Can we all agree that we’re emotionally drained from this week’s episodes? We finally learned about the suspicious housekeeper’s past, and it was traumatic to say the least. But with answers always come more questions, and obviously lots to discuss! We could have a separate drama club for each subplot of this drama, but we’ll try to narrow it down.

Nikkie: Tons has happened in just two episodes. It almost seems like far too much to concentrate on! However, I really want to point out the side stories because this drama has so many of them. It might just be me but I usually find side stories very appealing and I enjoy following them just as much as the main plot.

As we can see here, Uh Jin’s father has been just as bad as Sang Chul. He’s having an affair himself which of course is finally revealed to his wife. I’m extremely curious how well she’ll take the news of her husband being a cheater. I will say this, I found him incredibly amusing when his wife would mention things and he’d make his snide remarks. Somehow though I don’t dislike him. Not sure why.

Can I also mention the fact that Bok Nyeo’s stalker is a detective? What?! Dude, you don’t act like one. You’re just really creepy but attractive. That’s not a good mix for you. Though he’s pretty much dead set on his little theory along with it pretty much being confirmed that evil mother-in-law, as no drama would be complete without one of those, is the accusing wheelchair culprit. Oh Bok Nyeo, what are we going to do?

Suzy: My thoughts exactly on the whole stalker/detective deal. Not so sure this would be the type of guy I’d want to hire to solve a murder case. He’s so set on Bok Nyeo being guilty, but his only evidence is that she was with Ji Hoon that day. Come on. It might help you get your facts straight if you, oh, I don’t know...made sure that Ji Hoon was actually dead?! I’m just glad that at least we finally know the truth and can support the lovely Miss Bok Nyeo confidently.

I like that Nikkie finds the neighbor’s cheating husband amusing, meanwhile I find myself cracking up every time the wife is on screen (her laugh and overdramatic gasps get me every time). I’m definitely interested to see where they’ll go with that. I’m also very interested in Soo Hyuk’s current subplot with his father and Han Gyul. I know I should root for Woo Jae to get the girl, but even when I thought I was done with Soo Hyuk he pulled me right back in with his whole bad boy persona just being a coverup for his hard life at home. Le sigh.

P.S. I’ve been marathoning Answer Me 1997 on the side and I’m way too excited about Ji Hoon/CEO Jang being played by Song Jong Ho.

Yes, yes you are.

Join us next week for more discussions and reactions to The Suspicious Housekeeper! Miss Bok Nyeo, please come back soon! We’ll be waiting for Tuesday.

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