Well, Music Majors, our course is nearing its conclusion as we approach this, our 15th lesson of Tomorrow's Cantabile. From adagio to allegro, piano to forte, each lesson has kept us on our toes and moving forward. Now finals are almost here, so our last cram session is in full swing. Join your professors Firnlambe, Wendilynn, and myself, Cici, as we review all that you need to know for the big test. Will you be ready for graduation?  

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Cici: Well, I hate to say I called it, but it looks like this drama really will end after the sixteenth episode. I, for one, am not ready for it to end. I have really grown to love these characters with all their quirks and idiosyncrasies. As happens with all really good stories, they feel more like friends than fictional characters. 

Wendilynn: *cries softly* I’m not ready to say goodbye either. This episode was so warm and gentle. I felt like I’d been hugged through most of it.

Firnlambe: //epic Darth Vader wail// Noooooooooooooooooo . . . . . . This drama can’t be almost over! It just can’t!! I was devastated when I saw the episode total changed from 20 to 16 //sniff sniff// It . . It’s just not fair!! There’s so much potential for them to work with

Wendilynn: I really want to see another season, but that would be doing the lessons they get in Europe.

Cici: Hey, if J-drama land can do it, why can’t we? We, as in K-drama land, lol.

Firnlambe: Hear Hear!! //sigh// Well, I suppose we should be dutiful Drama Clubbers and continue on . . . Who else was extremely pleased with the couple action this episode?

Wendilynn: I liked that she got him to have a six hour date. But I cry foul on the almost scarf kiss. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife. I was sitting there chanting, “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss” even though I knew they wouldn’t.

Cici: I agree! I was not pleased. Although it was pretty adorable and in character and all that, I still wanted to see an actual kiss.

Firnlambe: The kiss those two share better be “a ground breaking kiss--the likes of which have never been seen before” . . . . what with all the sexual tension that’s been built up--and the fact that it somehow made the Dramafever 2014 Award Nomination List before it's even happened . . . . . I mean seriously, how does Dramafever justify pulling that off?

Cici: I wondered the same thing, lol. When I saw the “best kiss” scene I had to re-watch it several times. I was convinced I must have missed something. Nope. No kiss. And I’ve got to say, things aren’t much better between Rak and Si Won. Although her “thank you” hug was pretty adorable. What? Do all these guys have an aversion to locking lips?

Wendilynn: LOL, hey, don’t knock the chaste romance. Its sweet really. Frustrating, but sweet.

Firnlambe: Here . . . let me channel my inner Mini Min Hee

I demand at least a little more progress between our two main lead couples.

Cici: I am beginning to fear that it’s never going to happen. Sigh . . . only one episode left. *wail*

Wendilynn: I know in the J version it didn’t happen till they were in Europe. I think the manga is the same way. But . . since we are not likely to get a second season, I would like my kiss please!

Cici: Where is Ravi-bot when you really need him?

Firnlambe: I’m pretty sure I saw his torso incomplete during a video somewhere . . . Apparently he was dismantled.

Cici: Have you been watching The Wizard of Oz again? Stop. Just stop. Back to the drama.

Firnlambe: Then do we wanna talk about Honey Badger losing his stripes?

Cici: How did I miss that? Although I did pick up on his perm-gone-wrong and his shave.

Wendilynn: They even address that. Yoo Jin made a comment. I wonder what new role he had to clean up for? You know, I really got to like those streaks.

Cici: Me, too. What’s wrong with us?

Firnlambe: Should I list things out in alphbetical order? Or would you prefer the list be in chronological order?

Wendilynn: You girls are killing me. I really liked the lesson on trust we get in this episode. Yoon Hoo was basically flabbergasted by what he saw. But watching the orchestra stand together and protect Yoo Jin in their own way was so sweet.

Cici: I was the one who was flabbergasted at the way Yoon Hoo tried to tear apart the orchestra by playing the old “You look so tired. You should just quit now,” card. I knew he wanted the orchestra disbanded, but I was not prepared for how underhanded he could be. I hate fake sympathy, especially when it's just a thin disguise for promoting an entirely different agenda.

Firnlambe: I was so mad at him . . disappointed too . . but mainly mad. I thought he was better than that.

Wendilynn: It's pretty common in these dramas to have the idea that if it's too much work you shouldn’t try and should just quit. I really didn’t see his attitude as any different than the norm, but I loved the lesson ll Rak gave him about trust. Yoo Jin had given them his trust and they were going to protect it. I love Rak for that.

Cici: Agreed! His quote about always having driven on unpaved roads was such a great metaphor. It was never easy or comfortable for them, so why should it be any different? The important thing was to protect the trust that had been placed in them, and to give their absolute best so that they would have no regrets.


