Greetings Majors! Last week the lesson plan required we take home and ponder many tough problems. I’m sure the weekend was difficult for many of you to get through without help, but fear not!! Your professors are here to help give you some answers. Join Wendilynn, Cici, and yours truly as we review the materials provided and pass down our final judgments for lesson 11 of Tomorrow’s Cantabile.

Firnlambe: This series just keeps getting better and better!!! I’m so ridiculously in love with each and every . . . ok slight lie . . . ALMOST each and every character.

Wendilynn: LOL! I agree that this show has just been getting better as time goes on. The characters are becoming more emotionally open to each other and they are sucking us in with all the feelings.

Cici: This may be my favorite episode yet. I am finally, unreservedly in love with Yoo Jin.

Firnlambe: //gasp// Only just?

Wendilynn: I admit that a little bit of my love for Yoo Jin was taken by Yoon Hoo, but I've been in love with both of them for awhile. lol

Firnlambe: I can safely say that, while I did contemplate taking a bite of the apple Yoon Hoo offered when he came onto the scene, I have been dutifully faithful to the “Almighty Cha”.

Cici: I have to wonder if you guys have been so faithful because you already knew how he was going to turn out. I was beginning to have my doubts that he would ever be anything other than a bit arrogant and stand-offish. This episode relieved me of any doubts on that score. Although his reaction to his friends’ reaction to his apology and “confession” was pretty typical old-school Yoo Jin.

Firnlambe: Actually, when Yoon Hoo was introduced I had no idea how much they were going to push the whole “love triangle” bit. I’m really pleased with the direction they decided to go with it. It could have gone sooooo much worse.

Wendilynn: In the J live version, that character is an oboist and he’s pretty negligible and never conducts. So I was taken in by that smile and his story as something new. Since I was already in love with Yoo Jin from my previous J exposure, that wasn’t going anywhere. I think its interesting that we all were sort of right with how Yoo Jin would react when he figured out Yoon Hoo’s hand situation. He was both supportive and “you will stop now”. lol

Cici: I thought at first that he was just telling Yoon Hoo to stop for Nae Il’s sake, but he really was concerned for his long-term welfare. It was pretty cool how he used “tough love” to snap Yoon Hoo out of his pity party and get him to consider starting over after surgery.

Firnlambe: I actually thought I was Nae Il’s comment that this performance was her new beginning was what snapped him back into reality.

Cici: Yeah, I can see that, but I think it was a combination of the two. I don’t think he would have given up the concert and gone straight to the hospital if it hadn’t been for Yoo Jin telling him that he would do anything to protect his hands and to come back to music, even if it meant studying with little kids.

Wendilynn: I agree that it took both of them to help save Yoon Hoo. And I LOVE that Milch recommended he change to conducting as a balm to losing playing the cello.

Firnlambe: We knew that was a strong possibility after the Mambo performance . . . but yes, I’m glad Milch suggested it as well. I honest to God did a mini happy dance when I watched that part while on break at work, and I’m fairly certain I made my new coworkers look at me like I’d gone crazy.

Wendilynn: Sweety, you’re a kdrama addict. You ARE crazy. *wink*

Firnlambe: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can pretend otherwise when I’m out in public spaces . . . . . LET ME DREAM!!! //dashes off to sulk in a dark corner//

Cici: This is why I only watch dramas at home. Oh, wait, it’s also because I no longer go to work. Sigh . . . but it is nice that only my sweetie and my cat think I’m nuts.

Wendilynn: My family have known I’m a goner for awhile now. lol

Firnlambe: //returns from the dark corner// Ok fine , so I’m crazy lol I can deal with that.

Cici: Speaking of nuts, though, what did you guys think of Yoo Jin’s dad? I knew he was going to be bad, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how awful he would be.

Wendilynn: Anyone who would demand his child be first before coming to the concert has some issues. I was expecting how stupid he would be, I was NOT expecting him to clap at the end of the concert,however.

Cici: I couldn’t even accept that as sincere, the way he put down the “stage” afterwards, saying he’d come watch in Europe next time. He’s just a jerk. I was delighted with the way Yoo Jin realized that his father’s attitude towards friends had been completely wrong all those years. He’s way more mature than his father.

Firnlambe: I agree with everything both of you said . . . but to be honest I tuned dad out, I could see that Yoo Jin had grown stronger and more confident with his new feelings on friendship . . . and to be honest I was probably still focusing too much on how open Yoo Jin is becoming with Nae Il. When he readily gave her his hand to help calm her down I just melted inside.

Wendilynn: Last thing I’ll say about Dad. He is not the sort to pity clap. AS for Yoo Jin and Nae il, I loved that they both got to be “medicine” for each other. When she was struggling, he was there to give her what she needed without even thinking about it. When he was struggling, he let her comfort him as only she can. I feel this is where they truly became a couple.

Cici: Even before the hand “medicine”, Yoo Jin gave Nae Il what she truly needed. He told her that if she was not ready to go on stage, that he would wait for her. I’m sure that in the back of her mind she had been worrying over what Milch had told her, that Yoo Jin would surpass her and not wait for her. His direct contradiction of that probably did more to calm her and give her the courage to go on than anything else. AND he looked so good while he did it, lol! That scene is where I totally fell in love with him

Wendilynn: When she mentioned her fear of being hated if she screwed up, in my head I heard, “sunbae will hate me if I screw up”. So his reassurance that he would basically love her anyway, was such a balm for her.

Firnlambe: Agreed, Yoo Jin has totally grasped how to handle Nae Il now . . . //sigh// If only Rak could say the same thing. He still has a long way to go with his budding relationship to Si Won if his father has anything to say about it.

Cici: Wasn’t it hysterical, though, when he backed her up in the rehearsal room? That comment, “Why don’t you just wag your tail?” was so funny. He isn’t exactly keeping his feelings under wraps, is he?

