Welcome, Music Majors,  to Lesson Two of Tomorrow’s Cantabile! Love, music, and change are in the air as we're introduced to an eccentric genius and witness first hand how he turns the school upside down. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss the characters, the humor, the drama, and the fabulous music that sets this drama apart from all the others. So allegre, and come on in.

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Wendilynn: You know, I loved this imagination sequence, as Nae ll tries to understand her reaction to the duet they had just played. I wish my crushes would come to me and tell me I loved them. lol

Cici: She is so innocent and child-like. It has taken a little getting used to, but I really like the way she reacts to everything so spontaneously and honestly. She really doesn’t seem to be aware of the way others view her, or she doesn’t care. I’m not sure which. I can see why Yoo Jin is both attracted to her and repulsed by her at the same time. He’s never had to deal with anyone quite like her before.

Firnlambe: At this point he’s totally just repulsed by her, at least consciously. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching his subconscious fall in love with her.

Wendilynn: He isn’t repulsed when she plays. He’s captivated then. And I agree that she is a complete innocent. It's like she never stopped being 3. She isn’t so much selfish as she is just unaware.

Cici: It’s like Yoo Jin’s at war with himself. His prim and proper self can’t accept her, but there is something inside him that makes him want to protect her, even now. It can be confusing to watch him swing wildly from rude, prissy perfectionist to protector, though. But isn't he cute when he gets jealous of Nae Il and Rak sharing a meal? That smirk when he "gets back" at her was hysterical.

Wendilynn: You know, that really was cute. He was bringing her food, she was bringing him food. They just happened to see each other at the wrong moments.

Firnlambe: Classic K-drama misunderstandings.

Wendilynn: Classic misunderstandings, but outstanding reaction by Joo Won. And he's got more jealousy coming. We'll catch it next time, lol.

Cici: At least von Stresemann understands her from the moment he lays eyes on her. 

Firnlambe: Oh God Stresemann . . . I’m just immensely grateful that he’s not nearly as creepy in this version. The J-drama version gave me nightmares.

Cici: Yeah, well, the pervert overtones are subtle, but plenty creepy enough. I’m just going to pretend that he’s eccentric and trying to get Yoo Jin to step up with Nae Il.

Wendilynn: He’s not NEARLY as much of a pervert as in the J-drama, but he is a man who sees the potential of an artist and knows that good conductors manage people.

Cici: But why is he so determined that Yoo Jin will never study to become a conductor?

Wendilynn: Well so far, the only explanation we’ve seen could be that auction war over Nae il. Is he that petty? Probably.

Cici: He had a definite negative reaction when he saw the picture of Yoo Jin with the rival conductor. And he had another reaction when he found out whose son Yoo Jin is. I guess I’ll just have to wait for clarifications. I hate waiting.

Firnlambe: You won't have to wait long, no worries . . . . but that battle for Nae Il was hysterical!! The look Yoo Jin gave Stresemann was priceless.

Wendilynn: I imagine she reminds Stresemann of his first love who is now the Dean.

Cici: I just love how well Stresemann and Nae Il play off each other from the start. And I suspect that Nae Il is a little more aware than she lets on.

Wendilynn: We probably shouldn’t use the word “unaware” more that she just thinks differently. A little autism I can identify with. lBut she approaches the world as if most things in it are just good.

Cici: One of my greatest fears is that the stuffy Yoo Jin will somehow beat that out of her. I really hope that she manages to change him, rather than the other way around. And no spoilers. I am enjoying my mild anxiety.

Wendilynn: (keeps her mouth shut but grins knowingly at Cici)

Firnlambe: //Joins in the knowing grins//

Cici: HEY! I said no spoilers!

Wendilynn: What? We didn’t say a word. Don’t worry Cici, I wouldn’t dream of ruining it for you. But this episode should give you a clue.

I liked that we got to see more of our violinist and his Dad. I really love who they have cast as the Dad. Ahn Kil Kang played the gangster with a heart in Dream High.

