Unnichan: So we’re finally on the home stretch, don’t you think? How are you feeling? Is Night Watchman's Journal tying up enough of its loose ends for you?

Tiara: I’m not sure if our Night Watchmen are going to be able to defeat Sadam. These last two episodes showed Sadam’s endless power and no weakness in sight. Sure, they were able to get the tail, but one win among many, doesn’t give me good feelings of being able to get rid of Sadam once and for all. Some of the loose ends are being tied up, but there are lots of loose ends.

Unnichan: That is certainly true. I honestly believe they continue to create more and more issues. Unless show plans on just liquidating the entire cast and starting over, there has to be some type of solution. Oddly, I found these episodes quite entertaining for the simple fact, they were so off the wall insane. It worked in its own way because the one thing this drama does well is remain inconsistent.

Tiara: I have to agree these two episodes were fun, but I wished the drama could have been more like these episodes from day one. This is the first time the story was fun to watch. There is crazy weird stuff happening but I don’t care. It was just darn right fun. I actually have some favorite scenes I really liked. I know it's a first.

Unnichan: I keep coming back to why specific things weren’t introduced from the onset, like the gumiho tail or other things that have cropped up of late. I know I say it all the time but it feels like this is some fun stuff we could’ve known was a possibility from the start. I just always get the feeling that the writer is sitting around each week like “Hmmm what can I throw in to keep Sadam on top?” I don’t mind Sadam being a mastermind but we need to know “HOW,” instead of being locked out of the process. It takes away from the excitement.


Tiara: My biggest complaint, as always, is the lack of lore or mythology in the world. The ghost book the Night Watchman use could’ve been a great tool to explain how the world works and introduce magic like the gumiho tail. As for the writer, Sadam is written more powerfully with each episode to the point he is Superman but evil. Take episode 17, the beginning had our Night Watchman kill Sadam, but he is so powerful he can’t die. Where is his Kryptonite? I don’t mind powerful villains, but not giving the good guys a win makes it hard to watch and root for them when it seems like they will just lose. I had thought the writer was throwing darts and whatever it landed on was the new plot added to the episode.

Unnichan: Ha! Again, it comes to the “how.” We know that Sadam is “everlasting,” so there was no way he was going to die that easily. The problem is how is able to do it? We get the mechanics and outcome but we don’t understand how it’s literally possible in this world. I like there are hurdles and twists but like you said, it’s almost impossible to root for our heroes, when the outcome is never in their favor. With the title we are to believe they have an out or a blueprint with the Journal but it hasn’t been as helpful as we would have believed. What was the point in finding it? I would have rathered the journal be a metaphor or red herring, and blatantly label Sang Heon as a living journal, much like they are now. For he’s the only one that has any knowledge and game plan.

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Tiara: Don’t know about you, but I really hated the opening for episode 17. It was fun to watch at the beginning as we saw our Night Watchman hunt down Sadam, however, knowing there are a few episodes left I was taken out of the scene. It’s too late to add another villain and the Dragon Statue hasn’t been touched, so I knew the scene was a complete lie. It just hit the point the lack of direction the drama hasn’t had. There is no point in finding the journal. They aren’t using it to explain nothing and evening if they explain something, it makes zero sense. Anytime to have Sang Heon on screen, I’m on board.

Unnichan: And that brings up a grave concern for me. Seeing Sang Heon haggard in the last episode, left me rather downcast. For we’ve never been duped into believing he’d live forever but I need him to last until the last 15 of our last episode. I can’t do The Night Watchman’s Journal without him! These kids just aren’t cutting it. I mean prime example… What was that foolishness with Rin and fake Do Ha?! His tail almost died! I was so angry with him I could have screamed… Wait. I may have.