Firnlambe: Not at all . . . and I’m loving that it's driving his father up the wall!

Wendilynn: I was sort of surprised by that because I thought Dad was all for his son being in love. I felt like there was an attitude switch between this and last episode. However, I love Rak, Mini Min Hee and Min So are such a cute threesome. They tease each other, they cheer each other on, and they all are friends with “the almighty cha” together. Their freakout at the end of the concert when Yoo Jin let them know his real feelings cracked. me. up.

Firnlambe: Rak’s father I think would have been ok with any girl, EXCEPT Si Won. To me it feels like a lingering resentment from the ‘S’ vs ‘A’ days. That being said, I agree that this trio are particularly great together. They have a way of make us relax after particularly stressful moments happen. And the writers threw in comedy from the least expected places too. Professor Do can do a mean pirouette.

Wendilynn: LOL! I was so happy he put his fan down. I’m just glad Nae ll has finally agreed to her music lessons.

Cici: Although not without a bit of cowering by the staircase first, lol. The use of comic relief is particularly well done in this drama. I think that’s one of the things I appreciate the most about it. No, wait, that would be the wonderful “scenery”. And I am NOT referring to Korea in the fall, although that is beautiful in its own right. But I just have to ask, how do you guys feel about Yoo Jin’s turtleneck? Did anyone else flashback to Woo Bin in Heirs?

Firnlambe: I flashbacked to Heirs, but not because of the turtleneck . . . though now that you mention it I can totally see that comparison . . . I flashed back because of Yoo Jin’s childhood home.

Wendilynn: THAT’S why it looked familiar. I was wondering where I had seen that house before. I have a thing for turtleneck sweaters and long coats together, so Yoo Jin’s outfit was doing a number on me.

Cici: I thought it really emphasized his height, and I kind of loved the dramatic flair it gave him. But about the house, I thought it was so cute when Nae Il looked around and stated that he was rich. Like, the fact that he was always buying you food and cooking for you didn’t already tip you off?

Firnlambe: Only Nae Il would be so child like as to not put two and two together.

Wendilynn: She knew he was more well off than she was, but there really hasn’t been a reason to think he was rich. Although, she knew whose son he was but she really just didn’t think that far, I think.

Firnlambe: I would have thought the famous-ness of his dad would have been enough of a tip off.

Cici: I suspect that “rich” has never been on her list of priorities, but I was pleased with her child-like reaction. Her delight was more for the beauty of his home, rather than a selfish desire to take advantage of it. Refreshingly unlike so many kdrama females!

Firnlambe: Please tell me I wasn’t the only one chanting “Please don’t touch anything. For the love of God, PLEEEASE don’t touch anything.” over and over again when she started to explore the house.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! You were not the only one. However, I can only imagine what that uncle was thinking when she answered that phone and he heard them talking to each other.

Firnlambe: Oh you mean that moment they were basically an old married couple?

Wendilynn: The toothbrush convo made me laugh.

Cici: What was he supposed to think? That conversation had me rolling. Plus, I got the distinct impression that the uncle is a bit conservative. So he must have been thinking that things were really serious. It cracked me up the way Yoo Jin just dropped everything and brought Nae Il over with him when his uncle told him to. That did nothing to dismiss his uncle’s assumptions.

Firnlambe: All I can say is I’m really looking forward to the next lesson. I have a feeling, the chemistry between Nae Il and Yoo Jin is really gonna be cranked up to the max . . . and it’s going to be glorious!! These two need to hug already, I'd be totally ok with a simple hug. Though a kiss would be preferred.

Cici: Agreed! It’s time for some kissing!

Wendilynn: We’ve already had a hug. Several of them in fact. Although their hand holding in this episode was just as good as kisses in my book. But, I want to see what happens when Nae il comes to understand WHY Yoo Jin is afraid of water. She doesn’t know about the plane crash . . . . yet.

Firnlambe: There’s Nae Il throwing herself at Yoo Jin, hugs . . . and then there’s Yoo Jin pulling her in for a hug, hugs. This second version I don’t recall seeing yet.

Cici: Mutual hug would be nice, leading up to mutual kiss. I can dream, can’t I?

Wendilynn: So the bench snuggle didn’t work for you, huh?

Firnlambe: No, not in the slightest. That was a mere nothing in comparison to what they should have be throwing at each other during this episode.

Wendilynn: I think Yoo Jin is at the point where he would kiss her hard and good if he felt she wasn’t still 14 years old mentally.

Firnlambe: Dammit Nae Il . . pick up the pace!! Us fangirls and fanboys can’t be expected to survive being continually teased like this.

Cici: Did anyone else pick up on Yoon Hoo’s last statement about doing what he wants and seeing who he wants from now on? He might just be some competition after all. Or at least be a catalyst to get Yoo JIn and Nae Il together once and for all.

Wendilynn: One can fervently hope.

Firnlambe: But . . . But . . . //pouts// nuuuuuu . . . That apple needs to stay far away!! He can come back as a friend but “The Almighty Cha” doesn’t need any more set backs in love.

Cici: Come on, Firnlambe, you know there’s nine more episodes. The course of true love never did run smooth, why should Yoo Jin’s experience be any different?

Well, looks like things are finally starting to look up for our leading couple, but can this peace last? Will our dashing Cellist come racing back into the relationship picture? Can Yoo Jin finally start opening up to Nae Il on a more mature level? Have we just reached the proverbial eye of this Kdrama storm? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below, but probably the most important question that you will need to think about, out of the entire lesson . . . is, who honestly rocked that turtleneck look best? Both actors are strong contenders for the title of "Turtleneck Prince" so choose wisely and we'll see you in lesson 12.

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