Greetings Music Majors, and welcome to Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Friendships are tested and relationship boundaries are pushed like never before, when our beloved "S" Orchestra faces its biggest crisis yet. Will our growing group of musical geniuses be able to handle it? Join Cici, Wendilynn, and myself as we thoroughly discuss everything you’ll need to learn about lesson eight.

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Wendilynn: Lesson 8 was a very interesting episode. I loved the replay of the concert. Watching Yoon Hoo smile and be happy just made me feel good all over again. And we even got a wink and a smile.

Firnlambe: I’m in agreement . . . lesson eight was . . . . . different. Honestly, I’m still not sure I’m happy with how certain things played out.

Cici: I may be jumping way ahead, but sometimes I have a hard time liking Yoo JIn. That ending . . . but we’ll get to that later. I will say, though, that his growth out of arrogance is a bit erratic. Especially when he’s held up to Yoon Hoo.

Firnlambe: I don’t think that’s a very fair comparison, Yoon Hoo has always had this “nice guy” persona to him . . . it comes naturally to him. Whereas with Yoo Jin, he’s trying to make nice with those around him, but being cold is so hardwired into his DNA . . that he just responds that way without much thought.

Wendilynn: I disagree that it's hardwired into his DNA. He’s trained by being raised in an environment where people wanted something from him because he was the son of a famous pianist. Its now his habit to be cold and reserved. However, he met a group of people who liked him for himself and offered their friendship just because. He wasn’t used to it, didn’t know how to handle it and as we see in this episode . . . didn’t know how to just say “I’m sorry I made you guys mad, but here’s the situation . . .

Firnlambe: See to me that just means it’s been hardwired into his DNA lol

Cici: Well, I will give him a break for the way he responded when he heard that Nae Il went missing after his concert. At least that time he dropped everything to go find her and care for her. In fact, I really loved the way he completely disregarded Miss Vocal Chords and stayed with Nae Il. And the little things---like telling MVC that they have the same door code. He really proved their connection.

Wendilynn: I loved when she left Nae Il’s apartment in a huff because Yoo Jin and Nae il were so absorbed into the music that they were oblivious to anything or anyone else. What they speak to each other with music excludes everyone. And her whining to her mom was funny to me because she has no chance.

Cici: It’s their own language, and it’s become apparent that it’s a love language. Yoo Jin did not choose Grieg’s concerto by accident, nor did he make such a firm request---demand, really---that Nae il be sure to hear it, by chance.

Firnlambe: Agreed, I really liked how Yoo Jin has basically acknowledge that he likes Nae Il, but he’s still just a liiiiitle bit too proud to openly admit it.

Cici: That was the one bright thing that MVC said. That he appears to like Nae Il, but that maybe she’s not quite “girlfriend” material for Yoo Jin. I hope that gave him something to seriously think about. But that’s why I say that his growth is so erratic. He acts one way, but hasn’t seemed to actually process his feelings with his brain yet. The two need to go together, or everyone gets confused.

Wendilynn: Give him time, he’s making a lot of changes as it is and it's happening slowly. I did laugh though when he got mad at Nae il for taking Yoon Hoo side at one point and “broke up” with her by giving her stuff back. Boy, did she have a lot of stuff over in his apartment.

Cici: Even before that, I thought it was hysterical the way he “didn’t” react to her post of the sandwich Yoon Hoo bought for her. Like he knew what she was trying to do, but refused to care. Yeah, right. So cute . . . so immature, lol.

Firnlambe: All these relationships that are beginning to grow are very entertaining to me, obviously Nae Il an Yoo Jin are a personal favorite, but Rak and Si Won has really started to grow on me too. His reaction in front of his dad to her choosing him as a partner was priceless!

Cici: Yeah, poor Rak really has it bad. Even his reaction to her congratulatory fist bump was funny. Classic k-drama . . . oooo, we touched! He’ll probably never wash that hand again. His dad certainly was cute when he reminisced that Rak’s reaction was just like his own when he first started dating his wife. Like father, like son!

Wendilynn: That was so cute. What isn’t cute though is what is happening to Yoon Hoo. We now know he’s got nerve damage in his fingers. That’s not good.

Cici: That must be excruciating, both physically and emotionally. He has just recovered his desire to play again, and now he may not be able to. If will alone were enough, he would be OK, but I have a bad feeling about this.

Firnlambe: I agree . . . doesn’t help that the x-rays of his hands make it look like they are deformed, seriously . . did you guys look at the way his fingers curved? That’s just not normal lol

Wendilynn: There were several sets of x-rays. One set of severely damaged fingers and then another set not so far along. I have a funny feeling the doctor was showing us what would eventually happen to Yoon Hoo’s fingers if he didn’t get that surgery.

Cici: How terrifying for him. It’s an impossible choice. If he gets the surgery he may never be able to play again. If he puts it off, the result may be the same. In the meantime, he is in constant pain. All he wants is the opportunity to perform ONE MORE TIME. Oh, my heart.

Firnlambe: Yeah, this doesn’t seem like such an impossible choice to me . . . I loved my music, and if I was unable to play the saxaphone ever again I’d be devastated. BUT! I would rather not be able to play and still have somewhat normal hands, as opposed to screwing them up for life.

