What an emotional week. SO many tears, threats, and new troubles. There were a few bright lights peeking through the dark cloud that is The Suspicious Housekeeper, but I go into this post (and this next week of waiting) with clenched teeth. GO, BOK NYEO, GO!

One of the biggest gasp-worthy moments in episode 16 was Seo Ji Hoon proposing to Bok Nyeo. Come on, dude, you've stalked her for years and years and you can't even get down on one knee to ask? The moment was already awkward enough with Hye Gyul in the car, not to mention Bok Nyeo suspecting Ji Hoon of possibly trying to MURDER HER.

Bok Nyeo's starting to see similarities between her past and present. But does this mean that Seo Ji Hoon is going to try and kill the Eun family like he did with Bok Nyeo's husband and son?! It seems like that's a real possibility, but after his little "deal" with Hye Gyul, they don't seem to be preventing him from getting what he wants. The real problem could be Bok Nyeo's own attachment to the family, but is that really a problem when she's planning on taking him out?

Eek. While part of me doesn't want to see Bok Nyeo commit homicide, Ji Hoon totally deserves that stab (AND THIS IS A TV SHOW SO I FEEL NO MERCY, SORRY NOT SORRY). On the other hand, Bok Nyeo's obviously going into this with the intention of never seeing the Eun family again, which I am SO not okay with. It's hard enough watching her scold Hye Gyul, trying to prepare her to be without a "mom" again. *Sniff*

Onto the side plots! I just want to say how proud I am of the neighbor lady for calling it quits with her sleazy husband. Sure, she's had her crazy moments, but at least the woman has a heart! The husband doesn't even care about the (unimaginably adorable) Uh Jin! And we thought Sang Chul was bad at caring for his kids, yeesh. Go, girl!

I'm also very happy about Bok Nyeo standing up to Soo Hyuk and his evil father. Han Gyul has had so much pressure on her as the eldest daughter, so it's about time that something positive happened for her. Plus, it's always fun to watch Bok Nyeo beat up grown men. Their band is definitely going to win the competition. I am curious as to how Han Gyul suddenly has the voice of an angel though (I heard you doing karaoke, chica, and it was not great).

With Sang Chul spying on Detective Lee, Ji Hoon headed to Bok Nyeo's hometown (a.k.a. his deathtown), Song Hwa's instability, and the kids' love for their Miss Bok Nyeo, I'm kind of thinking that next week is going to be CUH-RAY-ZAY. And I can't wait.