Seo Ji Hoon and Bok Nyeo (Eun Soo) have quite the interesting relationship. First he stalks her, then he kills her family, then he stalks her again under a fake name, then they’re suddenly engaged...and either one could be dying at any time. But would Bok Nyeo really kill him?

Mercy: After all that’s happened so far, I’m starting to pity Seo Ji Hoon. He’s totally falling for Bok Nyeo’s act because he wants her to love him back so badly that he believes anything she says. I don’t think Bok Nyeo is really planning to kill him though, since she also said she wants him to be judged by the law. It would be so much more satisfying if we get to see it finally revealed that he was the real murderer, and I want to see the look on the mother-in-law’s face when that happens!

Suzy: I almost find it kind of pathetic that Ji Hoon actually thinks that Bok Nyeo has fallen for him, and he deserves to be betrayed (though in the end, I’d say he’s the real betrayer here). I also don’t think Bok Nyeo will kill him. I think she’s trying to stay determined to do so, but she is so kindhearted at the core, and at this point cares way too much about the Eun kids. I’m guessing she’s either going to decide not to at the last minute, or will actually try and fail. While violent vengeance could be sweet, I don’t think this is the way Seo Ji Hoon will go out- it’s too obvious. Maybe he’ll just die from his cancer. If that’s even real. Totally agree about wanting to see the look on the mother-in-law's face when the truth comes out. Can't wait!