Wendilynn: Now we know why he’s wearing the brace. Why he ditched that one concert to go to the master class festival. And then when Yoo Jin grabbed his hand in anger . . . . oi vey.

Cici: Actually, he did such a great job conducting, I was hoping that he would move from playing the cello to conducting. That would save the wear and tear on his hands . . . he doesn’t even need to hold the baton with his left hand. But it would also put him in direct competition with Yoo Jin. Complications, complications.

Firnlambe: He does look the most natural when he conducts doesn’t he . . . though I fear he may have picked up his bad habit of ditching concerts from Stresemann.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I totally forgot about Stresemann’s handler until she showed up. I forgot he was hiding under the radar so they wouldn’t drag him back to his real job. It was part of the reason he took advantage of Yoo Jin and made him do a lot of the work.

Firnlambe: I just wish Honey Badger wasn’t the one to rat on him. That whole addition to the plot is starting to bug me . . . . . . unless I just forgot that it was there from the beginning, which I wouldn’t put past me since I don’t like him lol.

Cici: See, there are advantages to not knowing what is supposed to happen. I am completely free to hate Honey Badger for his nasty disposition. But I do feel sorry for both Stresemann and Mi Na. They just can’t catch a break. If that timing wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. Well . . . it was funny.

Firnlambe: Honestly. . I just couldn't get past Mi Na’s coordinator . . . those knee highs . . . dear GOD!! what were they thinking.

Cici: Were you OK with the fluorescent pink fleece . . . thing . . . she was wearing, then? She’s starting to make Kim Tan’s sweaters look good, lol

Firnlambe: The fluorescent pink . . . thing . . . was not as bad as those atrocious grey knickers.

Wendilynn: How did I miss THAT?!! That does it, I’m going to have to hand in my “girl card” because I never noticed her clothes. lol  What I did notice was that she had a lot of long walks and talks with Yoo Jin.

Firnlambe: And in random scenic places, too. lol

Cici: Wendilynn and Firnlambe, you are much nicer people than I am, and notice the really important things. But I did notice that she said something pretty ominous to Yoo Jin about the burden he had to carry being too much. Any clue as to what exactly she was referring to? What does he have to do to save S orchestra? Make a virtuoso out of Nae Il?

Wendilynn: I think she was referring to the expectations of his genius. He does have a heavy burden to bear because there is so much expectation of what he will do. As it is, most people expect him to go abroad to study. Only a select few know he’s phobic of planes and water. Add his friendships and what S orchestra expects of him is even harder.

Cici: Hmmm, it just occurred to me that maybe that’s why Miss Vocal Chords is going to go abroad to study. Here I thought she had just given up on him (highly unlikely given her personality) when she probably expects to meet up with him in Europe once he gets over Nae Il. She has no idea that that will never happen.

Firnlambe Wendilynn: //matching Cheshire grins//

Cici: Hey! How many times do I have to say it? NO SPOILERS! And no knowing grins, either. I feel so left out.

Firnlambe: How many times should I repeat it . . . we won’t give out spoilers, lol but can’t we keep the grins? //gives best puppy eyes you’ve ever seen//

Cici: No, not the puppy eyes! Not after I just watched episode fifteen of My Lovable Girl! Noooooo . . . . And that was NOT a spoiler!

Wendilynn: Something makes me glad I haven’t been caught up in that series. lol However, this series has been so enjoyable to watch and have fun with.

Cici: It has been nice to shed tears from laughing instead of sadness.

Firnlambe: Agreed

Wendilynn: Although, now Nae il thinks that she’s been betrayed by Yoo Jin and I know that’s not true. He would never subject her to abuse.

Cici: That’s what I was worried about in Mi Na’s comment, though. He may have to get Nae Il to perform up to her level in order to save S orchestra. And he may mistakenly think that disciplined study--what she considers abuse--is the only way to achieve that.

Wendilynn: What she considers abuse is being hit by a stick while the teacher congratulates themselves on living vicariously through her fame. And we know Honey Badger likes to hit. I can’t believe Yoo Jin would subject her to that without saying something, or giving him some type of warning.

Firnlambe: I wanted to smack Honey Badger so much in this episode, but particularly in the practice room and during his last talk with Mi Na.

Cici: I have known teachers who firmly believe just as he does, and I LOATHE them. I would have run out of there even before Nae Il. The bad thing is, you can’t reason with a person like that, because they are sure they are always right. And if you respond emotionally, they despise you. There’s no winning with them.

Wendilynn: I agree with you. I’ve known a few myself. However, this is Nae il. She has a habit of changing the people around her. I’m curious to see if she will have an effect on Honey Badger for the better because if he wants her like he seems to, he will have to meet her halfway to keep her in the classroom.

Cici: I’ve given up on him. I’m just hoping that Yoo Jin will take over her “lessons”. He at least can communicate with her, and we saw what he was able to draw out of her. Whereas Honey Badger terrifies her, Yoo Jin inspires her.

Well folks, looks like there are troubled times ahead. Will Yoo Jin be able to keep himself in Nae Il's good graces? Has he pushed her away for the last time? Or is this the opportunity our Cellist has been waiting for? Your homework this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below how you think Na Il will eventually respond to this new push from Yoo Jin, and please . . . If you've "read ahead" in the lesson plan, no spoilers. If your professors can't spill any secrets, why should you get all the fun? //wink wink//

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