Welcome, Music Majors, to Lesson 12 of Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Are you ready to take your emotions from piano to forte? The baton is raised, but there is drama, conflict, confessions, and change in the score! Join your professors Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss each movement in this lesson.

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Wendilynn: I'm glad I get to talk to you guys about this drama. You  help shake some sense into me when I'm drowning in Yoon Hoo's smile or when Yoo Jin is watching Nae ll with those melting brown eyes of his.

Cici: So exactly who are you fangirling over?  Yoon Hoo or Yoo Jin?  Yoo Jin! Yoo Jin! Yoo Jin!

Firnlambe: //turns away// Must resist . . . . Stay true Firnlambe . . . stay true . . . .

Wendilynn: LOL!! We’ll corrupt you yet. This drama just has some adorable young men in it. Even Rak was totally adorable this episode while he and Si Won tried to stay a team against the splitting orchestra.

Firnlambe: That was so freaking adorable!!! That pairing just makes me smile every time . . . almost as much as when Nae Il is with Yoo Jin.

Cici: At least Rak finally had the . . . gumption . . . to tell Si Won he only flirts with her because he likes her. That slow roll across the wall had ME rolling---on the floor!

Wendilynn: That roll along the wall was so funny. You were not the only one rolling. heh!

Cici: He was even cute when he noticed Si Won getting teased for wearing a skirt. After admiring the view, he was a total gentleman and offered her his jacket to cover up with. Melt.

Firnlambe: He’s such a sweetie!! Now he just needs to win over Dad.

Wendilynn: No, first he needs to learn to hold his phone the right way if he’s going to fake a nonchalant phone call while being a gentleman. lol

Cici: Wait, was it upside down? I totally missed that.

Firnlambe: I missed that too lol

Wendilynn: Not upside down, the “face” was outward. So he was “talking” to the back of the phone. They noticed and teased him as he left the room. Si Won was tickled by it though.

Cici: Oh, I was so confused about what they were saying when he left (those subs went by way too fast), but now I get it. That’s why he said, “I’m so dead.”

Firnlambe: I think I was still reeling from the adorableness of it all, hence I missed that point.

Wendilynn: So by the time he gets to his confession, he’s had a couple of things already built up to feel embarrassed about, hence the wall roll.

Cici: Anyway, that’s one couple that is well on their way. Now if only Yoo Jin and Nae Il would pick up the pace with an actual confession or something.

Wendilynn: Well, Nae ll knows there is an understanding between them. lol It was so sweet how he was supporting her practice time. He recorded himself playing her music, gave her gloves, pointers . . . etc.

Firnlambe: See!!! He’s so much better for her than Yoon Hoo //smirk//

Cici: Yes he is! And he actually told her about his childhood trauma. I was impressed that he shared that with her himself, rather than letting his uncle tell her about it.

Wendilynn: He was also expecting her to think him weak or hate him for being weak, just like she was afraid He would hate her for her weakness. Only to discover that her heart is his without pity or fear. I’m good with Yoo Jin belonging to Nae ll. I will take Yoon Hoo since he’ll be left over.. unless they want to pair him up with Mini Min Hee. They would be a cute pair.

Firnlambe: I’m really hoping that’s the direction they go with him. Use him as the catalyst to propel Yoo Jin into some serious action first, by “threatening” his position with Nae Il . . then move Mini Min Hee in onto the scene.

Cici: Well, it really seemed like he was at least getting Yoo Jin to make a move when he threatened to buy the dress for her---the one that Yoo Jin had picked out! He hit the nail on the head when he told Yoo Jin that his problem was hesitation. It really made him act, though, didn’t it? And Yoon Hoo was such a cute good sport about it. It was clear that had been his intention all along

Wendilynn: That scene over the dress was adorable and funny. Firnlambe, was it just me or did it seem like that dress is a nod to Nodame’s outfit in the J version?

Firnlambe: Totally seemed like a tribute to me. I’m really glad they added that little tid-bit.

Cici: And I really appreciated that little comment from Yoo Jin: “Shopping is tough!” I laughed so hard, mainly because I know so many men who feel exactly the same way!

Wendilynn: Call me mean, but I love it when Yoo Jin gets those panicky looks whenever Yoon Hoo (or anyone else for that matter) is about to do something for Nae ll that he already wants to do. Yeah, tough man, sure you aren’t in love with her . . uh huh . . . riiiiiight.

Cici: OK, you’re mean! (Wendilynn starts laughing)

Firnlambe: HELL YEA!! I love that too!! It makes their relationship feel much more real.

Cici: Hey, quit ganging up on Yoo Jin! Give him a break! He’s come so far . . .

Cici: So can anyone explain what the term “butter boy” actually means? I am feeling like something has been lost in translation here.

