The Suspicious Housekeeper is officially over, but obviously the last two episodes had to do everything possible to suck every last tear out of my tired eyes.

Ehem, our creys. I first want to discuss Auntie Na Young and her sudden character growth because while her major involvement in the main story seemed random, it began to make total sense. Just as we disregarded her from time to time, so did the kids. I see what you did there, writers.

The clumsy comic relief was much deeper than she seemed. She just wanted to take care of her late sister's kids, but still respected Bok Nyeo's presence because she knew it made them happy. I'm glad the kids finally seemed to gain a little more respect for her toward the end, and i'm glad she didn't marry some random guy. Besides, her wedding dress for her marriage to Lee Dong Shik was way prettier than the first one she tried on.

OKAY I JUST WANT TO TAKE A QUICK BREAK AND SAY HOW HARD I LAUGHED WHEN BOK NYEO WAS WATCHING HEIRS. And she was right, it was an important scene, geez, Sang Chul.

Anyway. I understand Bok Nyeo not wanting the kids to forget about their mom, and I appreciated it because that's something that's bugged me throughout the drama; they seemed like they were just trying to replace her. But why does everything have to be a trick or a game in this drama?! You don't have to be super mean to them, just have an honest talk. Whatever, at least it all worked out.

I also sincerely appreciate Sang Chul's character growth. He's expressing his true feelings, and has learned that telling a woman you love her when you don't miiiiiight not be the best idea. At the same time, it seems he's finally discovered what love truly is. Awww.

The scene that might've had my tears flowing the hardest was when Bok Nyeo FINALLY SMILED. YES, SHE SMILED, PEOPLE! And everyone cried at the table and behind their TV/computer screens. Everyone's emotion just felt so real, and it was so sad and happy and everything at the same time and ugh.

The other number one contender for most cry-worthy scene was Hye Gyul running after Bok Nyeo's bus and the look on Bok Nyeo's face when she saw her through the window. I'm too thankful to that bus driver for letting her get off and say goodbye. The note to Hye Gyul and the passing of the stone (l-o-l, I had to) were beautiful.

That time jump was TROLLING ME ALL OVER THE PLACE. First I was excited(!), then Han Gyul said they were still waiting for her. Then the doorbell rang three times(!), but it was just the new neighbor. Then she appeared! And is apparently staying for good? So does this mean she and Sang Chul will get married? Ah, at this point I don't even care, as long as she's there with the kids.

Side story-wise, I'm glad that Song Hwa has officially, and happily, turned her life around. And I'm glad that Geum Chi and Na Mi are playing out what's basically a teenage romance. Soo Hyuk and Woo Jae seem happy too, and that works for me.

Stay tuned for part 2 for our final thoughts on The Suspicious Housekeeper! And enjoy this screenshot, because it was just...I don't even know: