13 episodes in, and Bok Nyeo continues to surprise us! It's weird to see Bok Nyeo display her emotions so openly now, compared to before. That adorable little girl who we all want to kidnap and keep for ourselves is melting away Bok Nyeo's icy shell!

The melted ice is even coming out of her eyes.

The only thing is I can't tell is her motive behind the things she does. Is she doing it for the family or for herself? She seems to be trying to prevent Yoon Song Hwa from breaking up the family because of her own terrible past experiences, but it's also like she's just toying with them to get a reaction out of CEO Jang to check whether or not he is Seo Ji Hoon. Either way, since he does end up revealing himself to Song Hwa, I guess we'll see what Bok Nyeo's real intentions are now.

I know it's no joke for someone to have a fatal disease, but it's just too much of a drama cliche for me to feel sorry for CEO Jang/Seo Ji Hoon. Also, given his past behavior, I think he could be faking it just to get pity from Song Hwa and trick her into helping him.

As for Song Hwa, I'm starting to feel most sorry for her. She tries to be the one threatening people, but she keeps ending up being the one who gets played by pretty much everyone else. Her character is most out of the loop with what's really going on in this entire drama. She's just bouncing back and forth with whose side she is on.

With all these tricks up everyone's sleeves, I'm sure our reactions will be like this when we find out what really happens next!