Welcome Music Majors to Lesson 7 of Tomorrow’s Cantabile. This time we are torn between Yoo Jin’s struggles to be a good friend and melting in fan girl happiness every time our Cellist smiles. Who will win our loyalties in this episode? Join Cindy, Firnlambe, and I as we struggle with our serious case of SLS.

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Cici: I am so torn. Yoon Hoo's smile! Yoo Jin's frown! Ahhhhh….

Firnlambe: I . . . . . can’t I just live in an eternal state of denial?

Wendilynn: As much as I am in love with Yoo Jin, when our Cellist smiles all just seems right in the world, doesn’t it? Park Bo Gum is going to be a heart throb after all this.

Firnlambe: ‘Tis true!! Urrrrg why did they have to make the drama SLS catalyst so much more dangerous for our hearts. The manga was never neeearly this bad

Cici: He is heart-stoppingly gorgeous, but more than that, he really seems to care for everyone, and has no trouble expressing it. Poor Yoo Jin. Just when he was finally beginning to accept the fact that he could have friends and make meaningful connections, he is forced to abandon them. And OF COURSE he can’t explain to anyone why.

Wendilynn: The live J version did not make this character that pivotal. He was just another character who had a crush on Nodame. Yoon Hoo really steps up his game in this K version and saves the day for S orchestra.

Cici: Nae Il really does her part, too. Those costumes! I thought I was going to split my face wide open, I was grinning so much. I actually had tears in my eyes from smiling so much.

Firnlambe: Dear God their costumes!!!! My initial reaction was “Omg no . . . . no no no . . . . those outfits //cringe// “


Wendilynn: I loved the costumes. But then I love that 30’s/40’s dapper look.

Firnlambe: Ok I should be fair . . . . the actual costumes were good, it was their attitude whilst walking that made me cringe.

Cici: Hey, it’s all about the ‘tude! But at the concert--the raccoon---how could you not love a raccoon that plays a melodica? I should have seen it coming after catching Nae Il’s bag with the piano keys on it, which I also loved.


Wendilynn: I prefer a raccoon to a mongoose. lol I was happy to see the orchestra have fun though. The joy in music from them and Yoon Hoo was just infectious.

Firnlambe: Agreed. Now . . . . if only Stresemann would stop with the manipulation, which is clearly only in his best interest . . . . . . well, for the immediate future that is. Long term he obviously has S Orchestra’s best interests in mind.

Cici: Stresemann is doing what he needs to do to keep S Orchestra from being dissolved, just as Yoo Jin is. Of course, they don’t understand that, but they certainly rose to the challenge, just as he knew they would.

Wendilynn: I wanted to smack Honey Badger for what he did to Yoo Jin. His comment to Milch about how you have to force the kids to do what you want was just vile. The look on Milch’s face as he was listening to this was... interesting.

TCe7 Break Legs.jpg

Cici: Breaking their legs to make them fly? Ugh, he was horrible.

Firnlambe: Can we slap him with his own fan? . . . . Pleeeeeeease??

Cici: Sure. Please do. It makes me wonder if he is ever going to learn about music for the joy of it, or if you really can’t teach an old Honey Badger new tricks. Although, it was pretty satisfying watching his face when he found out that Nae Il is the mystery pianist he has been looking for all this time.

Firnlambe: I was actually hoping for something . . . I don’t know, more from him.

Wendilynn: I think we’ll get more. He was sure Milch was making fun of him by introducing him to the “fart song player”. He’s got to see her play at some point to convert him. BUT…. he likes to hit with his fan. That isn’t going to fly with Nae il.

Firnlambe: True, he hasn’t heard her play yet, has he? At least, not really. //sigh// One of these times, a teacher is going to slap her, and this version of the character just won't take it anymore.

Cici: But wasn’t Il Rak amazing? He really stepped up to try to keep the orchestra together, too.

Wendilynn: I could tell that it really became Rak’s orchestra at this point. He truly was the Concertmaster.

Cici: I was also impressed with Si Won’s concern. Even though she didn’t actually act on it in any way, you could tell that she was worried about what would happen to S Orchestra. She does have a heart, after all. I almost thought she was going to jump ship and join them.

Firnlambe: I think the hardest part to watch during Yoo Jin’s lie, was when Rak gets so torn up over it . . . his face and attitude when he confronted Yoo Jin outside his home . . . phone deletion threats and all . . . was just so sad.

Wendilynn: I really wonder why Yoo Jin felt he couldn’t say anything. They would have totally had his back if he had told them, “sorry, you get kicked out of school if I don’t play.” But instead he chose to hold it in.

Firnlambe: It’s gotta be that stupid “Noble Sacrifices” thing

Cici: It may be that, but I think he also hasn’t had friends long enough to have the confidence that they would understand. And maybe he worried that if they knew the truth, they would do something stupid that would get them kicked out, and it would all be for nothing. Or, //cringe// maybe he’s just reverting to his old comfortable way of acting. Please tell me it’s not that.

Wendilynn: I also didn’t quite see it as noble sacrifice either. I  think he really is at a loss of how to act in this situation towards his new friends. What I found interesting was when his mom came to his apartment and talked to him about having friends. How happy that made her and is that where she figured out about Nae il? Because she did not have the reaction to the news that Nae il was the duet player that I was expecting at all.

Firnlambe: OMG did anyone else have a mini squee session when they focused in on the note placed on the fridge? --no? just me? //sigh// -- it was so adorable, he has a schedule for what Nae Il likes to eat and when . . . but anyways in regards to his mother, the more I watched her talking about Nae Il in this episode, the more I think that some how she’s always known it was Nae Il.

Cici: Im pretty sure that she has known about Nae Il for a while. I must admit that I have misjudged her--I did not think she would be this OK with the relationship between Yoo Jin and Nae Il, until I saw how happy she was that her son finally had friends.

Wendilynn: I was sure she didn’t know about Nae il last episode, but maybe I’m wrong. I was amused that not only did she invite Nae il to play in her shop, but when Miss Vocal Chords shows up to try and bond to Mom, she sort of brushes her off while focusing on Nae il’s playing.