We're back again with the next two episodes of "The Suspicious Housekeeper", and they were no less drama-filled! Not only do we learn that all men on Earth are cheaters, but we also learn to never stand behind Bok Nyeo.

That over-the-shoulder flip, though. I don't know why, but I couldn't help laughing when it happened. It's now my favorite part of the drama.

I'm glad we're finding out more about Bok Nyeo's past. I feel like being with this family is slowly breaking away her hard robotic shell. She seems to be getting a little more involved in their lives than she was willing to be in the beginning, and we see her finally display some kind of expression with a single tear!

I got really mad at that b**** of a mother-in-law, who is the reason why Bok Nyeo doesn't smile anymore. Perhaps the mother-in-law is the owner of the mysterious hand whose face we do not get to see. I mean, who else could it possibly be? Bok Nyeo's husband and child are dead, right? ...right???

As for Yoon Song Hwa, sure, she's just looking for a shoulder to lean on, but she needs to find something else to do with her life other than visit Sang Chul at the absolute worst times. I don't see their relationship ending up anywhere great for her. Unless she plans to take the children in as her own, she needs to give up on him already.

I'm starting to feel more sorry for the dad. He seems really torn between the two choices, and I can see he was really trying to find some way to go back to his kids. He probably would have made it right with them again, if only that girl didn't keep showing up. I would have liked to dislike his character longer, but his pitiful fighting with the other manager didn't help either.

Can someone please tell me what is up with this lady? I didn't understand her story with the grandfather at all. I guess they just have another complicated relationship. Anyway, she is so weird but hilarious. I'm going to start calling people "twisted donut" now.

Don't get me started on the aunt too. I guessed from the very beginning that she had a thing for the pitiful daddy. Why else would she want to take care of the kids so badly and not even have a boyfriend at her age? And the fact that she left right when she heard him say he still had feelings for Yoon Song Hwa confirms it. Girl's got a one-sided crush.

While we wait another week for the next episodes, enjoy Bok Nyeo's taunting laugh.