With only one more moonlit drama hour to go, Tiara and I question if we'll ever get those study notes from Night Watchman's Journal Mystical Mythology 101, contemplate how long this scarlet letter will remain Rin's only link to the truth and whether Sadam's sanctuary will send Joseon into financing collapse. But before all that, Rin may need our help with extra talismans and smelling salts. 


Rin frees In Hwa, while Sadam discovers the Night Watchmen have been resurrected

Unnichan: It was bittersweet seeing In Hwa released from her bondage, for that means she’s off to Eternity with no more lurking around Moo Seok. I wish they’d had a longer goodbye of a few more days but he’s spent this long without her, I’m sure it’s best for both of them to move on, especially her. This experience has released them from pain and turmoil and set Moo Seok on the path to accept whatever else life has to offer. He’s now got the freedom to be his complete self. For losing his family damaged and changed him and made him rigid and immovable, I look forward to more flexibility from him now that the past has been dealt with.

Tiara: Right there with you Unnichan.It was way too fast of a goodbye. The drama spent what 4 episodes or more on this story. The drama built up this story for Moo Seok to shine as a character. This big moment in his life to let go of his sister and to start living his life and it just seems the resolution for the story was a bit anti-climatic. You could be right, Unnichan, about there being more from Moo Seok’s new outlook on life in the later part of the drama.

Unnichan: Sadam finding evidence that the Night Watchmen are back in business, is annoying ‘cause I would have loved for them to be incognito for at least an entire episode, however, this piece of information will keep Sadam on his toes or at least cause him to put a few more erroneous irons in the fire. And of late, it’s been entertaining watching him maneuver. There’s much more he can cook up and I hope by the end of the show, we’ve seen a great portion of what he has hidden in his bag of tricks.

Tiara: I totally feel you. I felt like someone just spilled the beans way to early. Considering how much power Sadam has been carrying for the show, it would have been nice to see our Night Watchman have the upper hand for an episode or two before the cat got out of the bag. Now Sadam knows the Night Watchman are back, he must have a bunch of tricks up his sleeves to throw at our heroes. I mean those sleeves are spacious. He’s got to have a rabbit in one of them.


Handmaiden Kim's stank eye haunts the Palace while the Prime Minister feigns ignorance to his secret crimes and Queen Dowager laments about her own

Tiara: Oh Handmaiden Kim’s stank eye was awesome. Interesting to see her back into the story considering she ran scared from Sadam. I wonder if she was able to break Sadam’s spell and has come back to the palace to hopefully help Rin. Handmaiden Kim goes to visit a bunch of people during her tour of the palace. The Prime Minister I understood why she would stare him down. Ki San was a given since she was standing next to the newly appointed young King when Rin told him who he saw. The Dowager being visited is interesting. The question now becomes what did granny do? Whom did she kill? Is her involvement 12 years ago why she held onto Ki San’s hand instead of putting Rin on the throne? Darn you drama for not giving any answers.

Unnichan: Handmaiden Kim isn’t hearing anything from any of these royal hounds. For she was throwing her judgment around on everyone, even Rang Yi in a way and personally, I wonder about that most. Perhaps, it’s because she hasn’t revealed who she is? If so, Handmaiden, tell me about it! But honestly, her indignation over all the evil murderous secrets could quite possibly have permanently ingrained a frown upon her face. It would mine. All these people are slime and deserve nothing but---- save Rin and Sang Heon.

 photo TNWJ1410_zpsd8122d8c.jpg

Tiara: I think the Prime Minister is hoping if he keeps denying his involvement it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, skeletons have a way of coming out of the closet. It is only a matter of time before he will lose his position. Add Ki San to the list as well. His days are just as numbered as the Prime Minister. I would love to see one of the other Ministers give their support to Rin after the Queen’s last words come out. The Queen’s letter might not be the only evidence of the truth from 12 year ago. Watch the King left something for Rin. Of course, I’m still waiting to find out what that darn flower’s powers happens to be.


Unnichan: It makes all the sense in the world that Queen Dowager has gotten her hands bloody, or more, that she made a choice as a means to end her crazy son. However, I truly hate that what we are all thinking is most likely close to the truth. I do like that she isn't bemoaning nor denying she's made some "tough" choices and though I don't foresee her admitting those actions to anyone but herself, at least she honest with someone. Prime Minister adheres to the phrase "deny, deny, deny" and so do I, not to convince yourself but to stick to your guns, so I don't blame him at all for remaining mum. He comes from a time that strongly believes that trees don't fall in the woods and furthermore there is nothing in Joseon dumber than, telling Ki San anything! 


Pagoda production begins but the Watchmen are diverted from entering

Unnichan: Ok. Let’s talk about this "pagoda." 

