Rosie Here: Have there really been 10 episodes already? So much happened this week, and so much didn’t happen!

I’m still a little stunned at the trajectory of our main relationships. Joong Won is veering left and right with his attentions, from flirty to quick cover-up. Why won’t he just settle down and admit he likes our girl? I get that he’s worried about his heart taking over – the last time he “thought” with his heart, the girl he loved betrayed(?) him.

What I don’t get is why he went from this, to our episode 9 cliff hanger. Kisses one minute (while Gong Sil’s conveniently being possessed by a ghost) straight into Joong Won getting engaged to another girl?? At this point of the story??? DRAMA-WRITERs-nim WAEEEE!?!?

Gong Hyo Jin is one of my favorite Kdrama actresses ever. And her characters are some of my favorite characters ever. If you hurt my girl, I will hunt you down like a scholar in a water pot!


Did he make up for it though?

The aegyo nearly killed me, but I think we’re good.

I’m grateful the writers didn’t string us along with the ‘fake’ engagement for so long. It really couldn’t have made sense, given all we know about Joong Won’s relationships, and his obvious attachment to Gong Sil. Sure he may have wanted to put some distance between them, but the man went nuts after being warned not to touch her, lest the pianist’s ghost-wife go poof again.

Intentionally dragging in another woman to force him to back off = highly unrealistic. It’s the first plot twist (albeit temporarily) that irked my “I’m a sensible drama watcher” vibe. Plus, it made Gong Sil sad. Joong Won, I’m docking you a few points.

Love aside, I can’t believe she finally told Kang Woo she could see ghosts! Haha! Poor guy. Now every bump in the night is going to terrify him. I mean, I’ve always liked Seo In Guk as the puppy dog material actor, but the scared puppy dog? Icing on the master’s cake.

When a man goes from this:

To this, in the space of 1 episode…. My friends, it’s a thing of beauty. Pity Kang Woo spent more of this week’s episodes on the hunt once more for Gong Sil’s affection, but the sooner he can settle down and accept Yi Ryung’s lipstick on his shirt, the better for all.

Now with all the love and drama, sometimes I forget that The Master’s Sun has that overarching plot. At the very least, I forget about Cha Hee Joo until a scene forces me to remember her. It’s a bit of a pity that the drama doesn’t seem to care much about her story other than obligatory 3-5 minutes per episode. First love, first loss, ghost stalker. Hee Joo’s still a mystery that everyone is trying to solve.

Now it’s even been suspected she may be alive? I’ll admit to being curious about Joong Won’s dad and his actual interest in the source of the mystery, but the man himself is just too lame and hollow to care about.

I’m even less enamored now he’s returned to Korea. Another obstacle in love? Or just will he actually be instrumental in putting his son’s former kidnapping torture to rest?

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