Tiara: I think it’s fair to say I have two favorite characters. Rin (I can’t help it, I just love Jung II Woo too much) and Sang Heon. Granted, I think I might be adding Yeon Ha only if she continues as the terminator from the end of episode 18. LOL, his tail!!! Screaming is healthy. For me, I wanted to pull my hair out over the whole fake Do Ha. How could none of them know that wasn’t Do Ha. I have no idea what Rin is smoking to believe in the fake Do Ha. I can forgive him for that. I just can't help it. He’s my bias. I mean I would totally watch him read the phone book. Case in point, I’m still watching this show.

Unnichan: LOL! I like Jung Il Woo and all, I do, but there is no one that I am so blinded by that I won’t get upset with their characters. I just can’t and that entire Do Ha fiasco was one ridiculous ride. It’s like Show, I could totally be down if these arcs were introduced from the beginning but being flipped on us in this way makes it a gimmick. And Yeon Ha! That is all I want to know at this point. It’s clear now that she’s on a killing spree, she’s destined to die, which honestly was probably what should’ve transpired 12 years ago but goodness her story is by far the most interesting aspect of this story so far. She and Sadam, the brand (mark), her spiritual powers and prophetic destiny and her resurrection as a banshee.

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Tiara: I’m trying to make peace with the fact this show isn’t as good as it could have been. The drama doesn’t plan to explain it’s lore, nor does it care to. With that being said, I’m going to turn my brain off when it comes to those things. I’m hoping it will be a little more fun if I don’t think about it. I mean this is what the drama wants us to do. As for Yeon Ha, I could’ve totally watched tons of episodes with her as a killing terminator. This version of her is better than a shopkeeper. The real question is why did Sadam keep her ghost/spirit/soul? What is his purpose of keeping her? Can she still awaken the Dragon Statue or does this now fall onto Do Ha?

Unnichan: All I kept thinking during his soul extraction attempt, was why he hadn’t tried to do this before? Did he need extra power to have the ability? And it still wasn’t successful. He also seems afraid or concerned about her return. I’m not sure which or both, for we still aren’t sure what his feelings or desires are concerning her. He always has something else up his sleeve, so only time will tell if he ever gets around to revealing his attachment to her. So how’d you enjoy the Ki San take over?

Tiara: I loved Ki San being possessed by the crazy part of himself. The eyeliner is kind of funny. I was wondering if the Ghost of Eyeliner was friends with Ki San’s crazy half. I’ve liked his crazy side for most of the drama. It seems he has more common sense than Ki San has, but now that he is in charge of the body I’m not so sure. The real question is why are the Ministers allowed the King to do crazy and insane things more than normal? I mean killing the workers for the temple is downright not cool. Did you not like the new Ki San? Or was it the eyeliner?

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Unnichan: The eyeliner is a testament to the change and I’m cool. Like you, I was disappointed that he wasn’t as savvy as I’d have liked, but his ruthlessness works in some ways, whereas it’s over the top in others. Ki San is a complete unhinged mess and clearly the aspect that is in control at the moment is stronger and less gullible but he’s equally dangerous. I enjoyed him more when he was torturing weakling Ki San but either way, he’s a riot. I did miss evil Rin… but that’s for another day. Any thoughts for next week?

Tiara: Oh evil Rin, how it was nice know you despite how small of a visit it was. Thoughts on next week, I hope Yeon Ha terminates into the King’s bedroom. I’m wondering if she might be there to kill King Ki San. After the meeting early, she kind of blanked out. Fingers cross it was the trigger which caused her to go all assassin on Ki San. I would be down with him, Sadam, Soo Ryun, or the Prime Minister. I don’t want Sang Heon to die. Last on my wish list, I want Rang Yi to come clean about who she is finally. What about you?

Unnichan: I was so excited that Soo Ryun might finally go away after being whored out to Ki San and then Show snatched that away, I have no further hopes. Lol! All I know is I need Sang Heon to live just a little while longer. Do Ha will be saved, but a separation between she and Rin wouldn’t hurt. I too need Rang Yi to move on, we know who she is but Rin doesn’t and that reunion is one that he needs as a final expression of his growth as a character. To put his revenge to bed and live well. So I guess we’re off to waiting for another week of body snatchers, ghost killers and evil witch doctors…

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