Cici: I love how supportive the Dad is. But I’ve got to say, Rak’s simulated playing still drives me crazy. Yoo Jin’s violin playing, on the other hand, was amazing. You don’t learn vibrato like that from just a few lessons.

Firnlambe: Since we’re talking about secondary characters, can we address our percussionist?

Wendilynn: LOL! Our percussionist has a lot to live up to. The manga and J live version gave us a really outrageous and awesome character.

Firnlambe: I’m still going to keep an open mind about the actor they’ve chosen since he’s still a relatively inexperienced actor, but I honest to God think Ze:A’s Kwanghee would have been bloody PERFECT for this role!

Wendilynn: Let's not type cast the poor boy. Granted, things should get interesting as S orchestra starts practicing. However, for those needing some reference, our percussionist was also in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as our Confucius-quoting scholar wearing glasses.

Firnlambe: But Kwanghee plays flamboyant so well!

Cici: Sorry, guys, but I’m lost. All I know about the percussionist so far is that he thinks Do Kwang is pretty (duh) and that he rolls his drums down the hill at Yoo Jin for some weird reason. What am I missing?

Wendilynn: Just to give you some background.. He has a raging crush on Yoo Jin. When he rolled his drums, it was because of the shock of seeing his God carrying the dumpster. lol

Cici: Are we supposed to have gotten that from this drama? Cause I really need to go back and rewatch it if I’m missing those kinds of clues!

Firnlambe: It’s not that noticeable in the beginning of the episode, but when they are sitting in the auditorium for Stresemann's announcement I would have put the pieces together had I not already known.

Cici: Wow, I can't believe I missed what was going on in the background!

Wendilynn: Don’t worry Cici, you would not know this about him from what we’ve seen so far. I’m giving you a little bit of background so you’d understand why we expect a flamboyantly gay character. How he’s been played in the Korean version has been subdued so far.

Cici: So let’s sum up: we have a stuck-up pianist/would-be conductor with some form of PTSD, a child-like virtuoso, a bad but newly inspired violinist, a perverted maestro, a grumpy old Honey Badger professor, a gay drummer suffering from unrequited love, a rich bi*ch vocalist, and a dean with a heart of gold. Wow, not your usual Kdrama cast!

Wendilynn: Nope, and you’ll end up loving most of them.

Cici: I have my doubts about Honey Badger, but I’ll take your word for it.

Firnlambe: I know I like the characters, but I’m still up in the air about a few of our K-drama cast. Though I still have high hopes for most of them.

Wendilynn: I have faith, but I am loving the story telling. I really like the flow the writers and director are using. The play of music and imagination and all the exasperating things that happen to our poor Yoo Jin as he is forced to acknowledge the world around him and make friends. lol

Cici: I was so pleased at the way Yoo Jin adapted his playing to help Rak shine. He really did understand him and follow him. Go, Yoo Jin!

Wendilynn: That was a big moment of growth for him. Honey Badger went to watch because 1) he couldn’t believe Yoo Jin would help anyone and 2) He didn’t expect him to do well because he didn’t play well with others.

Cici: Well, at least Honey Badger realizes he has some personality flaws of his own.

Wendilynn: That was funny when he acknowledged how immature he could be. I was like, “You think?”

Cici: But I did think it was hysterical when he mistook the great von Stresemann for a pervert. Open mouth, insert foot. In front of the dean.

Firnlambe: And he just kept adding insult to injury with his consistent slapping via fan.

Wendilynn: Well, he was right, he is a pervert. It’s just embarrassing when the pervert is the grand Maestro you were expecting to schmooze. lol  

Well, dear Majors, so ends the Second Lesson. Have you fallen in love with the music? How did you react to the character development? Do you see great things coming from the Maestro, or does he cause you anxiety? How do you think Yoo Jin will react to the news that he will not be allowed to change his major to conducting? Do you think he will learn to be more of a "people person" from Nae Il? And most importantly, will the Honey Badger lose his mean streaks? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

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