Firnlambe: I liked that quote too . . very fitting that it came from Rak too. Then when they had the performance at the end I teared up. It was such a wonderful way of showing how the orchestra really came together in the end.

Wendilynn: Even Milch pointed out that Yoon Hoo didn’t really trust his orchestra. Something that a conductor needs to do.

Cici: Even before the performance, when they all gathered outside the board meeting . . . I was so touched. Such a contrast to the moment when Yoo Jin opened the practice room door to find no one there. But at least Yoon Hoo had the decency to tell him where everyone was. That scene was like going from the depths of despair to the heights of joy. And the fact that the board members noticed the positive changes in their children was just icing on the cake.

Wendilynn: I was so glad to see Si Won’s dad touched by her “defiance” and even noted her wearing a skirt, lol.   I’m sure his influence carried a lot of weight. I would like to say that I was really pleased with Rak’s playing. He looked so clueless in the first episode and by this one, he looked like he knew what he was really doing. When Si Won walked into that practice room to see him playing, I was like, “wow, nice job, Go Kyung Pyo”.

Cici: I must admit that I have gone from grudging acceptance to full-blown fan when it comes to Rak. He has not made a single mis-step for the last, oh, thirteen episodes or so, lol. But did anyone else get really nervous when Nae Il started giving away all her precious stuff? She just kept dropping all these clues that she was not going to be part of their lives any more, and no one picked up on it till she disappeared? I know I’m the only one who didn’t see the J version, but that behavior is typical of suicidal people. I was really nervous.

Firnlambe: I personally was really happy with how they played that plot point out . . . it was exactly like what I remember from the Manga. Right down to how her family interacted with her. Mom is clueless that something is troubling Nae Il, Grandma was trying to cheer her up the only way she knew how . . and Dad--Dad was the only one who seemed to catch that something was off about his little girl.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I knew it wasn’t suicide. She was trying to force Yoo Jin to get on a plane. Of course, the plane she expected him to take was to Europe, not her island. That was really brave of her to tell him that they were over, when he asked her point blank if she wanted to throw him away. The look on his face when he was basically forced to say that just pulled at my heart strings.

Cici: Was there a dry eye in the house at that point? Nope. Once again I knew from some spoilers that they would get back together so they could go to Europe and live happily ever after, but in K-drama land, you never know. And leaving the reunion attempt to the very last scene of the second-to-the-last episode was pretty cruel, don’t you think?

Firnlambe: Oh, but that hug!!! Can we gush about that wonderful wonderful back hug for a moment?

Cici: I have to admit I have never really seen the appeal of back hugs . . . until now. Yep, I’m sold. Hook, line, and sinker. I think it was his expression as he held her . . . *sigh*.

Wendilynn: I love love love back hugs. Feeling all that warm support wrapping around you. *sigh* Yeah, I’m a sucker. And coming on the heels of the fact that she had NO CLUE he would come get her. Can you say, “I love you” any more silently but with any more dedication?

Firnlambe: . . . . . wait . . . . I have a sinking feeling that I was supposed to be commenting on something . . . I--I'm sorry, I was distracted //stares at GIF just a few seconds longer//

Cici: Yes, that was a nice way to end the episode. But I really can’t wait to watch the last one. Even though I don’t want it to be the last one. I FEEL SO TORN!

Firnlambe: //pouts// If I wasn’t committed to this Drama Club I would seriously consider putting off watching 16 for at least a few more days.

Cici: Not me. I will be brave. I really want to find out if Nae Il plays in the competition and wins a scholarship to study in Europe. And if Milch ever actually gets a private moment with Min Ah and tells her how he feels. And if Rak and Si Won stay together. And if Yoon Hoo goes back to Julliard or follows everyone else to Europe like a thorn in their side. So many unresolved issues!

Firnlambe: Well that’s too bad, I’m pretty sure they all get amnesia and turn on each other because that's what the lone amnesia free person told them to do . . . or was that a different cliche filled story . . . I can never keep these suckers straight sometimes.

Cici: That had better not be a spoiler, lol. You’ve both done so well up till now. Hang in there, Firnlambe! Only one more episode!

Wendilynn: LOL!! I love your alternate ending. That made me laugh. Even though I don’t want this story to end, I will bravely watch the last episode so I can see how they are going to resolve their love story. And if they are NOT going to give us a second series, we better get a kiss!

Ah, Music Majors...our lessons are nearly at an end. Are you rushing to the conclusion, or are you, like your professors, wishing you could insert this little musical symbol instead?

Well, if we can't convince the writers they should repeat, repeat, at least we can join each other for the crescendo that brings this opus to a satisfying finale. Until next time, keep the beat, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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