It's field trip time, Music Majors, and we will visit the adorable town of Salzburg, Austria. We will follow the steps of Maria and 7 adorable singing children and sit frustrated as we realize Nae ll just might have to pull out her watch for a little more hypnosis to get what we want. Join your professors Cici, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn as we grade your final compositions in this final lesson of Tomorrow’s Cantabile.

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Cici: Can I give a spoiler? Huh? Can I? Can I?

Wendilynn: weeeelllll, I suppose. lol

Firnlambe: They all magically have amnesia don’t they . . . I KNEW IT!! I thought Nae Il’s cold attitude towards Yoo Jin was weird.

Cici: LOL, not unless you count forgetting how to kiss. There is NO kiss. There, I said it. So if you’re only reading this to find that out, now you know, and you can ditch the rest of the class. But if you want to find out what made this one of the best final episodes in Kdrama history anyway, stick with us!

Firnlambe: I demand Dramafever take them out of the nomination list and insert a different drama kiss in their place. That’s just unfair and not right on so many levels, that a steamy look is warranted as “Best Kiss” material.

Wendilynn: Well, we did the best back hug of the year. lol

Cici: And we did get some very intense looks plus a great front hug. And promises of future kisses. Oh, wait...we won’t ever get to see those.

Wendilynn: Nope.. Kdramas don’t do second seasons. We just might be out of luck, however, I really loved the warmth of this episode. So lets talk about what we did get out of this last lesson and not what we didn’t.

Firnlambe: //fumes silently on her side of the interwebz// fine . . . I’ll let it drop . . . //side glances the Dramafever Awards nomination picker//

Cici: Okay! What we did get was some great resolution, and some equally great parent-child interactions.

Wendilynn: Yes we did. I loved that conversation between Yoo Jin and his Mom. Clearly, Yoo Jin is not telling anyone how he overcame his fear of flight, but he reassured his mom she was not at fault. Considering how cold they were in the beginning of this series, that hug was so sweet.

Cici: This episode it finally dawned on me how significant touching someone’s face is. It is just so sweet, and intimate, and personal, and...touching! And the face scrunch! I laughed out loud! What mom hasn’t done that?


Wendilynn: Consider how careful with skinship they are. Touching the face would be the height of showing care and concern and love.

Firnlambe: Awww I loved that scene . . . . and Rak’s father’s resistant will breaking down . . . . and surprisingly Yoo Jin’s father as well.

Wendilynn: Yoo Jin’s Dad was the real surprise. Nae ll seemed to have a similar effect on him as she did on his son. Her piano playing seems to open the heart. That he made sure Nae ll could participate in the contest was really stellar of him. Although, how could she mess up spelling her name?

Firnlambe: DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! //fumes silently again//

Cici: Right? Maybe cause she only had an hour to get the application completed and turned in? (By the way, that “fasten your seat belt scene was hilarious!) Or maybe she was confused by all the nicknames Yoo Jin calls her? That’s it! Blame Yoo Jin! He was so excited to have her participate, why didn’t he check her application?

Firnlambe: Even if I had an hour to complete a form like that, you can DAMN WELL be sure I’d compare . . . ask someone who knows how to spell in the select language … and compare again at least 10 times before handing something that important over.

Wendilynn: Considering how much disagreement there is among people who romanize Hangul to do kpop lyrics and such, I can see how easy it is to do. BUT… this is Yoo Jin, Mr. Persnickety himself… really? lol

Firnlambe: Dude no, disagreement among how to romanize Hangul is no excuse when you have a PASSPORT with a clear spelling.

Wendilynn: I doubt they had the passport on hand when they were filling out the paperwork. BUT… Dad still saved the day AND gave Yoo Jin a compliment in the process. I was so touched to see how affected Yoo Jin was.

Firnlambe: Truth!!-- to the dad comment . . . I’ll let the passport issue drop cuz it's all water under the bridge now lol

Cici: I loved it when Yoo Jin got that little smile and said, “So this is what it feels like to get a compliment from your father.” But it kind of made me tear up, too. To think that he had to wait his whole life for a simple compliment from the one person whose opinion he truly valued. That gave me happy and sad tears all mixed up together.

Wendilynn: I loved the bits about the ring. From her signing wistfully for one to him trying to surprise her and give them to her. That fountain…lol

Firnlambe: I couldn’t enjoy those moments as much as I would have liked . . . Nae Il reverted back into her child-mode and I was annoyed. BUT! Yoo Jin’s reactions were classic! I couldn’t help but smile at him.

Cici: Actually, I was delighted that they both stayed in character right up to the very end. Nae Il did make some strides at maturing in the previous episodes, but one of the things Yoo Jin finds so lovable about her is the very child-like qualities that annoy you.

Wendilynn: I don’t know, if I was in such a romantic city with the love of my life, I’d probably be acting the same way. I loved that they visited The Sound of Music locations.

Cici: I loved that they mixed the music from The Sound of Music with the music from Cinderella in that scene. OK, I admit it, I love all the music they’ve used in this drama. The musical director really does deserve an award. Even if I did get “The one and only cereal that comes in the shape of animals,” stuck in my head again, lol.

Firnlambe: Oh for sure!! They really brought out the hidden emotions in each scene.

