This week, we're going to discuss everyone's favorite "loving" daddy, Eun Sang Chul. Our feelings were pent up for the first four episodes, but now we're ready to discuss!

Nikkie: Oh my Eun Sang Chul, when are you ever going to learn? Since the beginning of Suspicious Housekeeper, dad hasn't been the best daddy. I mean I feel for the guy in some way. He was never in love with his wife to begin with but he felt compelled to marry her because of the baby. I've heard that story quite often and sometimes it leads to a beautiful romance, while in this case it leads to the wife no longer being able to handle it. Even so, why can't you be crazy about your kids, dad? Better yet, why can't you hide your 'other woman' evidence better so your daughter can actually make up with you? It makes it really hard for me to feel annoyed that the kids are so hard on you.

Suzy: It's true that he was never in love with his wife & felt compelled to marry her, but at the same time…why did he have three more kids with her?! Sometimes I start to feel badly for him, because you can tell he at least cares about the kids, even if he doesn't love them. But I have to agree that it's hard to side with him after so many mess ups. No one is getting the "good side" of this deal.

Mercy: I have no sympathy for the father at all at this point. I understand that he’s feeling conflicted between choosing his lover or his kids, but he should at least care for the emotional well-being of his own flesh and blood. He just seems like a jerk to me when he can’t even say nice things to his youngest daughter, who shouldn’t be dealing with this kind of thing at her age. Also, it's just so heartless of him to not be able to find it in himself to apologize to his kids. He doesn't have to be sorry for everything he's done, but the least he could do is apologize for not telling them earlier or something. This guy needs to decide what's most important to him, and quickly, before his family is so ruined that it can't be repaired.

And let's hope that happens before Bok Nyeo follows Han Gyul's order and kills her.

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