Are you ready for Lesson 10 of Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Music Majors? Your blind audition will be in front of gentle Professor Ahn and snobby Professor Do. Have you watched your episode or are you still taking part in the boycott? Are you a true kdrama addict or just a leftover? Join Cici, Firnlambe and I as we discuss whether we will trust Yoo Jin or not.

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Cici: Well, we have the unfair advantage of having gotten a preview of Yoo Jin’s motives when he was discussing the plan with the dean, so of course we trust him. We do, don’t we?

Firnlambe: Of couuuuurse we trust him . . . . though as we go farther and farther along into this series I don’t think Wendilynn and I will be able to predict where things go, these writers are going places I didn’t really see them going.

Ep9_Holding Hands.jpg

Cici: Well, let’s start at the beginning of the episode. Wasn’t that hand-holding scene in the auditorium sweet? It’s like one of our commenters said, Nae il is taking this opportunity to show Yoo Jin that she trusts him and that the members of ‘S’ orchestra are back on his side.

Wendilynn: I loved that Yoo Jin and Nae il made up with each other, and in that magic came S orchestra giving their trust to Yoo Jin one more time. And you’re right, I know the basic outline of the story, but they’ve already done quite a few things differently so I can’t really say what they are doing.

Firnlambe: On the topic of S Orchestra, I really loved that they were totally cool with Soo Min going “Oh, so we need to raise money to play? Sounds good . . . //point// Rak! Have your dad make all the food . . . //point// Mini Min Hee! Go make the costumes . . . Ok? . . . and then there’s ‘A’ orchestra going . . . “O--OK?”


Cici: It was so funny watching A orchestra deal with the problems that S orchestra has always had to face. No money? No time off to prepare? What is that? And S orchestra is like, no big deal, we got this.

Wendilynn: The pampered palace brats have to learn how to do music when not everyone is making it easy for you. I really loved listening to Professor Do and Professor Ahn. We watched Professor Do get a reality check. He had his mind so made up that he couldn’t recognize the growth of the leftovers. This blind audition made him rethink things. He was also able to see where they had failed some of A orchestra’s members who would never really rise to their full potential because of pride.

Cici: You guys warned me at the beginning of this drama that I would grow to love all the characters, and up until now, I really had my doubts. My cold cold heart started to melt when Professor Do had his little conversation with Yoo Jin, but it turned to complete mush when he stood up to the chairwoman. It was such a relief that the Dean and Yoo Jin had not misplaced their trust in him!


Wendilynn: Professor Do also recognized that he may have lost his chance to become Dean because he wasn’t willing to sink a student for preferential treatment of another.

Cici: I just respected his stand so much. I realize now that he truly is a professor at heart and treats his students the way he does to force them to grow and become their best. I still think his methods are misguided, but at least I can respect the strength of his convictions.

Firnlambe: I’m really curious how he plans on handling Nae il after his discussion with Yoo Jin.

Cici: Maybe after seeing how much the members of S orchestra have grown, he’d be willing to grow a little himself? Or is that expecting too much?

Wendilynn: Yes, this reality check will change how he deals with Nae il as well. I just wanted to say one thing about Professor Do’s methods, because we agree he can be way too hard on the students, but I don’t know if you remember what he said to S orchestra when he shut down the practice room that one time. He told them that they should look for a new skill to provide a living for themselves since their musical level wasn’t good enough to make money by getting into an orchestra. He was being harsh, but he also wanted them to be able to support themselves later on. Thankfully, they were able to grow and change his mind because they refused to give up. Just because someone looks like a leftover is no reason to give up on them.

Cici: Didn’t you love it when the group realized that they had all made it into the new orchestra? Rak’s reaction was so adorable. And his conversation with Yoo Jin afterwards was hysterical He really doesn’t do anything halfway, does he?

Wendilynn: The blood brothers bit? That was so funny. Yoo Jin starts to freak out and says, “do that anywhere I’m not.” lol

Cici: I almost missed that, because I was laughing so hard at Rak worrying about sticking his finger with a needle, doing it wrong, losing too much blood, and passing out. Yes, Rak, that is definitely something you should do near a hospital, lol.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! Its like… What are you going to cut your finger with that you’d bleed too much?!!

Firnlambe: Wellllll his father does have a large collection of knives.

Cici: Yeah, but wouldn’t you think he’d be sharp enough not to use one?