Tiara: I think it's safe to call it a temple Unnichan.

Unnichan: But "pagoda"just rolls right off the tongue! 'Cause this pagoda, Sadam needs for his “master plan.” This pagoda, both Ki San and Prime Minister were duped into signing off on. This pagoda, with the stupid name. This pagoda, that is draining the city of its wealth. This pagoda, that if built and used, will render everyone in its midst slaves to forces they’ve yet to encounter and comprehend with little hope of conquering. I’m truly amazed it was so easy for Sadam to whisper a few sweet nothings to get this thing done, no logical questions asked, whether from Ki San (though we can’t expect much from him) or Prime Minister. For I’m not yet at the point where I believe he’s been overcome with greed enough to see nothing but success in his wake or trust Sadam doesn’t have other plans. However, this "pagoda" situation has proven his enormous pride, arrogance and petulant default to self-importance will be his downfall.

Tiara: Lol. You’re right about the construction draining the city’s wealth. This is only a win win for Sadam. The citizens are already talking crap about their King. It is a matter of time before the money is gone and the people end up hungry and sick. The King will have to deal with the consequences and Sadam will only repeat the benefits. Unless the Night Watchman are able to stop him before his dragon is awaken. Ki San is a gullible man which makes it not surprising he agreed right away to build the temple of doom. As for why the Prime Minister agree, well he is agreeing with Sadam in hopes the show the people what a weak King, Ki San happens to be. How come the Prime Minister isn’t being suspicious of Sadam’s end goals? For a man who has been in politics for years, he sure is accepting of Sadam’s plans.

Unnichan: If it’s true the original Night’s Watchmen have turned into vengeful spirits, I will be one depressed Unni over here. Not because they are a great power to reckon with but more so that it’s disheartening they couldn’t pass on to the Afterlife peacefully, after Sang Heon’s farewell. These men died tragically and unjustly but honorably, for they died for the cause for which they stood and with that, should also have the honor of leaving unbegrudgingly.

Tiara: Agree Unnichan. No one knows the sacrifice these brave men have done for the country. These men should be honored instead they are buried in a mass grave. They were murdered in cold blood for protecting the people by a power hungry man. For these ghosts sake, I hope our new Night Watchman are able to save them from being evil spirits. By the end of the drama, Rin better make something in their honored and to remember those who lost their lives 12 years ago.


Rin believes he's in too deep as Sadam presents himself as the apparitional Moses

Tiara: I’m not overly angry with Rin wanting to be a part of the Do Ha’s reason for staying in the capital. For me, he wants to become a part of her life. He’s trying to tell her, “I like you”. In KDrama fashion, it comes across as I’m Tarzan and you Jane. Yes, it comes across a bit chauvinistic, but name a KDrama character who isn’t one. Is it wrong, I just wanted to push Do Ha out of the way? I I’m not sure where her feelings are towards Rin. I thought after the burning building, they would be a lovely dovey couple, but Do Ha started to push Rin away. If she doesn’t want him, leave him for the rest of us girls to try. Really, Moo Seok had to ask Rin if he likes Do Ha. What a silly question to ask. The boy only has eyes for Do Ha and he’s super overprotective of her.

Unnichan: Do Ha has more urgent business than loving Rin and that is her reason for staying in the city. Rin can’t expect to be her “sole” motivation but I'm certain soon he will be one of many. She hasn’t the best track record, finding what she came for, but she is finally on the path to achievement. And there’s also the possibility, though slim, that she may also find something greater and accomplish more than she dreamed. Like I’ve said before, Rin doesn’t understand Do Ha’s attachment to her sister, though he knows all about it. Therefore, I appreciated and understood Moo Seok’s comment that he wishes Rin didn’t like her. For I don’t believe it came from a place of jealousy or rivalry (though that may lay ahead) but rationality. He knows that though he may be sincere, Rin is clueless how harmful him having feelings for Do Ha may become.


Tiara: No Eunuch Song, don’t follow the bad guy. Stay far, far away from him. Please drama don’t let him go to the darkside and be used for the dumb dragon. My fingers are crossed he is safe thanks to Handmaiden Kim. Is this how Sadam has power over ghosts? He promises he can send them to heaven. Why can't they go on their own way? Is there a reason why the ghosts can’t move on? Gosh darn you mythology.


Unnichan: I think we can put money on Eunuch Song getting snapped up in Sadam’s trap. Yet, I doubt it will last long, for it smacks of a motivation to focus our Watchmen in the direction of Sadam’s ghostly hub. I have no idea why these beings need his help (or believe they do) to enter Heaven but I do know, he’s a charlatan, with no power to do so. However, when souls are desperate, they will follow anyone who is willing to stretch out their hands in service. 


