Ladies and Gentlemen ... children of all ages. Welcome to episode 16. Today Unnichan and I will discuss some of the most extraordinary acts in this episode of Night Watchman's Journal. You shall hear about possessions, conflicting loyalties, weather magic, the set up for the plot for the next episode, and bow chicka wow wow time. Step right up and read the spectacular amusement set before your eyes.

Guyliner of Grudge has his way with Rin, before being appointed temple tax collector

Unnichan: Well, we’re not quite sure what Guyliner wants but he has tinkered around with Rin’s soul. I wonder what Sadam seeks to accomplish by not killing him outright. Either way, it was great Ki San deciding on throwing all the blame on Rin for the pagoda. I mean, who better to gets spit on and lashed out upon than Rin? And he’ll get it both ways right? From the People then from the Cabinet? Which again proves that Ki San is crazy but he isn’t a fool. He gets strung along by Sadam because of his fear and guilt but that slimy cunning nature is au naturale!

Tiara: You’re right Unnichan about Ki San. He may be crazy, but he isn’t completely stupid. He’s been a player of politics which gives him an advantage in the game. Things are being set up for Rin to take the wrath of the people. This is what is called a rock and a hard place. He can’t say no to his King brother or face the king’s angry. It shall be interesting to see if Rin can twist being the tax collector to his advantage. I was a bit confused at what the Ghost of Guyliner was doing to Rin. Don’t know about you, but it looked like his soul was being sucked. Ha-ha maybe he’s really a vampire or a demon hiding behind being a ghost. Later we come to figure out this ritual is how Rin becomes possessed like his father. Was this how the King from 12 years ago possessed? When did Guyliner perform this ritual? If I remember, the Shaman gave the evil flower with and the King went in for a kiss with the said Shaman. I would’ve remember the Ghost of Guyliner.

Moo Seok wrestles with his loyalties as he and Sang Heon have a heart to heart

Unnichan: I knew Sang Heon and Moo Seok had something in common, so I’m glad Show decided to use their abilities (or lack thereof) as a bridge for the two. Moo Seok needs someone like himself to advise him on how to deal with his guilt and put his priorities in perspective. Moo Seok has spoken about allegiance to Ki San but it was never just to Ki San the friend but Ki San the king and once he makes that distinction, all should be well. And I’m sure he has someone wise like Sang Heon to guide him. For he truly has no one else. It makes me think how both the Watchmen boys haven’t had decent role models in their lives. Someone who takes them under his wing and teaches them, who listens when they are conflicted, who guides them with wisdom and caring. They’ve turned out fine on their own and not everyone gets the benefit of mentor but can’t help but recognize it would’ve been nice for them.

Tiara: I really like everything about this scene. They are the bodyguards, one from the past one at the present. These two are much alike in many senses. Moo Seok has been having a hard time and who better to be the voice of reason than Sang Heon. He too has gone through something similar in his past. Both are serving Kings and protecting the kingdom from ghosts. Moo Seok did need someone whom he can confide and get advice. The scene is great also for the information Sang Heon gives to Moo Seok. We just like him are frustrated with his lack of seeing ghosts, but we should not worry. The more he opens his mind to the world the more the world will become visible. He will at some point not only see the ghost, but become the bogeyman of ghosts. Definitely a highlight scene for me as it is the Master Night Watchman takes his newbie under his wing.

Sadam puts on a show

Unnichan: This moment with Sadam was another of those times that I felt shut out of the game. Like I had no clue what he was really up to until it was all over. I didn’t appreciate that, at all. I’m cool with Sadam pulling rabbit after rabbit from under his skirts, cause well, he’s been around forever, concocting and playing with magic and things and honestly, at times it’s best to surprise the audience, however, most times, when he finds a way around the heroes, it just feels like manipulative writing. Not necessarily and afterthought but more like an “I got you” that makes no one laugh and dish out cookies and gold stars. I enjoy Sadam for the most part and have no problem with his schemes but they have to have an origin and a place a reference for those willing to relish is diabolical moments with him. And Show shuts us out every time.

Tiara: I’m totally with you Unnichan. This scene came across as the winning piece to the end game. Yet, the ghosts were used for Rin’s possession not the dragon. This wasn’t the winning move in the game, but another reason to show why Sadam is such a big bad villain. *eyeroll* Not knowing what the villain is planing or the actions are more intimidating and frightening. Suspense can up the menacing of the villain too. Yes, Sadam is super powerful, but he could still come across as a decent baddie instead of comical. I don’t want an evildoer thrown into my face at every turn. Villains should be clever who can put some fear into our heroes and us as viewers. Which is why I approved of Sadam in the last episode a lot. He didn’t showed up until the last 30 minutes. Those minutes he was on screen made me realize how smart and dangerous he was with his small movements.

Rin hatches some plans under the influence

Unnichan: Evil Rin was just plain great to me! I loved every second of it and like Guyliner from last episode wondered why this plot development wasn’t used earlier for a longer stretch of time. The effect this possession had on every character was paramount and would’ve worked wonders for the show as a whole, not to mention Jung Il Woo seemed to greatly enjoy the chance to be venomous for a few scenes. But what disappointed me was how easy it was for those around him to be tricked by this sudden change in Rin. It’s fine for Soo Ryun to believe his lies or Prime Minister to feel he’s finally turned him but Moo Seok and Do Ha? I mean, if Sadam can see this cloud of dark ghostly smoke, can’t those two sense and see as well? Where is that ghost buster? And Show why oh why are we doing a hug redux? When I’m concerned about a friend, I don’t jump to conclusions but ask what is going on? Isn’t that the proper way to deal with things? There was a better way for Do Ha to be reminded of her fears, than a repeat of what occurred with Soo Ryun less than a week ago.