Wendilynn: rofl Cici! I agree that the musical director needs an award for this music. All those classical pieces felt as if they were written specifically for these scenes. We really didn’t need a whole lot of physical touching between our leads because the music expressed that love so deeply as it played.

Cici: And Nae Il touched Yoo Jin’s face. See? Very tender and intimate. I never thought I’d say that it was better than a kiss, but I just might change my mind after this drama.

Firnlambe: //mumbles incoherently//

Wendilynn: *grins at Firnlambe* All the tender looks between Nae ll and Yoo Jin were just precious this whole episode. They never are very far apart from each other.

Cici: If Nae Il had had her way, they would have been even closer. The way she consulted with Mini Min Hee on which nightgown was the sexiest was hysterical. But I loved it when Yoo Jin walked in right behind her and caught her in the act. Classic Nae Il, getting “ahead of herself”!

Wendilynn: Totally classic. I was laughing so hard. We’ve often joked about how Nae ll is the child in the relationship, but Yoo Jin is the prude. (which is funny because he slept with his last gf) He was part scandalized and horrified once he realized she was just trying to sneak into his bed. lol

Firnlambe: I just about died on the spot . . . If you’ve ever read any of my previous Drama Clubs, you’ll know that I don’t handle second hand embarrassment well. And this one took the cake. I mean come on!! If you’re trying to be secretive about this why have your back to the door so you would be unable to go into “sick mode” at a moments notice.

Cici: The fact that she was not only trying to sneak into his bed, but also trying to spread rumors about it just left me laughing helplessly. Only Nae Il could make that situation so amusing. And she didn’t give up until he forcefully threw her out with all her stuff!

Wendilynn: Considering how Yoo Jin freaked out with the kiss at the wall after asking her to be with him forever and that bedroom scene, I’m thinking Nae ll will have to work her hypnosis charm to get him to kiss her back.

Cici: Know what else really pleased me? The way Yoon Hoo redeemed himself. He was actually very funny and cute when he teased her about falling for him. And while he didn’t exactly give up, he did let her know that she had had a tremendous influence on him.

Firnlambe: yes . . . I was glad to have his “Baby Angel Killing” version back this episode.

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing*

Cici: Don’t worry, Firnlambe, no baby angels will die in this episode. There were no tears shed by Yoon Hoo, although he did come close when he said good-bye.



Firnlambe: Yes, you’re right . . . He had a “Kdrama Kiss Killer” smile instead . . . but I digress.

Wendilynn: I was very happy to have a happy Yoon Hoo in this episode. I really loved seeing the way he and the Rising Star crew were finally learning to work together.

Cici: That was one of the best parts about this episode--the fact that all the characters were shown working out their differences. For me, that’s the best kind of resolution. Even Rak’s dad was brought around to Si Won’s side. That’s one clever girl, there.

Wendilynn: Luckily Rak was quick on the uptake so Dad would accept the drinks. Not that he was fooled any. lol

Firnlambe: I’ve been under the impression that he’s always liked her since figuring out Rak liked her . . . and that he was just too proud to show it since he’d been treating her like an “enemy” for so long.

Cici: That made his speedy about-face all the more endearing. And his side comment that Si Won is considerate, just like Rak’s mom was, kind of tugged at my heart. And that Rak...I loved how he did his best to reassure the remaining members of the orchestra after they found out that both Yoo Jin and Nae Il would be leaving for Europe. The fact that he was totally surprised by their enthusiasm made it even better.

Wendilynn: I liked that they were to be an orchestra that would develop the talent that could not afford to study abroad. And then you had our music teachers looking forward to having fun with good students.

Cici: So, one quick question--is Si Won staying with the orchestra instead of going to Europe? The way she said something about “How could I go?” made me wonder.

Firnlambe: It certainly seems like this version was wanting to keep her around.

Wendilynn: I got the impression she was leaving for classes and then coming back to stay.

Cici: I only mentioned it because normally the “noble idiocy” of giving up what you really want for the benefit of someone else would bother me. But in this case, it seems like Rising Star has performed so brilliantly that they will draw the talent from Europe to be their teachers or co-performers, so they have nothing to worry about by staying there.

Wendilynn: I think that’s a fair assumption. I really liked how Yoon Hoo said they needed to do a special concert and then we find ourselves in the lobby doing the concert style that Yoo Jin had proposed when they were almost shut down by the board.

Firnlambe: I thought that was a nice touch too, particularly since that was basically Yoo Jin’s final performance with Rising Star for quite some time . . . as well as Nae Il’s first performance with the orchestra.

Cici: All in all it was a very touching scene. And once again, it was brilliantly filmed. The shot of the string section up on the staircase was particularly effective. Good job, director!

Firnlambe: Does the Drama Club really have to end . . . //sniff sniff// I don’t want it to end!!! I've had such a blast talking plot points with our Majors!

Wendilynn: Agreed, this DC has been so much fun to work on and our readers have been awesome.

Cici: Ep15_Repeat sign_smaller.jpg

That's the wrap up our final lesson.  We really don't want to say goodbye and so we won't.  We will leave you with a collage of some of our favorite characters and moments and you can listen to Melody Day sing "Listen to My Heart" from the OST.

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