Okay, okay, we're a little late, but The Suspicious Housekeeper Drama Club is here and READY TO EXPRESS OUR FEELINGS...unlike the suspicious housekeeper herself. I'm Suzy, and I'll be joined by the lovely Mercy (yayitsmercy) and Nikkie (collemarie) to blab about each week's episodes as they air. None of us have seen the original Japanese version of the show, so we're going into this blind. Oh boy.

I already figured that Park Bok Nyeo had probably killed someone before, but the notes in the Eun family's mailbox confirmed it. But who the hell IS this guy following her around? And how does she not notice him with her supersonic hearing?

It's kind of strange, because I feel like I am on Bok Nyeo's side even though she's probably the sketchiest person on the show. Well, her or Sang Chul. I am eternally angry about him not being able to tell poor little Hye Gyul that he loved her. He clearly cares about the kids to some extent, but he is really not giving us much to go on to forgive his actions. I'd rather the kids stay with the ever-so-clueless Auntie Na Young a.k.a. Queen Klutz. Too bad their grandfather can't soften up.

Just in case you were feeling like this drama wasn't ~Korean~ enough, there's the infamous accidental boob grab! Sometimes I think I'm laughing at the wrong parts of this drama, but I think we can all agree it's always adorable when Hye Gyul and Se Gyul imitate Bok Nyeo. Nooot so adorable when Doo Gyul ordered her to have sex with him, but at least he didn't go through with it.

We should probably discuss the part where Director Hong nonchalantly mentions Bok Nyeo's DEAD SON. WAIT, WHAT?! After the initial shock, I'm thinking this could actually clear things up. Honestly, I was kind of thinking that Bok Nyeo's robotic personality might've been supernatural (she is freakishly good at everything), but a tragedy offers a different explanation. Not that I don't need that explanation very, very detailed. It's a huge moment when we actually see her crying at the theme park.

She's human after all! Probably. The rest of episode 6 was very Han Gyul centric, which was cool because I find her character interesting and realistic. What was NOT cool was her player of a "boyfriend," Soo Hyuk. Ugh. He even almost had me believing he was good for a second. I'm so ashamed. *Facepalm*

Unfortunately, Han Gyul decides the only way to really get back at her father is to sleep with Soo Hyuk, or "ruin herself." Um, I just want to say that I'm not surprised that she didn't go through with it because who the hell is going to get in the mood by listening to "Que Sera Sera?" But OF COURSE he spreads a rumor that they did it and the entire school acts like she freakin' murdered someone. Puh-lease. Jealous.

This was just not a good episode for Han Gyul. Her grandfather blames her for everything, her boyfriend backstabs her, and now everyone thinks she's a prostitute. So happy that Na Young was around to save her from the bridge, though I would've expected her to trip and both of them to go over.

And THIS is where it gets REALLY interesting. I feel like Park Bok Nyeo has sort of begun to care for the family, so I can't wait to find out her response! Until then, I think we can all agree that we all looked like this when the episode ended:

Stay tuned for more updates!

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