In episodes 13 & 14 we started to learn some of Seo Ji Hoon’s motives, but it’s the woman who’s helping him whose motives we’re questioning. It’s hard to keep track of whose side Yoon Song Hwa is on, and why...and whether or not we’re on her side, and when. Aish. SO, let’s dig a little deeper in this week’s part two discussion.

Suzy: I have such a love/hate relationship with Song Hwa. Okay, maybe it’s never really been a love, but her cool side slips out every so often. This woman just CANNOT make up her mind, and it’s messing with mine. I loved how she was begging Bok Nyeo not to tell everyone about her meeting with the Euns’ mother, but when Bok Nyeo kept quiet, she was screaming at her for doing so. Anyway, I want to believe that she doesn’t actually want to help out Ji Hoon (or I really do hate her) and is just afraid of being murdered/indirectly causing another death, but she needs to say something! Bok Nyeo could totally handle it. I’d say she could tell the police too but they’ve proven to be not-so-helpful in this drama. Song Hwa could be a major player in helping Bok Nyeo to smile again, and I’m just hoping she steps up soon.

Mercy: I can’t say I’m loving Song Hwa’s character very much. I find her to be almost stupid because she is always a step behind everyone, even the children, although that could be because love just makes people do stupid things. It seems to me that she’s having some trouble deciding what SHE wants. One minute she hates Bok Nyeo, and the other, she’s helping her. I know she was threatened to do so, but she genuinely seemed to want to find out the real identity of the CEO, and in that process, she forgot about trying to tear Bok Nyeo away from the family. I also feel like her character has a lot of potential to do some damage though, since the others have all gotten used to using her for their own purposes that if she were to plan things out carefully, it could turn out to be her fooling them all instead.

Looks like we'll just have to wait and see what she does next!