Well Majors, you’re just in time for our fifth lesson in Tomorrow's Cantabile. And our beloved "S" Orchestra has an important decision to make right before the big competition . . . Will they concede defeat without even trying? Or will they let Yoo Jin lift them up out of the ashes that have been left behind by "A" Orchestra’s flame? Join Wendilynn, Cici and myself as we discuss our crazy — yet lovable cast of adorable mini phoenixes.

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Wendilynn: Lovable and crazy is right. I know a lot of people have had trouble getting into this drama because they are not used to the outrageousness of the characters. While it is normal in the Japanese story, its not the norm for K-dramas and I think some people have been put off by that.

Cici: //hangs head sheepishly// That would be me. But I stuck it out through the first two episodes, and by then I loved Nae Il’s wacky character. I just had to let myself accept her child-like behavior without condemning it as childish.

Firnlambe: Ooooooh she’s soo totally childish . . . . it's just that, well . . . lets just say she’s acting this way for a reason. Personally even though I had known what our characters were going to be like, I was still a put off by the outrageousness in the beginning. BUT!! That was only because I was so hesitant over who was cast as Nae Il. I’d never seen any of her previous works, so I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to pull it off. Not at all like my reaction to Joo Won being cast. THAT casting was a solid win from day one.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on knowing Joo Won would be perfect. I guess I’m the odd duck because to me Nae Il was so much more subdued than my expectations. So I’ve been able to enjoy her childishness without too much angst. What I love about her character that Shim Eun Kyung shows so well, is how much she loves and supports Yoo Jin. And I love how they let us see how important she is in his life. Take those shirts for example. There is only one reason we got a mini heart attack at the start of the performance and that was because Yoo Jin didn’t want to disappoint Nae Il’s efforts.

Cici: I think it was also because he has absorbed some of her playfulness, and wanted the “unshirting” to be as dramatic a reflection of that as possible. I LOVED it, especially coming right after Stresemann commented that he was the only boring one up there.

Firnlambe: The look on Stresemann's face after the “unshirting” was priceless . . . . totally a “Well crap, now what do I say” moment if ever I saw one.

Wendilynn: Yoo Jin knew he had to help calm his people so they could play their best. That shirt let them know that he was on their side and believed in them.

Firnlambe: It’s true . . they did look extremely relieved afterwards didn’t they.

Cici: It was also a way of subtly thumbing his nose at the school owner and her preconceived notion of howt a conductor and orchestra should look and behave.

Firnlambe: And then to add icing to the cake, he had mini telepathic conversations with Rak throughout the performance. Good grief the smirks those men can give //sigh//

Wendilynn: I love those! His people loved it. The audience loved it. Too bad it totally intimidated the student conductor for A Orchestra. *evil chuckles*

Cici: *grins* Such a shame. He’s such a nice, polite, humble sort, isn’t he?

Firnlambe: I feel no remorse . . . . yes, I’m a cold and heartless jerk, I know.

Wendilynn: LOL, well, A Orchestra needed to have their egos deflated and Yoo Jin was happy to do it.

Cici: They totally had it coming. I may have jumped up and down with a few fist pumps after their miserable performance.

Firnlambe: I think we should address the awesomeness that were the parents. Who’s your favorite? Honestly I’m loving Rak’s dad, though Mini Min Hee’s father almost brought tears to my eyes there at the end.

Wendilynn: I love Rak’s dad. He so believes in his son and clearly he’s not some unintelligent boob about classical music and playing instruments. I don’t quite get why parents feel they need to be all gruff towards their kids like Min Hee’s dad was. He was clearly proud of her.

Cici: Rak’s dad has taken the time to learn about classical music because he not only wants to support his son, he doesn’t want to embarrass him. And Min Hee’s dad was finally able to understand why playing was so important to her. I loved that he wasn’t all mushy gushy about her performance, but expressed his pride in her with flowers. He totally stayed in character. I think that helped Min Hee know he was being sincere.

Firnlambe: //sigh// It’s just too bad that smack dab in the middle of all these parental feels, Nae Il had to go and take the “Ohhhh noooo, Orabang is too far away from me” route whilst throwing herself a pity party due to the frightening enlightenment she's been receiving.

Cici: It’s funny, she hates it when others look at Yoo Jin, and she hates it when they talk trash about him. She supports him, but she sure is having a hard time with his increase in popularity. I can totally understand her reaction, but she’s going to have to come to terms with sharing the new Yoo Jin that she’s helped create.

Wendilynn: Its not his popularity that is upsetting her. She wants to stay a child. She doesn’t want to grow up and she watched Yoo Jin grow up right in front of her. He’s been just as stunted as she has been emotionally. But with her loving support, he’s been able to grasp the hope of a future he thought was impossible. He will leave her in the dust if she doesn’t up her game and this was the first time she had an inkling of that.

Firnlambe: I’ve always gotten the feeling that this character has never liked change . . . or at least, has never liked RAPID change. I’m hoping we see some major changes from Na Il soon. If not because of the musical gap that has been forming, then at least from the bitchy ex coming back to the scene.

