. I didn’t have internet for over a week. As a result I got the rare (consolation) treat of marathoning 3 episodes in a row. Good thing, because if I had had to wait between episodes 6, 7 and 8 I probably would’ve died.

How about we call ourselves the Masters’ Daughters? Or feel free to pick a better name for us MS fans, but in the meantime – wow. This may yet be my favorite Hong sisters drama of all, and it’s winning by leaps and bounds.

I’ll admit. I wasn’t so sold on the OTP at the start of this drama, but as Vivi has pointed out, the relationship between Joong Won and Gong Sil, while familiar for a Kdrama romance, has got an excitedly different feel. They’ve definitely confessed some sort of feelings. But are they as dense as they profess to be? What gets to me is that unlike most Kdrama females who realize they’re attracted to the guy, Gong Sil hasn’t until recently shown any interest in Joong Won as a man. Sure, she’s had her Kang Woo candy to distract her, and now that that’s going away *with a heartache-worthy BOOM* her attachment to Joong Won is taking more of a center stage.

I like them though because of their ‘working’ relationship. I like it when couples learn how to be with one another, either as friends or as coworkers, before the blatantly romantic feelings start to come out. Got to have a solid foundation, you know?

They’re also deadly honest with each other, which is of course exactly opposite from Gong Sil’s flirtation with Kang Woo-candy.

And the most awkward date award goes to:

Bike Couple and Ghost Runner

It’s symbolic….of everything wrong about this couple.

Drama Debussie noted the ‘dumping’ scene between Gong Sil and Kang Woo, and yes I agree it can hardly be called a breakup when they were never honestly together. Listen up, kids: know the person you fall in love with. Because if you just go on with your romance like a one way fantasy world, how’ll you know you aren’t be second-hand stalked by ghosts!

I’m glad Kang Woo dumped her now rather than later, but man that was still such a hard scene to watch!

I could literally feel Gong Sil’s heart threatening to fall apart, at being dumped with absolutely no understanding of why. And yet, we know that she’s conflicted – why doesn’t it hurt quite as bad? Maybe because she’s already attached to Joong Won, more than she’s previously admitted? Halfway to go, and this drama’s central love is in fine form! Let’s hope it stays that way.


Now if only we could get this ghost girl’s side of the story, I’d be happy.

Cha Hee Joo. Who are you, and what do you still want with Joong Won?

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