Soo Ryun and Sadam strike up an exchange, before he interrupts Yun Ha’s mental meltdown.

Unnichan: One can never expect to make a deal without an exchange. And only silly little girls like Soo Ryun would believe money can afford you everything. However, I was thankful she was at least a tad aghast at what Sadam wanted in return. Because no matter her knowledge of the extent of what this man does, there’s no way he wants Do Ha given to him so they can play Jenga. Soo Ryun has always been this character that I felt I understood, therefore, I wasn't surprised she sought out Sadam, nor was I shocked she couldn’t believe her ears. (Though I did have a moment of, "Isn't this everything you've ever wanted?") I think it’s more that she continues to disappoint with her motivations and line of thinking. She knows Rin doesn’t love her. It doesn’t matter that he loves another but moreso that she isn’t the object of his affection. If what she said earlier were true, and I think she’d like for it to be, then what she hopes to accomplish disproves her statements. Whenever we love, we want reciprocation, that’s normal, justifiable, however that should never be the basis of our love’s extension. 

Tiara: I can’t explain how much I hate the jealous girl Soo Ryun has become. I never hated Soo Ryun as a character until this moment. She herself has stated Rin never felt the way she did yet she kept hoping one day his mind might change. She may have thought she loved the Prince for himself, but she wanted what came out of being the wife of a prince. This isn’t love and probably why Rin never became close with her. I put some of the blame on Soo Ryun’s father for manipulating her into thinking she loved Rin. Remember the Dowager has mention marriage plans for Soo Ryun and Ki San. The Prime Minister denied the Dowager’s request. He could have married her off to someone else over the years and never did. As for Soo Ryun’s deal with the devil, making someone be with you isn’t love, its kidnapping and being held hostage. Soo Ryun will not get Rin’s love by forcing him nor by giving Sadam the person he wants the most, Do Ha. She is going to lose the respect of not only Rin but Moo Seok if she plans on accepting these terms.

Unnichan: Boy, am I happy we are finally privy to what Sadam has done to Yun Ha. This also sheds a little clarity on why he gets sour whenever she isn’t as delighted to be in his presence. He’s not only changed her appearance but brainwashed her and I’m thinking he believed this would connect them more than it has. For in so doing, she doesn’t know their past or who he really is to her, therefore, she feels no true obligation or fear, to adhere to his every need or whim. And I wonder if this is the rub? That Sadam wants devotion without the fear and loyalty based on free will? But essentially, he can't have both. 'Cause too bad he still has more power than she and is willing to use that ability to keep her clueless and by his side. With the events of this week I can’t help wondering about his attachment. Is it based on genuine feelings he’s grown over time? A compulsion that arose with the intimacy her brand? Or has it all been in the hopes to bring Do Ha (or someone like her) into his clutches? I’m beginning to believe the answer is “all the above.” For if it were only the latter, he’d be ready to discard her after his deal with Soo Ryun and be much less concerned about her real memories returning… Unless Yun Ha knowing who she is holds a powerful threat against him. Oooh… let’s hope it does!

Tiara: Unnichan, you said it best. Yet, I’m still confused on why Sadam kept Yun Ha. Did he keep her in hope her family would come looking? Is there another purpose for her? Did Yun Ha tell him about Do Ha's destiny? Or was Sadam a little lonely in life and wanting to have a companion? Also, how is she still alive? We’ve seen how his victims turn out after spending a night with him. How come she never turned into a mummy? I’m not sure if Sadam will throw away Yun Ha once he has Do Ha. I get the feeling he plans to use her, but he has become fond of her over the years. If he didn’t, I would think he would’ve done away with her years ago.


Henchman plants a bloody note that holds a deadly secret

Tiara: I love when there’s political maneuvering from Sadam. The man is a working machine. He’s been busying collecting ghosts, building a temple, and playing the political field. I’m surprised more dead bodies having been found around the palace to keep him like the energizer bunny. Of course, you would think he would hide those bodies better. Sadam isn’t the a good villain, but he has his moments. The times he plays these supposedly powerful characters like chess pieces is entertaining. Sure, he is on the King’s good side and working with the Prime Minister, but those alliances will not last. Rin was getting too close with his fellow Night Watchman and now he will be rid of the annoying fly for an episode or two.

