I promise that'll be the only Great Gatsby joke I'll make. To sum up the past two episodes of The Suspicious Housekeeper, I'd probably say something like S#%* IS GOING DOWN. Because it is. Like, a lot of it. Honestly, I was becoming a little bored with the pacing of episode 11, but the reveal at the end made it all worth it.

Now, to say that I'm thoroughly confused would be the understatement of the century. I think it's safe to say that CEO Jang and Detective Lee are straight up evil, it's just their motives and goals that are hard to grasp. It seems that Detective Lee helped Seo Ji Hoon fake his own death (who gave this guy his job?) and become Jang Do Young...but why? And why was he in a wheelchair?!

The whole Gatsby thing is what's throwing a wrench in there for me. It seems that he is Ji Hoon considering he looks exactly like him and is trying to do...something with Bok Nyeo. But then who is this girl in all of the pictures? His Daisy, whose death he cries over. How is this connected to what's happening with Bok Nyeo? Either I'm missing something major, or we're in for something major soon. REGARDLESS, HE IS A CREEP.

This freakout freaked ME out. For a hot second I was like wait, is he her son? Whoops, I think my theorizing has gone off the deep end a little. I just need some answers.

Poor Miss Bok Nyeo. All of this Ji Hoon drama along with her Eun family feels are giving her flashbacks of her loving family. Excuse me while I wipe my ever-flowing tears. I just want her to smile. I think Hye Gyul keeps pushing her to the limit though; I could've sworn I caught the corners of her mouth upturned a few times in episode 12. Go Hye Gyul! You adorable little fool (just stick to cutting out shapes in the dough next time, kid).

Aaaand the evil mother-in-law makes an appearance. Or is she evil? I'm starting to think that she's just been completely manipulated by Detective Lee. Of course she's been super mean to Bok Nyeo, but if she's been convinced that Bok Nyeo murdered her son & grandson, can you really blame her? I just want to grab her and shake her and tell her the truth (or what I know of it), GAH.

Am I the only one a little weirded out about the kids asking her to be their mom? Like, your actual mom only died a few months ago. I know that they consider Bok Nyeo to be their family, but I just think the wording is a little weird. I love the dynamic between the Eun family and Bok Nyeo so I'm just going to choose to ignore it. Oh well. I'm curious to see if they're actually going to make Sang Chul fall for her. Everyone seems to think he loves her, but there's no chemistry whatsoever. There are just so many things I want to hypothesize about but this drama makes it SO DIFFICULT.

Well, here's to hoping that we see a smile out of Bok Nyeo next week! False hope, I know.

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