Firnlambe: When it comes to his “best friend” I wouldn’t put it past him lol

Wendilynn: Rak gets a little carried away in his earnestness. Speaking of earnest characters, I loved when Nae il texted Yoo Jin and asked if she could come to dinner. He tried to be so cool about his reply. lol

Cici: Sometimes it’s the little things actors do in dramas that impact me the most. Did you notice how Nae il was fidgeting so nervously in class waiting for his reply? And she was so overjoyed when he said yes. Awwww, she’s so cute. But I did worry that he didn’t realize how much stock she put in that answer. He’s not going to lead her on and break her heart again and again is he? No, wait, don’t tell me.

Firnlambe: mwahahahahahaha ψ(`∇´)ψ . . . . are you suuuure you’re ready for that answer?


Wendilynn: grins . . . we’ll be good, but he did modify his answer to not sound as excited as he was to get her text in the first place. And when she gets to his door, she discovers that their door codes match again and that he had put her stuff back. Question . . . WHY are the rabbits in his closet?!!


Firnlambe: Because he couldn’t bear to see them on his bed?

Wendilynn:  *evil chuckles* As intimately as Nae il plays with those rabbits and what they represent, it speaks VOLUMES that he placed them in his closet.

Cici: I loved the cinematography when he went around right before her putting everything--even her toothbrush!--back in its place. They use that “fade” special effect very . . . effectively, lol.

Firnlambe: Agreed!! That was adorable //sigh// I love this couple so much, I really do. Yoon Hoo’s sadly no match for those two when they’re together.

Wendilynn: No, he’s not and he’s finally starting to realize it. I think he’s becoming overwhelmed by the pain in his fingers. I knew I was going to have problems when that boy started crying. And sure enough, my heart ached so much.


Firnlambe: Surprisingly . . . I was ok with the baby angels dying all around me due to his tears . . . I did not have as strong of an emotional reaction as I thought I would.

Wendilynn: HA!

Cici: I think the worst part is that he’s holding everything in and putting on such a brave face. It tears me up that he can’t share his problems and get some support from his friends. He’s one of those people who always has to give, but has a really hard time receiving.

Wendilynn: Not so much hard to receive as he knows they will all stop him the minute they know. Why would you allow your friend to keep hurting like that?

Cici: Gee, I don’t know . . . maybe out of respect?

Firnlambe: I think even Yoo Jin would try and get him to stop playing if he knew. He may not like the man, and he may throw out phrases to wound his pride from time to time . . . but he knows when to stop and help.


Cici: I agree, but I think anyone who knows what it’s like to have devoted your life to performing (and Yoo Jin certainly does) would also know just how important this last performance is to him. But if Yoon Hoo can’t let anyone know what’s going on, how can they not misunderstand his desperate drive to complete this?

Wendilynn: It would change the dynamic, completely, I agree. I actually disagree that Yoo Jin would stop him. Yoo Jin has been that desperate . . . still is in many ways. Now, we’re going to see if Nae il will become desperate.

Firnlambe: See, as a conductor . . . I can totally see Yoo Jin stepping in to stop an extremely talented musician from ruining ANY chance of possible recovery. . . . seriously though did anyone else catch he threw Yoon Hoo’s words right back in his face regarding how hard he was pushing Nae il to practice.

Wendilynn: The 4 hour practice? Yes, I caught that.

Cici: But did you catch that it was the first time Yoo Jin referred to Nae il as a woman?


Firnlambe: Well yes, but then again, in true Yoo Jin fashion he did refer to her as a mutt first.

Cici: His rudeness doesn’t seem to faze her, though. Her “we should date” scene was so cute. Checking a book out from the library to help her! And the phone! I almost choked laughing so hard.

Wendilynn: *chuckles* I have to hand it to Yoo Jin, he really is trying to accommodate her requests as they “date”. He isn’t telling her no, but I don’t see them wearing couple sweaters any time soon. *snort* Its enough they have couple puppets.

Cici: Couple outfits! YES! With Nae il’s sewing ability, I totally see that happening next episode. If it does, I get to say “I told you so!” (I’m way too fond of that, aren’t I?)

Firnlambe: You know who I’m not looking forward to seeing next episode . . . Dad.

Wendilynn: That should be interesting. Will Yoo Jin keep it together or not? He’s got full confidence in his orchestra and they need to do well if they are going to get funding. Yoo Jin cannot fall apart.

