Drama Debussie: Can we take a moment to appreciate what I like to call the Fate Helpers in these dramas? Characters like Chief Secretary Kim who I’m pretty sure is a complete and utter Gong Sil/Joong Won stan. Not only does he seem to care about Joong Won on a level that goes beyond being an employee, but he seems to support these two in his many subtle ways. I mean, who here actually believes he was sick?

Vivi: Not me, that’s for sure. You don’t fool me for one second with your sad coughing and your noble attempts to stay at work, Chief Secretary Kim!

Rosie: Secretary Kim is my favorite! I’ve always loved that man as an actor, either as a baddie villain type or caring dad, but this time I adore him as the nurturer of our main couple. Sick though? Pssh, I’m surprised anyone believed him.

Drama Debussie: If he was, he recovered awfully quickly, even for drama standards. It was perfect too. Who’s in a position close enough to Joong Won to stay by his side at all times? Chief Secretary Kim. When is the only time Joong Won would let Gong Sil be his secretary? When Chief Secretary Kim is out. Man, I love Fate Helpers.

I'm sure the area will get bigger.

Vivi: Yeah, that was the perfect setup to push them closer together. What’s interesting to me is that Chief Secretary Kim has been supporting Gong Sil from day 1. Has anyone actually told him that she sees ghosts? Because if not, she has done some weird things, and he doesn't even bat an eye.

Drama Debussie: Not at all! Which is weird but awesome all at the same time.

Vivi: Remember how she asked him to tell her where Hee Joo died? Without context, that screams “Insane Stalker!” more than “Perfect Girlfriend Material!” That’s how you know Chief Secretary Kim is a really good Fate Helper. He can see past all of that stuff to recognize what’s really best for Joong Won.

Drama Debussie: It's almost as if he's able to see the good that is in Gong Sil which ultimately overshadows the weird circumstances. She's the type of person he wants around Joong Won because her goodness is contagious. It's his way of protecting our president. He’s the father figure that Joong Won never had and I love that. Father figure, yet another title we can add to Secretary Kim’s growing resume.

Vivi: If Gong Sil were going to get together with Kang Woo, her sister would also be an excellent Fate Helper. As it is, her attempts to get those two together are at least helping spark a little jealousy!

Rosie: The sister is great. Now she just needs to get on the right ship and support Gong Sil with Joong Won.

Drama Debussie: She’s in serious need of a ship adjustment! We all need one from time to time, though.

Rosie: However I’m starting to like evil aunt’s husband. Is he a Fate Helper though? Or just a misguided though still useful tool, pushing our leads together?

Drama Debussie: I’m not sure what to make of him, but I know that I’m praying to the drama gods that he isn’t there to hinder our leads’ paths. He’s so adorably clueless and the scenes he has with Aunt are what I like to refer to as Mastercard, priceless.

Rosie: By the way, why is it a given that if Joong Won dates Gong Sil his career as the president would be jeopardized? Is this just drama logic?

Drama Debussie: I think we can definitely blame drama logic here. Aren't drama chaebols usually expected to date/spend time with/marry/put up with someone who has quite a bit of affluence themselves? It would be better for image and business overall, wouldn't it? Money + Money = MONEY. Let’s also remember that while we all love Gong Sil, the word around Kingdom is that she’s not only poor, but completely bonkers.

Rosie: Either way, Uncle Man: keep the rumors coming. It’s just going to help our lovers out. ;)

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