After what were easily the two most exciting episodes of The Suspicious Housekeeper yet, it’s hard to believe that we still have two episodes to go! But at the same time, we also can’t believe it’s almost over (NOOOOOO). What will happen to poor Miss Bok Nyeo? Will she ever smile again? Will she become the kids’ new mother? Here’s what we think is going to go down next week:

Suzy: Bok Nyeo HAS to join the kids’ family but I don’t think she and Sang Chul need to rush into marriage right away. Remember what happened the last time he married a woman he wasn’t in love with? They clearly care about each other, so I’m hoping they’ll let the love grow naturally and we’ll see some sort of flash forward to a happy family in the last episode. I don’t know how they’re going to convince the mother-in-law, but I’m thinking maybe Hye Gyul’s purity and adorableness might help. I partly feel like we haven’t seen the last of Seo Ji Hoon, but I’m hoping if he makes another appearance that it’s behind a jail cell. Even after all this, I still don’t have a sturdy prediction about what’s going to happen; I’m just hoping for a happy ending. Get Bok Nyeo’s family stone into that box!

Mercy: As much as I would love it, I still feel like Bok Nyeo’s not going to end up as the mother of the family. I don’t know why, but I don’t see the dad and Bok Nyeo falling in love anytime soon. Sure they might care for each other, and I guess it might be possible that they get married just for the sake of the kids, but would another loveless marriage end up well? If that does happen though, Bok Nyeo still wouldn’t be happy because of what the mother-in-law said, since what she said the first time changed Bok Nyeo’s life so dramatically. Also, to be honest, it seems to me like the only person that Bok Nyeo really loves is Hye Gyul. If that little girl were not in the family, I doubt Bok Nyeo would feel such a strong attachment to them. I hope for all of them to be happy at the end though, which probably will only happen if Bok Nyeo somehow becomes part of their family.

No matter what we predict, we can only wait to see what happens next week!