With the last week of The Suspicious Housekeeper comes our last Drama Club post (*sniff sniff*). It's only appropriate that we share our overall thoughts on the drama and its ending now that we've had some time to mop up our tears.

Suzy: Overall, I definitely enjoyed this drama. I will admit (and did in a few of my posts) that it seemed to move a little slowly at times, and could have possibly been a couple of episodes shorter, but I just felt so connected to pretty much all of the characters by the last episode, so I guess it did its job. I know that they didn't change much from the original Japanese series, but I did look up the difference between the endings and have to say while I was expecting something sadder, I am super happy with the ending of the Korean one! I'm just a sucker for happy endings though. I wish I could see another time jump just to see how exactly Bok Nyeo's going to be a part of the family (marriage or no?), but I'll leave it to my imagination. The acting was excellent throughout the series, especially from the kids. I'm excited to see where all of them go with their acting careers as they grow up. Choi Ji Woo (Bok Nyeo) was also fantastic, not that I was expecting anything less. I'm super thankful that I got to be a part of this little club, and I hope everyone else enjoyed the series as much as I did!

Mercy: Despite having a negative view on bringing Bok Nyeo into the family in the previous episodes, I have to say this ending was very satisfying. Most of my pessimism was dispelled when Bok Nyeo helped the kids clear up their feelings. She did a smart thing because what I felt before was exactly that: that the kids were just looking for someone take care of them and needed someone to fill in the void but not replace their mother. Once that was out of the way, you could tell that they really did love Bok Nyeo and want her as part of their family. It felt like Yoon Song Hwa just disappeared from the whole story; we don't know if the animosity with the mother-in-law gets resolved; and I guess we're assuming Seo Ji Hoon is staying in prison, but I'm glad that both the family and Bok Nyeo were able to have some time to themselves to grieve for their lost family members and then make more room in their hearts for each other. I'm sure that if you've been watching the drama since the beginning with us, we all had this kind of feeling at the end.