Suit up  Night Watchmen, we have a busy night ahead of us. Handmaiden Kim has turned into the pied piper for Sadam. Pieces of the mystery from 12 years come to light as we learn Handmaiden Kim’s side of the story. Grandma is keeping mum about her involvement while reminding the Prime Minister his duty to the monarchy. The Ghost of Tragedy is summoned to bring misfortune, catastrophe, and fake memories. Unnichan and I are armed and ready with our handy dandy talisman to take on episode 15. Are you ready for it….

Rang Yi stops an indignant Rin from confronting Prime Minister

Tiara: Rang Yi has to be Rin’s mom. Come on drama, you were close to spilling the beans why are you keep mum about this secret. Thank goodness Minister Ddoong corner her to ask her who her true identity. It would’ve been better for identity to come to light with handmaiden Kim haunting the palace. I wouldn’t put it past the drama to not explain her identity until the very end of the drama as she says goodbye to Rin after he becomes King. If this is the direction of the drama, I feel it’s a bit anti-climatic.

Unnichan: Rin needed a check on his emotions, for Prime Minister isn't someone to threaten or interrogate without rock hard facts and evidence and unfortunately one stale (though startling), 20 year old note, ain't gonna do it. We need Rin to remain smart and collected. He likes to act on his impulses and though we all want a piece of Prime Minister, we need whatever transpires to be the end of him and that is going to take planning. And since, Sang Heon wasn't present, Rang Yi’s interference was right on target. I don’t like that it felt like she wanted him to back down altogether, but from a mother’s point of view, I can see her earnestness. I can also see how the longer Show prolongs her “great reveal” the less the audience is interested in her truth. At this point, all I want to better understand is her appearance. 

Tiara: If Rin shown the Prime Minister his mother’s letter, he was going to deny the facts listed on them. No matter how much I wish for his death, showing him the letter isn’t going to achieve anything. Rang Yi has a point. The letter was for Rin to know whom to stay away. The letter wasn’t for Rin to run into battle with one of the monsters from 12 years ago. Rin’s mom wanted to say a goodbye and to protect her son despite knowing the chances of him finding the letter was slim to none. 

Moo Seok lies and Ki San finds another bloody note

Tiara: He kind of had to lie to his King. Things are definitely going on with Rin. The Night Watchman is the biggest thing Rin is in charge of. Second, he can’t tell his King, “I’m also in the Night Watchman”. I don’t think this would end well for Moo Seok if he told the truth. It isn’t like he knows Ki San is down right mad, but when his ghost compass goes crazy him knows ghosts are involved. Where there are ghosts, there is Sadam. I wonder if he thinks Sadam is behind Ki San’s odd behavior. We may know the King is actually crazy with guilt, but Moo Seok doesn’t know what role Ki San played 12 years ago. Actually, this makes me wonder how Moo Seok will feel towards his King when he finds out the dark secrets Ki San has been hiding. I think Moo Seok is thinking if he gets rid of Sadam, his King will be back to norm. I’m not so sure Ki San will be able to keep his throne by the end of this drama.

Unnichan: Look, nobody really cares that Moo Seok didn't tell Ki San about the Night Watchmen, his involvement or anything that would cause a kingly hissy fit. The problem is what the effect of his sitting on that truth will have on him by keeping it, once Ki San gets wind. Ki San is insane and paranoid and there's no way he won't consider his actions betrayal and treasonous, therefore I need Moo Seok to prepare himself for the crazy headed his way. 

Tiara: Bwahaha! You’re right Unnichan, no one cares. I think I’m trying to make more out of the scene and Moo Seok than what was really there. Can I at least pretend my version is what happen?

Eunuch Song escapes from Guyliner Vengeance with intel for the Watchmen

Tiara: Thank goodness Eunuch Song got away from the creepy vampire looking dude. I was almost afraid he was going to be caught and turned into an evil spirit never to be seen again. Speaking of the Ghost of Guyliner, I kinda think he’s awesome. The guy knows how to look like a wannabe KPop star and a gothic vampire. He’s more comical than scary as the episode went on. I couldn’t look at him as evil when he glided behind Sadam. My computer got a coke shower during that scene and it wasn’t pretty. My poor computer didn’t need a sticky bath. I rewatched that scene over 10 ten times before I could finish the episode.