Tiara: Evil Rin is awesome. He comes across as clever at playing the game of politics. Granted, Evil Rin doesn’t believe the Prime Minister killed his Mom for him to form an alliance, but who better to form one with than the man who controls the army. If only Rin could’ve been told about “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. I do hope our Prince learns a bit from Evil Rin about lying and playing the politic game. I also hate how the group just accepted his odd behavior without question. These are suppose to be his friends. Now, Soo Ryun is a lovesick girl who will do evil things for her Prince. I tolerate her being fooled by demeanor. Plus, she probably thinks Sadam fulfilled his promise. It's crap Do Ha or Moo Seok couldn’t see or use the compass to notice the Ghost Cloud about his head. Add this into the crummy writing selection. If there are noble idiots after this, I might scream.

Rin gets exorcised

Tiara: How does drawing on ones back and using acupuncture get rid of the possession? Is it me or does this supernatural stuff with ghosts is powerful one-sided? Our group of heroes can’t seem to win or keep themselves safe. There doesn’t seem to be a way to keep ghosts from possessing someone. Granted, Rin used sticks to keep his guardian ghosts out, but I bet evil ghosts could get in without a problem. Rin couldn’t fight Guyliner despite the drawings. Come on, why doesn’t the book have more information on how tipping the balance of power?

Unnichan: Though there was no clear explanation to why any of this doodling created a gateway for Rin to ward off Guyliner, I appreciated the inner struggle. Rin was still in there fighting and that was nice to see. Again, I wish for more clarity and more in depth plot twist but beggars can't be choosers--- I suppose.

The Millennial flower cures the curse

Tiara: At least the flower wasn’t a chick in the bucket (defined as a character or situation is forgotten/never to be seen again). Good to know something wasn’t forgotten, unlike other things. I’m okay with Do Ha saving RIn as it was foretold at the beginning of the drama. One thing the drama has been consistent is the foretold stuff so far. I hope with this kiss it means the OTP won’t have anymore stupid moments. It is now established Rin will keep Do Ha regardless of what anyone says which means there is no breaking up this couple. *cough* Noble Idiot *Cough* won’t happen. I know some people aren’t on this OTP train. For me, I’m okay with them as they are the leads, but they aren’t the couple to end all couples. A plus for this couple is they can at least kiss each other. For a kiss scene, I would give it 8 out of 10. Jung II Woo does know how to kiss the ladies, but it helps Go Sung Hee isn’t afraid to kiss his back.

Unnichan: I'm glad they brought the flower back to stick it to vengeamce 'cause we were all concerned what it's real purpose was and moreso, if we'd ever see it again. With this, we got a better explanation for the past debacle of its powers and renewal of its worth for Rin and his Baekju priestess. I personally don't see why Rin and Do Ha need to be together and would much rather see them in their respective roles for a long time to come. Drama would have done much better by me to create a love story that made sense with high stakes and substance that I could respect regardless of the path they chose. Instead, I'm afraid they are running the risk of glossing over their biggest obstacles and throwing them together, with little more than puppy love.


Tiara: The drama did good by setting up lore about the ability to see ghosts can be given to anyone if they’re able to open up their beliefs and continues to interact with ghosts. The more he learns about the ghost world, the curtain will be thrown to the side and he will have the ability like the others. He is slowly accepting there are things he cannot see. I love when he bowed to the guardian ghosts and tells them to take care of Rin.

Unnichan: Rin’s possession was the highlight for me. What he decided to undertake as his “evil” self made sense and worked within the trajectory of the drama. Wish we had more but believe we’ll get some pretend possession, which might be equally fun.


Tiara: The ceremony was my least favorite scene. It's totally unnecessary and a waste of time. Sure, he collected spirits, but he wasn’t using them for the dragon statue. It was used to help the Ghost of Guyliner with the control of Rin which we already knew he was doing since last episode. This whole scene could’ve been a few sentences with Sadam’s henchmen asking if the ghosts have been collected.

Unnichan: The hug between Soo Ryun and Rin had to be the most irritating, not because it happened but because of its fallout. For, not only had we seen it all before, in the long run, it didn’t really matter at all. There was no need for it’s insertion. If it wasn’t going to be used for an episode or three to create irrational distance between the Show’s insistence on a loveline for Rin and Do Ha, why add it to begin? It felt like last ditch effort to erect some type of ship for Moo Seok, when the entire planet knows there’s no love triangle here. For less than ten drama minutes later everyone knows Rin isn’t in control of his actions and the two are kiss under a magical flowered glow. It was a waste and wasn’t used to benefit any character, not even Soo Ryun.


Unnichan: The gang will use this possession as a springboard to continue Rin’s ruse on his enemies but Rin will come close to allowing his emotions to get the better of him. Rang Yi will get more pressure to reveal her true identity from her fellow protectors. Yun Ha and Do Ha will have another run in. And Sadam will push his Henchman too far.

Tiara: Rin will get into the next episode pretending he is still being controlled by Guyliner. The Prime Minister and Soo Ryun will believe him and Rin will find out all the nasty things those two are up too. This will lead them to treason. Sadam will believe for a split second and then call BS on Rin. He will try to back at Rin by kidnapping Do Ha with the help of Soo Ryun.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did anyone fan-girl with the OTP’s kiss? Only two more weeks left, how do you see the drama ending? Will the Night Watchmen stop Sadam? Will Moo Seok finally get to see ghosts before the end? Will Rin become to the true King? Will Do Ha ever find her sister and if she does will she go back home or stay with Rin? You tell us in the comments below.

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