Scribes, are you ready to sit down and collect your thoughts on another week of  The Night Watchman's Journal? Were you surprised by Sadam's demise and resurrection? How about the Do Ha mix up and body double antics? Well as usual, there seems to be nothing off limits for this show and Tiara and I are never at a loss to scoff about its mind games and manipulations.

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Unnichan: Truly what can I say about this week with our Night Watchmen, besides, it was a crazy wild ride? This week, our episodes ran the gamut from ridiculous to perfunctory to tons of fun, mainly because they had no rhyme or reason, whatsoever. Nothing made sense, which means everything is exactly as it should be.

From the very beginning, we’ve been clueless about the extent of Sadam’s powers and we continue to be such. The man has a trunk full of tricks that we will never see the end of, it seems. I’ll admit it’s always exciting to see exactly how he’ll finagle his way out of yet another scrape, leaving our heroes twisting and scratching their heads. However, it is always Sang Heon, speaking from past experience that reminds us, this man is nothing more than a faker. His powers do have limits and his strength a kryptonite, problem is, no one will stumble upon it, until the last episode.


Therefore, when he runs away from our guys and dies, there was no reason for alarm when Rin gets laughed out of the Court when Sadam shows up next to Ki San the next day. And was it just me that felt Rin informing his King so quickly was a little on the premature side? Either way, there’s never anything like Ki San throwing his head back in goading guffaw.  Kim Heung Soo and Kim Sung Oh continue to play the craziest characters in this faction, who let it all hang loose every episode and I continue to applaud them for their willingness to not take themselves (or their characters) too seriously.

Now with Ki San making the transition from sniveling psycho to sardonic sadist, it does leave one wondering what pushed this personality to take over at this very moment. Unlike other episodes, there was no extreme pressure on Ki San, nor vengeful ghost poking voodoo pins in his skull. Guess, he, like all of us are fed up with Ki San’s brain being as empty as his threats. However, this development, does beg the question if the split will truly ever be diagnosed and dealt with as little more than the caprice ravings of a mad king? TNWJ18.4.jpg

For there is certainly more to this development, than that. His suggestion to bring Soo Ryun to the Palace as his concubine was disrespectful but I loved it all the same, for her scheming for Rin is overwrought, however, I will admit a twinge of sadness when she brings over medicinals for him, only to be sent away like a delusional stalker. Rin truly should get better as his delivery. Moo Seok watching from the sidelines was also interesting, for there truly seems to be no repair for the damage in any of these lifelong relationships. 


But speaking of relationships, the only one that ever has my interest piqued, is Sadam and Yeon Ha, and it seems even with her flying off the deep end this week, show continues to peel layer by layer of mystery for us all. It is still unclear as to what Yeon Ha was up to with King Hae Jong but there is certainly no denying her disdain and disgust for Sadam. He will stop at nothing to keep her oblivious and to himself and now that she’s on the war path, I think it’s safe to say that not only has he “grown accustomed to her face,” he’s scared to death of her. The only issue now is, did that fear originate from her shaman genes or his own human attachment?


Tiara: Episode 17 started out with a bang which felt dramatic, but jarring at the same time. Leaping straight into the action was a skillful move, but the drama lost me when it decided to fudge out the whole picture. Finally, the Night Watchmen were making a move, but we're unable to gain any ground by the end. The drama did nothing, but re-establish Sadam being the ultra villain whom can't be defeated. This should have been shown earlier to up the ante not episodes toward the end when our band our heroes can't seem to win.

The only redeeming part of episode 17 was Ki San's evil self taking control of the body. Funny how his imager self has more common sense than the true Ki San. Up until now it hasn't been confirmed this second Ki San isn't actually supernatural. Of course, with Sadam being super powerful, he would've known something with haunting the King.

Episode 18 is about a bunch of idiots who can't distinguish the real Do Ha from the faker.Which just reinforced how stupid the characters are in this drama. Now, I'm all about crazy, insane, and wacky dramas. Unfortunately, the fun I have with those dramas is missing in this one. It's like all the fun was sucked out. This episode isn't fleshed out well much like the drama.

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However, the highlight of the episode is Yeon Ha. I'm all for her killing everyone. I mostly can't wait to find out what she plans to do to Sadam. Revenge will be sweet, indeed. It does provoke some questions about why Sadam has kept the Shaman.

On some other note, I was disappointed by Ki San in this installment. He was starting to make Soo Ryun his woman until Sadam got him to alter his judgment. He could’ve killed two birds with one stone and made both Do Ha and Soo Ryun his women and pissed off the Prime Minister and Rin at the same time. It is something I would expect of this insane Ki San.


The end is coming, simply it is anyones game. Some how the drama will pull a rabbit out of its hat to finish Sadam. I guess either luck will be on our Night Watchmen side or a magical answer will show up to stop him. I guess we shall have to see if the last few episodes can bring some resolutions.

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