Unnichan: Speaking of bodies, Sadam is certainly the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” type, isn’t he? He's also pretty audacious with it, giving that unwitting, "What?" face whenever ghastly hollow women are left littering sidewalks, doorsteps and bed pillows. He has no remorse, not that we'd expect him to, however, one would think he'd have just a bit more class. (Yes, Sadam, I just called you classless. You know I'm right.) I mean is it too much to ask to wash your dishes or throw out your own trash? This also makes me wonder if the first woman Yun Ha found wasn't actually the first woman she'd ever seen. For what if, Sadam has wiped her brain several times over the years? Each time she begins to ask one too many questions? If so, what kind of disintegration has her mind really been through? The man continues to intrigue me with his ways and practices, for at this point he's becoming bolder and bolder. He certainly feels no reason to placate Ki San, any longer, which has me pondering whether this "Tuck spell" has a boldness booster component. Or could he too benefit internally from the Dragon's growing strength? Of course, his chest is spread a little farther with everything going his way but his confidence seems to originate from the unknown. Uh, I shudder to think.

Tiara: We already knew the Prime Minister was in charge of the raid on the palace. He is the one in charge of the army. Which doesn’t surprise me, one of his men killed the Queen. I kind of just want to know the why. Was he ordered by the Dowager to bring the army into the palace? Ki San and the Dowager have a lot of guilt on their hands. Did Ki San become King and everyone killed to try and cover up what Ki San did?

Unnichan: This letter is a huge knot in the string that unravels the events of "that night" and it was horrible to watch as the Queen scribbled her last words to her son in her own blood. We all know why she was killed--- it wasn't personal, it was political. And I'm sure someone, at some point, will say it was all to "save Joseon." Sadam assuring the note found its way into Rin's hands was by all accounts masterful and I have to hand it to him again for being on a roll. He is serious about having his way and will no doubt pull every punch written or created. But with all that said, though I'm sure his intention was to kill two birds (possibly three with good measure), the thorn in his side is always Prince Wolgang. And I don't know about you, but I think the best nemeses stories are those that involve a hero thwarting plans, without even trying.


Unnichan: The pieces of mystery behind Hae Jong and the Queen’s death are falling nicely, for at least one of the players actions have been revealed. We know there are at least two other pairs of hands in the mix but how they worked together for the demise of Rin’s parents remains unclear yet easily decipherable.

Tiara: The Night Watchman scenes, it’s one of my favorite parts about the episode. The scene of the group sitting at the table talking about their villain’s plans brings back good memories of the Scooby Gang from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sadly, we aren’t in a library or it would be pretty awesome. I too agree with Unnichan about the mystery of 12 years ago has always been interesting, but getting to see what happen is building up the downfall of a lot of the characters and the rise of others. Knowing the players involved in the deaths was a given, but the hows and whys have yet to be answered and I can’t wait to find out more.


Tiara: I’m still confused at the world of the drama. Anyone else here with me? The drama isn’t evening trying to explain the mythology. All we know is there are people who can and can’t see ghosts, but no reason on why some can and don’t. How about a history lesson on the Night Watchman? How and why have they created? The drama tends to not revel in on to explain the whys and hows of the world. The basis of any supernatural show understands the mythology of the world. Sadly, the world assumes you understand the ins and outs of the world and moves on with the plot.

Unnichan: It's no secret, I've never bought the romance between Do Ha and Rin(for so many reasons) but when will boys learn that girls have more to do than love them? Do Ha has always been clear that she came to the Captial for her sister and remained, through hardship and prejudice because she was convinced Sadam held the key to finding her. The fact that Rin then wants to make everything she does in life about him, is maddening. His chauvinism this week irritated me to no end, for not only does he try to limit her part in the Watchmen but then reduce her existence down to "his woman." I'm all for a good love story and if Do Ha was created as a character who was only spurned on by the love of a good man, I'd try to respect and understand that but that is not what we're working with here. Meeting Rin was a bonus with a bout of drama "destiny" but it was never her intention nor life's goal to meet a man and fall in love. She wants her sister back, her family. I understand Rin's lack of empathy, for he's lived his entire life without that type of familial bond but Rin's insistence on usurping that connection in Do Ha's life, is an utter disappointment.



Unnichan: The Watchmen with set out in search of Eunuch Song, who is on the verge of being held captive by Sadam forever. Sang Heon and Rang Yi will have more odd encounters, raising the suspicions of those around them. Rin will lay in wait for the perfect opportunity to off Prime Minister. And Ki San will cry on Sadam's soldier, while Yun Ha is back to business as usual.

Tiara: The house of cards will fall down as Rin learns the secret from 12 years ago. Sadam will continue to build his bridge before he releases the Dragon. Soo Hyun will set a trap for Do Ha and be crapture. Sadly, Do Ha will not be able to awaken the Dragon because of her tattoo from the Night Watchman.  

Put your weave away for the night but keep your positions steady and your tools handy. It's time to rest awhile before we continue. We trust you will not dream but slumber well until we reconvene to keep track of the pagoda's progress, Soo Ryun's scheme and Moo Seok's transformation. 


Until then--- May the ghosts be wise and greet you. And may their kin give you no flack.

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