Wendilynn: I don’t think either her instructor OR Milch will allow Nae Il to hide behind the fart song forever. And she has Honey Badger on her tail as well, although he is unaware she is his mystery pianist. I had to laugh when Miss Vocal Chords came in as if she could just claim Yoo Jin when she’s the one who called him a loser and left him. There she was, wanting his attention and all he cared about was where Nae Il was. If she wasn’t in his sight, he was like . . . what’s missing? lol

Firnlambe: I LOVED that no one wanted her there . . . not even Yoo Jin, though he was thankfully a little more tactful in expressing it.

Cici: He totally had me going for a minute. He was doing what he could to protect his ex’s dignity, and I was almost afraid that the victory had gone to his head and he was going to go back to her. I was so relieved when he got her out of there and dumped her to go look for Nae Il. I just wish she had been aware of what he was doing.

Firnlambe: I couldn’t decide what was more priceless, Nae Il’s misplaced distress at having Yoo Jin call her by her given name instead of the “Seol Nae Bal” he’d taken to addressing her as, or Yoo Jin echoing how Nae Il tries to hear things through the walls.

Wendilynn: He was so cute in his obvious need for her. From thinking something was missing to following her around to put a bandaid on her or to just spend time in her presence. My favorite moment between these two was when he let her lay her head on his shoulder. He wouldn’t let their puppets kiss, but he would let her snuggle a little as a thank you for all her hard work and care of him.

Cici: That was my favorite, too. My husband was watching this episode, too, and when he noticed the fall foliage he asked when it was filmed. He was shocked when I told him probably a few days ago, lol. Not like American productions!

Wendilynn: Well, its more like a few weeks ago. They are usually a couple of weeks ahead in shooting.

Firnlambe: //pssssh// Details . . . . although, the Autumn foliage is apparently the Korean equivalent for “Love is in the air”. We’ve got our ‘S’ concertmaster pining over miss ‘A’ concertmaster . . as well as our two bumbling idiots realizing Mini Min Hee is a beauty in disguise.

Cici: I loved their reaction when they both realized Min Hee is pretty. Like all of the sudden they may not be such tight bros after all, lol. And Rak being all cool around Si Won was priceless. Now I get to say “I told you so!” Although I guess you kind of knew that already, huh?

Wendilynn: lol, Cici, well . . . . . It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you had fun with it.

Cici: There were quite a few fun moments in this episode. But what was NOT fun was the way the attempt to get Yoo Jin to play in the water backfired. Did anyone else scream “Just stand up!!!” at their computer screen?

Wendilynn: ROFL . . . . you should have seen Firn’s reaction. I was being all noble and understanding since the boy is suffering from PTSD. Panic doesn’t recognize depth.

Firnlambe: Yes . . . . . My initial response in my LINE chat with Aunnie, was indeed quite intense wasn’t it. 

//sigh// I couldn’t help myself!!! Even though I thoroughly understand his condition, it's such an annoyingly common out within the Hallyu-verse. Someone needs a significant psychological weakness? QUICKLY! Let us flip a coin!! Heads they have a fear of water and if it's tails they get blessed with a fear of heights.

Wendilynn: Yoo Jin must be really bad at that game because he got fear of water AND fear of flying.

Firnlambe: Maybe it was to even out his “cool” factor?

Wendilynn: They had to find some way to strand him in such a way as he couldn’t get to his “preferred teacher”. Only a hopeless Yoo Jin would give Nae Il the time of day.

Cici: So who’s going to save him? We left him apparently paralyzed and helpless. Will it be best friend Rak or observant Nae Il, or maybe the mystery boy?

Firnlambe: THIS GUY . . . . toooootally this guy

I have NO idea who he is . . . but you don’t just zoom in on a random person’s face right before he dashes off towards a drowning man for no apparent reason.

Cici: Oooo, a handsome new character! I can’t wait to see who he is and what he does.

Firnlambe: Hopefully our Timpanist finds him attractive so he backs off Yoo Jin a bit, though his reaction to the possibility of swimming with his Almighty Cha was priceless.

Cici: Hey, this isn’t a spoiler, is it?

Wendilynn: Nope, not a spoiler.

Firnlambe: Yeah, not a spoiler . . . I honestly have no idea who he’s supposed to be lol

Wendilynn: I’m thinking he’s probably one of the new instrument players we’ll run into later. And seeing how excited Soo Min was to be on a trip with Yoo Jin was too cute. It seems Soo Min, Rak, Nae Il and Min Hee have all accepted that they are in competition with each other for Yoo Jin’s attention. They are almost buddy buddy about it. lol

Firnlambe: The way these three in particular have bonded together over Yoo Jin is pure comedic gold! 

Cici: And meanwhile Yoo Jin is acting all cool and clueless. It cracks me up.

Wendilynn: He’s not clueless, but he is allowing them to be his friends. Mainly because he can’t get them to leave him alone. lol But he’s a much happier Yoo Jin for having them in his life. 

O.o 안돼!! (Andwae) . . . Orabang's in some serious trouble! Will any of our 'S' Orchestra members reach him in time? Or will our mystery man rush in and save the day? Tomorrow's lesson is sure to be one heck of an emotional roller coaster. Each and every one of you is an important part to enjoying this series, so be sure to leave your homework predictions in the comments below. We--your professors--honestly enjoy reading them. 

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