Wendilynn: Being smooth as butter. Good with compliments, etc. I have no idea what he’s saying in Korean, but that’s what the subtitle means. It's the same as calling someone a schmoozer.

Cici: Oh, that makes sense. Yoon Hoo is smooth, but not necessarily a schmoozer. Did you guys get the hysterical reactions from both Rak and Stresemann when Yoon Hoo referred to Nae Il as “my Nae Il”?

Firnlambe: I loved their reactions, I honestly can’t decide whose was best . . . probably Rak’s lol

Wendilynn: I found it adorable. He knows he probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of changing Nae ll's mind about who she likes, but he’s going to like her anyway. I also liked that since he wasn’t ridden in pain, he was light and smiling more. Everyone noticed the change in his appearance and I was a goner. lol You can’t not react when that boy smiles. *sigh*

Cici: I really loved it when Yoo JIn showed up at the hospital “accidentally” for a visit. Those two men are more alike than they want to admit. If it weren’t for Nae Il, they could be real friends. Or. . . maybe not, lol.

Firnlambe: Actually, it really was an accident. Yoo Jin was there to talk with Dr. Kim about his condition. And in regards to them being friends, I think it's still possible--maybe with the contest they will have to band together in order to support Nae Il . . . . . . . well ok, that’s probably a stretch, but I can dream can’t I.

Wendilynn: Speaking of Nae ll, I found it cute that Honey Badger was so hesitant to get rid of his fan before teaching her. I had the errant thought that his fan is like a security blanket for a thumb sucker. lol

Wendilynn: The fact that he ended up enjoying the dreaded flatulence song was even funnier.

Cici: I was almost as surprised to find out that he has such an amazing singing voice as I was when I learned that Gomer Pyle sang opera. He really did enjoy that song, and his little dance at the end of the lesson was hysterical Now that’s a character who has really come a long way!

Firnlambe: So true. I was a little worried when he rolled up the music score, but he didn’t use it the way I thought he was going to. And I really liked that he confided in Yoo Jin about Nae Il.

Wendilynn: Nobody understands Nae ll better than Yoo Jin with the possible exception of Professor Ahn. If Honey Badger wants Nae ll, he has to gently lead her. And in classic Nae ll fashion, she helped remind him that he actually enjoys music. He had sort of forgotten.

Cici: It was so heart-warming to see so many people supporting her, especially at her competition. The one person I was upset at seeing there, though, was that director from the music festival, Ms Sourpuss. I don’t remember her name, and I don’t want to. I just want her to go away.

Firnlambe: Not the name I would have given her //cough cough// bitchface //cough cough// . . . . I really hope Nae Il just “wows” everyone and puts her in her place.

Wendilynn: I have a sneaky suspicion that the only person who could have convinced that viper to show up to the competition is Yoon Hoo and I will be very put out with him if he’s the culprit.

Firnlambe: lol well . . . I wasn’t going to be the one to burst your new love bubble. (w: *snickers*)

Cici: I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmm . . . I was just assuming it was the chairwoman of the school, hoping to make Nae Il nervous enough to fail. Or maybe Professor Do, hoping to show her what Nae Il could really do. Maybe it was Yoo Jin, wanting to justify his defense of her? So many possibilities!

Firnlambe: No, I was under the impression that it was Yoon Hoo too. He is the student that can do no wrong in bitchface’s eyes and the only one who would have been able to pull the request off for a mere competition.

Wendilynn: Yoo Jin would not have brought any source of stress to that competition. And I can’t see Milch doing it. It had to be Yoon Hoo because the viper lurves him. *gag* That just leaves one final question for this episode . . . . . . . . who do you think the orchestra is going to pick as the soloist? They refuse to let the “other side” have it.

Firnlambe: I’m going with the theory it’s going to go to Rak. ‘A’ thinks he’ll eff it up . . . and ‘S’ will give it to him because he was the only one who didn’t want the solo.

Wendilynn: That’s my thinking, too. He’s good enough to be the soloist, but everyone knows he doesn’t want it, so they expect him to back out if chosen.

Cici: Actually I’m hoping that they give it to Rak, and he suggests a duet instead of a solo. That way Si Won will play with him, and everyone will be happy.

Firnlambe: I LOVE that plan. Think we can telepathically communicate that with the writers before they air that particular episode?

Cici: Putting on my foil cone hat as we speak . . . .

"message sent"






"Ravi-bot has received the transmission and will forward on your request"

Firnlambe: If this plan fails, I’m blaming you . . . you’re the one in charge of communications.

Ah, Music Majors, remember to breathe! Steady...ready for your homework? Decide how you would like this to play out, and tell us in the comments below. And don't forget to show up for class next week!

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