Cici: The pressure is really on, and not just for Yoo Jin. Nae il has to face her stage fright, Yoon Hoo has to face the pain in his hand and the prospect of never performing again, and now Yoo Jin has to face the one person who gave him his phobias in the first place. Ugh.

Firnlambe: Sooooo how many Majors do you think I’ll make mad by this next statement . . . . . I really, reeeeeally hope Yoon Hoo has a public episode on stage due to his hand before Yoo Jin has an episode due to seeing his father.

Wendilynn and Cici: *glares* *thrums fingers on desk*

Firnlambe: Ooop . . apparently I made the faculty mad too.

Wendilynn: *grins* I can understand the sentiment of something stopping the concert so we don’t have to see Yoo jin fall apart, but I can’t handle any more tears from Yoon Hoo and I do know we have more coming. However, we also need Nae il to discover she can in fact perform. She is very threatened by the pianist who is playing with Rising Star orchestra. (I loved how Milch saved the day on that one) Another pianist is sitting in her spot next to Yoo Jin and Milch made it clear that Yoo Jin would fly past her if she didn’t face the music.

Cici: Milch is so clever at manipulating both people and their attendant situations. He is amazing . . . good thing he’s a musician and not a con artist! I’m soooo glad he’s not a pervert in this version, cause I really like him! But as for Nae il, I almost ache at her jealousy. Mainly because I don’t have enough confidence in Yoo Jin actually thinking of her seriously as his girlfriend.

Firnlambe: How can you not?! Even after he asked Nae il what “line” she would get behind if he got in a fight with Yoon Hoo? That was clearly a statement he made out of pure affection towards her, he did it without thinking.

Ep10_Whose side.jpg

Wendilynn: While he is showing Nae il that he cares for her, we are a long way off from any type of actual confession. Unless these writers want to surprise me.

Cici: I just realized that I feel really protective of Nae il. Which surprises me, because she kind of annoyed me for much of the first part of the drama. I just don’t want her to get her hopes all up and then have them dashed by something inconsiderate that Yoo Jin does. Like paying waaayyyy too much attention to that other pianist.

Firnlambe: That’s what I love about her character. She burrows herself into your good graces without you realizing it . . . just like an adorable rabbit *grins*

Wendilynn: HA! Nae il was much more contemplative this episode, not so spastic. She is at that point where she has to grow up. If she wants Yoo Jin, she cannot be a child anymore.

Cici: True, and Yoo Jin did put that “when you take your music seriously” condition on their future plans, didn’t he? Guess she better step it up!


Wendilynn: Milch never does anything without having two or three reasons up his sleeve. I’m pretty sure when he suggested this pianist, not only does it help save Mi Na’s bacon with the chairwoman, but it will directly challenge Nae il. I’m sort of hoping this girl is what forces Nae il to actually take Professor Do’s classes. And now that Professor Do has had his eyes opened, I don’t think he’ll be rough with her.

Firnlambe: I’m not sure If I’m really ok with there being yet another addition to the love shape . . . I disapprove of a love square, a love triangle was bad enough already.

Wendilynn: Yoo Jin and Nae il are bonded. We know it. All love rivals in this story are really just catalysts to get these characters moving in the right direction. I love Yoon Hoo, but I never thought for a moment he was going to get anywhere with Nae il.

Cici: Maybe it’s the eternal yenta in me, but I’m hoping the new pianist and Yoon Hoo will get together. See, everyone ends up with someone, and it’s a happy ending. Now I just have to figure out who to hook Mini Min Hee up with, lol.

Firnlambe: //hisssssssss// Speak not those words!!! This woman needs to only be here for the concert and then leave lol

Cici: I’d be OK with that. Then Yoon Hoo and Mini Min Hee?

Firnlambe: //purrrs contently// I’m ok with that scenario.

Wendilynn: You guys are funny. lol

Cici: It’s an occupational hazard of being a die-hard kdrama fan. We always want to tell the writers what to do.

Firnlambe: Actually, the more I think of those two being a pairing--the more I can totally see it working.

Wendilynn: Well, this die hard fan is staying away from the matchmaking… *chuckles*

Well, Music Majors, did you get in?  Did you pass the audition?  Did you take that blood oath with Rak or did you try to figure out how to catch all your classes and still watch your Kdrama?  Will you conquer your fears and perform on stage with Yoon Hoo?  Can you overcome the fear of Dad and show everyone that you are a rising star?  Leave your comments below and tell us just what you have in store for us next week. 

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