Finally the story has developed even more and we've reached what may or may not be the peak of the drama! Why oh why do you do this me by leaving the cliff hanger to trump all cliff hangers?

So first off I'd just like to say I find this drama highly entertaining yet very frustrating. For one, every single episode (well maybe just half of them) is left with a cliff hanger to make you shake your computer screen. The biggest thing that caught my eye in episode nine though was the ever handsome Choi Soo Hyuk. I honestly cannot be the only one dreamy sighing over his face. Have you seen the eyes on that boy? Oh is he gorgeous. I think he still likes Han Kyul with the way he looked so surprised when almost being caught during his part time job.

Alright, back on track with Soo Hyuk the playboy. He of course lost brownie points because of him playing with poor miss Han Kyul. However, the moment his father was introduced it all clicked into place. I'm not giving him an excuse or anything, but come on guys. His father is obviously a dead beat but the kid loves him. That's his daddy and he's being a total jerk. I think we've found 'Worst Dad on the Planet' at this point in the drama.

Threatens the poor kid with ruining what his mother is struggling to maintain. I honestly wanted to punch him. Just because of him I'm letting Sang Chul off the hook for worst dad award as well as grumpy grandpa. Especially because Sang Chul returned home to his lovely children to prove he loves them. He even broke up with Song Hwa for them! I was pretty impressed with him finally leaving her behind and continuing on with the life he knows he should lead.

Now onto the good stuff I learned and I'm sure some of you kiddos learned as well. Bok Nyeo's real name is Eun Soo. Pretty sure I'm sticking to Bok Nyeo at this point in the drama. She told her story which for some reason I felt I knew already but I know I didn't have any clue beforehand. Maybe it's because of the clue drops or just because it makes sense!

Everyone got emotional during this. Even grandpa was found to have a soul after seeming like a demon since the very beginning. That was sweet to know he felt something toward Bok Nyeo's situation. Her husband and son died in a fire that could have very well been set by a stalker she met in college. See, this is what I'm talking about. They reveal one secret and major need to know fact, then suddenly throw another thing in your face with the fact he may have faked his own death to cover up what he did!

These episodes are just some jam packed with good stuff. I can't even express what I'm feeling and what I want to talk about because I'd just tell you from beginning to end what's happened. So why don't you go watch the episodes before I end up blabbing away.

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