Hello, Sunbursts!

I’ve been thinking about a name for we fans and, after these episodes, I’m leaning toward Sunbursts after the pendant that Joong Won has spent so much time trying to give to Gong Shil. I'll admit that it sounds like something a group of candy-selling six year olds would call themselves, but it's just a thought. Let me know what you think? Yes? No? Or back to the drawing board?

Did anyone else have an ominous feeling while watching this week’s episodes? It’s almost as if the show knows it’s halfway done.

Joong Won spent most of the episodes debating what to do with Gong Shil. He kept talking about how Gong Sil’s worth was still in the positive, but just like every drama, there will come a time where Gong Sil’s worth may be considered in the negative and then what? I’m honestly already dreading that moment.

Especially since Joong Won has obviously began to find comfort in the fact that Gong Sil will not just go away after he says *hand wave*, “Get lost!” Although she’s always said that if he told her to go away and he was sincere about it, she would do exactly that, FOREVER. Which is a problem considering Joong Won is Joong Won and there will come a time when he will say those words in the heat of the moment. She’ll keep her promise and he’ll feel abandoned by someone he loves. Again.

Not that she wants to leave him.

Gong Sil wants to stay close to Joong Won but she realizes that the closeness she wants with him is not realistic, especially with him trying so hard to keep her at a safe distance.

The reason why I can’t get an answer on that woman no matter how I calculate it is because she wasn’t up here but it was because I held her somewhere else.

You would think he would just let his heart do all the work, but it’s not a possibility for him which makes sense. His heart seems to be the one organ that has lead him to the most traumatic events in his life. That’s why Gong Sil is so scary to him and why he’s not interested in changing.

He’d rather make decisions with his head because he has control and they have no surprising outcomes. Joong Won may even feel that his heart is weak or broken and those are two things he’s not interested in being.

The only (glorious) problem with this is that Gong Sil is sneaking into his subconscious and he’s starting to like it. It was adorable watching him try to get her to admit that she liked him because he didn’t have the courage to say it himself. Then watching his disappointment when she continued to deny she liked him for fear of burdening him was hilarious if only because she wasn’t giving into his calculations by admitting what he knows is the truth.

But when he finally took matters into his own hands and confessed…

I was screaming like a twerk gone wrong.

Speaking of screaming, am I the only one that wanted to scream at Yi Ryung for helping Kang Woo decide to pursue Gong Sil even more? Sometimes her oblivity is endearing simply because it’s rooted in a simplicity and naivete that is a refreshing break from the attention requiring double entendres that I love/hate the Hong Sisters for. Although when she pushed “Dooley” toward Gong Sil even farther I wanted to strangle her! To be fair, he didn't need much convincing. *sigh* I'm hoping he'll wake up soon.

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