Welcome readers, to the Triangle Drama Club. Join Cici, Only and myself (Firnlambe) as we embark on a new journey through a drama filled to the brim with; extortion, twisted relationships, and a set of writers who are dead set on keeping Hero Jae Joong shirtless for as many scenes as possible . . . not that we’re complaining.

Taking selfies to a whole new level

Cici: As we were promised, we get to see a whole new side to Jae Joong in this drama. Forget Twitter or Instagram, his character, Young Dal, uses incriminating selfies for blackmail and extortion. Yet there is something about the mockery in his laugh when he says, “Let’s just die together, then,” that hints at despair just below the surface of that macho facade. He’s not exactly a sympathetic character . . . yet. But I’m willing to wait.

I was simply aiming for that imaginary fly on your throat . . . Honest . . .

Firnlambe: Ok . . . so I've always thought Lee Bum Soo’s acting was really good, but this role will probably turn out to be one of my personal favorites for him. He's able to pull off his characters crazy slew of emotions exceptionally well. You can most definitely tell there is something not quite right with the way Jang Dong Soo’s brain works. From his subtle lip quivers when interrogating the mobster in the beginning of the episode, his effortless throat jab while in the night club, to his ability to just exude this sense of charismatic swagger about him, Lee Bum Soo never ceased to amaze me. I’m actually quite curious as to how Dong Soo acquired this ridiculous obsessive need to place Go Bak Tae behind bars, there must have been something big for him to request a transfer to his current department (I’m thinking death of a family member). I’m also curious how all his spur of the moment actions (such as firing his gun in an enclosed space), will affect him later on down the road.

Don’t. Bet. It. All!

Cici: Note to self: there is no such thing as a sure thing when you are betting against the house. Poor Young Dal, he just can’t win. But stealing from his crime boss to make up for his loss . . . how is this a good idea? Doesn't he know what gangsters do to people who double-cross them? His luck (translated life choices) is so bad, I can’t stand the suspense of waiting to see what disaster befalls him next!

Poor little rich boy . . .

Only: Im Si Wan’s sole appearance in this episode left us with not much more than an impression of his character, Yang Yoon Ha. From this brief scene, we can deduce not much more than he’s a wealthy man who is as controlled as he is arrogant. Since he’s the youngest of the three brothers, I’ll assume we’ll see more of him in later episodes, but here we get an introduction, and the knowledge that he’s in treatment.

They love me . . . they love me not . . . .

Firnlambe: This . . . this was a difficult scene for me to watch. For those of you who have read the Bride of the Century Drama Clubs, you know I have a bad case of second hand embarrassment while watching dramas. To those of you who are just getting to know me, this means I find it EXTREMELY difficult to watch awkward scenes comfortably, and the flashback portion of this section was one of the worst ones I've ever had to deal with . . . Anyways, I’m curious about these characters backgrounds together. She’s married now, but from the looks they exchanged at the police station (as well as at the coffee shop) its obvious that they both have some sort of lingering affection towards each other . . . or at least that’s what we’re being led to believe.

57:49-58:11 . . . Twenty-two glorious seconds worth repeating

Only: Jae Joong running down the street in his boxers . . . That is all.

Well now, how was that for a first episode? Everyone liking it so far? Did Jae Joong's new image live up to all of your expectations like he did for us here in the Drama Club? Well . . . don’t get too comfortable, the series is only just starting to get interesting. Be sure to share your first impressions and favorite scenes in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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