Unnichan: I too was concerned Guyliner was hip to Song trying to scurry out of there but I suppose he was caught up extracting souls and what not. Whatevs. At least Song lived to tell his story and gave some much needed info to the team, so they could throw us a wonky mythology bone. And at this point, all I care about is finding some mechanism to put our team on equal playing field. I appreciate that for the most part Sang Heon just plays coach and lets the kids bring back the spoils, cause it keeps him alive until the last episode, but it’s beginning to feel like we need some experienced warriors for this battle to be won. 

Yun Ha leaves Maeranbang with Mt. Baekju on the brain

Unnichan:To be honest, Yun Ha is a character I never thought I'd feel sorry for. Mostly because we are still unsure of her initial compliance with Sadam concerning the King. However, I'm not too sure Show will ever answer that question to my satisfaction, therefore, what we are given now is a distraught woman battling control over her mind and her memories and every second we spend with that woman, pains me for her. And with Sadam frantically trying to locate her whereabouts and unabashedly pleased when he wins over her mind once again, I am continually intrigued by his motives. All we know for sure is finding she and Do Ha together will not be a good thing for either lady.  

Tiara: Right there with you Unnichan about nothing feeling sorry for the choice Yun Ha made. However, I felt a bit of pity for Yun Ha in this episode. From the looks of things, it appears she is a victim being held against her will. Still, appearances can be deceiving. On one hand, she could’ve agreed to being brainwashed or on the other hand, she could’ve told Sadam no. Nonetheless, Sadam was anxiously looking for Yun Ha which leads me to believe he doesn’t want her to find out her true self. I just don’t know if she is a victim or not. I too don’t know if the drama will ever explain the circumstance which lead to brainwashing and inputting fake personality and memories. Even if Do Ha finds her sister, the role she played in 12 years ago hasn’t been revealed. What will happen when Rin and Do Ha are told how she played a part of the madness which overtook the king?

Rin learns Handmaiden Kim's secrets

Tiara: I can’t say I blame the woman for becoming a revengeful spirit after seeing how she lost her life. However, finding out Ki San didn’t come up with the plan makes me feel conflicted about him as a character. Yes, he was a mean brat to have threatened the handmaiden with her death, but Ki San was an impressionable little boy who didn’t have much affection given to him. It probably didn’t take much from the Prime Minister to convince the boy to say what he did to the King. Yet, he still played a part of the coup which is why his conscience has created another version of himself. This is his guilt for the part he played 12 years ago. Will his guilt be made public or will it lead to his death? I’m not sure how the drama will complete Ki San’s story. On another note, it makes me wonder if the Prime Minister played all those who were involved, Ki San and the Dowager. Did Granny know the part Ki San played in the coup? Is this the reason why she awarded Ki San the crown? Is the reason why she is so hard on Rin because she feels guilty over the choices she made? Some good questions I hope will get answered.

Unnichan: Finally Handmaiden Kim can give up the stankeyed ghost and leave on the narrow path! I don’t know about you, but I’m turning mental cartwheels. What I actually enjoyed about the scene was the danger of Rin’s possession. Something I wish drama had toyed with a little more. In that moment, it felt more dire than it played out to be but I could see Show truly using that as something concrete. As far as Ki San, I think you bring up valid points Tiara, concerning the Dowager. Prime Minister could have gotten him involved without her knowledge. However, I don’t feel anything regarding Ki San and his part in the coup. Whether he knew what was to happen or not, he knew for certain he was lying and that it was wrong. And from what we could tell, hoped his lies created dissention and confusion; his jealousy being the basis and foundation for that desire. He was certainly isolated and ignored, which is never the proper way to raise a child, and though that may have birthed anger and mistrust within him, he didn’t have to channel, harbor or cultivate those emotions.

