This drama is driving us a little the best way. We have so many theories that are constantly changing and feelings that go from angry to sad to numb in a matter of minutes. This week we want to speculate about the Suspicious Housekeeper herself, Miss Park Bok Nyeo, and what we’re all thinking could have happened in her past that’s given her this stoic persona.

Suzy: It’s hard to even concentrate on the drama because my mind is swirling with theories about Bok Nyeo. She says she “killed” her husband and son, but I have my doubts. Sometimes I get the idea that she may have cheated and the husband could have killed himself just like Sang Chul’s wife...but what about the son? I don’t doubt her homicidal capabilities, but I DO doubt any evil intent, especially because of her sobbing in the flashbacks with her mother-in-law. I also think the whole “don’t stand behind my back” thing could be related, though it’s way too vague to make any real assumptions. And her mystery “stalker” seems awfully malicious. TOO MANY FACTORS, NOT ENOUGH BACKSTORY. Basically, I have no idea. I’m just hoping that they don’t make us wait too long to find out the real truth.

Mercy: I’m just as clueless about what really happened. I feel like when she says she “killed her family” she doesn’t mean that she’s the one who physically put them to death but that she is convinced she caused their death. I have no idea what could have happened to make the mother-in-law hate her so much though. As for Bok Nyeo’s past, it’s definitely involved with someone two-timing because Bok Nyeo is so obviously bothered by the father’s relationship with Song Hwa. Her expressions are getting easier to read, and she’s giving more feedback than before.

Nikkie: I’m still of course not sure what could have happened. I mean there are so many possibilities but I’m glad it’s developing Bok Nyeo’s story a lot more. She’s also starting to show emotion rather than being a robot. This actress is so perfect for this role, so I’m pleased with the casting director at this point. Now I know why she doesn’t smile at all and her reason for always going to the amusement park with that meal. It seems like it makes her feel close to her husband and child that are no longer alive. Like if she kept doing this one thing, that means they’re still there. To not do it, means she’s forgetting about them and moving on with her life which seems like that would absolutely crush her at this point. Just the kids poking their nose into her business is enough to threaten quitting. My heart really is with Bok Nyeo at this point. I don’t believe she’s a horrible person, but rather a heartbreaking tale needing someone who truly cares about her that will tell her, ‘it was never your fault’.

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