After being reminded his days are numbered, Prime Minister begs Sadam for help

Unnichan: We knew this day would come, but I have to admit, I like how it unfolded. There's desperation at the core of the Prime Minister's request, for he knows he has no other allies. Dowager was cryptic, but curt as she marked him a scapegoat and Ki San loved every second of twisting that knife. Prime Minister is the one used to having all the cards and little known secrets, but now all that is tailspinning. And I can't say, I'm not pleased he's finally backed in a corner to tie the last knot in his noose. 

Tiara: The Prime Minister is out in the water without a life jacket. I agree Unnichan about how desperation the man happens to be. I’m very happy to see him without any allies and no true help in sight. He doesn’t deserve to be helped knowing he caused the house of the cards to tumble down. It would be my wish to see karma come and bite him in the butt. Sure Sadam wants to get rid of both Rin and Ki San, but I’m not sure he will keep his promise completely. Once Sadam got back into the palace, he doesn’t have a need to keep the Prime Minister. I’m looking forward to seeing how evil 1 and evil 2 will get rid of each other or if they might band together to get rid of Rin and Ki San.


Tiara: This episode didn’t irritate me as it was focused on Rin and the politics which had less of Sadam involved. I liked seeing Rin became a player in the game. He knows the Prime Minister was the real monster the night 12 years ago. Rin has a right to give back what Prime Minister stole, but I like how he decided to go the path of politics instead of confronting him with violence. It shows the Prime Minister, Rin has entered the ring and can be a valuable opponent. The less amount of Sadam was a nice reprieve from his villainous ways. I didn’t feel like the drama trying to suffocate me with how evil Sadam happens to be. Instead, I enjoyed the drama, making Sadam seem settle as a villain as opposed to trying to show me how evil he is.

Unnichan: Rang Yi speaking out was perhaps the highlight of this episode for me. She spoke with conviction and candor, without giving too much away, though pricking the minds of many around her. It was jolting, however, watching a child attack someone, but given all that we are to believe the soul that embodies her has been through, I'm willing to let this pass. Also, it was nice to feel as though the Watchmen were thinking ahead and trying to prevent further catastrophe. I agree with Sang Heon that Rin's motives were self-serving and a little pompous, but I appreciated that even with all that, the outcome favored the People and afforded Rin some clarity.


Tiara: Sang Hyun’s explanation for why the ghosts are following Sadam. I still don’t understand the mythology of why the ghosts are roaming the earth, nor has he shine any light on the world’s lore. The book of ghosts would have been a great tool for the story near the beginning of the drama. That book would have helped set the building structure of the world and possibility the first few episodes as a guild for narration. The drama continues to fail in exploring the lore nor does it have a building structure for the story. For a viewer, I don’t need a Tolkien style history lesson of the world. A history lesson like Westeros where it is slowly woven into the narration still keeps some mystery, but informs the reader/ view of the world. Much like any sport, there are rules for how to play the game. If there wasn’t any rules, how would one be able to watch and enjoy the game. Drama has missed the boat to be able to explain the world which it built its story upon, which means I’ll be just as confused at the how and why things happen.

Unnichan: Where has the Guyliner of Grudges been all this time?! I understand Sadam holding this feather under his cap, however, wouldn't he have been much more useful from the start? At least for the audience? And are we to believe that Sadam just summons him at will or does he too strike a bargain with our Tuck of all Treachery?


Unnichan: Though Sadam fails at bringing Prime Minister's request to pass, the pact is set to off the descendants and there will be no end to his attempts. Soo Ryun will continue to collect data on Do Ha and unwittingly assist in Rin's demise. Ki San will get word Moo Seok may be holding some things back from him.

Tiara: Ki San will use Moo Seok to break the Night Watchman by revealing he lied to Rin. The Prime Minister’s bargain with Sadam will fail due to Granny finding out. Soo Ryun will end up using her father’s lacky to kidnap Do Ha to deliver to Sadam.

Did we lose any of you Night Watchmen this night? Was Rin smart for playing on the Prime Minister’s Guilt? What else will Soo Ryun plan to kidnap Do Ha and make a demand for Rin? What do you think Sadam’s plans for Yeon Ha may happen to be? Get the discussion going in the comments below. Until next episode, watch me dramas.

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