Last post we promised you things were just getting started, and the second episode of Triangle didn't disappoint. It really raised the stakes for our three brothers; we've got live burials, the beginnings of an intricate web of complicated relationships, dead gangsters, sad memories, and more shirtless Jae Joong for all. So join us as we attempt to find our way out of this ever deepening plot hole . . .

I’m so sorry . . . for getting caught!

Firnlambe: . . . is . . . is that a butterfly for his “Fear me! I’m a scary gangster” tattoo?!? o.O ::pfft:: it is! That has got to be the most un-intimidating tattoo on a gangster I have ever seen. But back on track, poor Young Dal looked so terrified. Thank goodness detective Gook showed up when he did . . . though I’m sure when Dong Soo and Young Dal figure out they are related, this scene will jump right back out of the memory banks.

Cici: If you thought Korean mother-in-laws were scary, they’re sweet compared to Korean gangsters! Burying someone alive? Thankfully there was no backhoe or cement involved, or I really would have been freaking out . . . And then there are the other distracting questions that keep popping up, like, how long it takes the makeup artists to cover up the rest of Jae Joong’s tats? And didn’t it hurt having to run over streets, rocks and brush while barefoot?

Only: This has to be the most relaxed rescue in a drama ever; Detective Gook was so laid back that it made the gangsters and Young Dal look ridiculous. Then again, those red satin boxers are hilarious enough on their own.

Orphans! Ashes! & Tears! Oh my!

Firnlambe: Ok, one fact confirmed . . . dad died while they were all still together. now for the next question, how did he die?

Only: And how did they get separated?

Cici: What happened to Mom? And what part did Go Bak Tae play in all of this?

Firnlambe: ::arrrg:: too many uncertain plot points!!! and its only episode 2

K-dramas: where 2 warnings = an automatic love line

Cici: Right, Young Dal. You may be able to convince Jang Soo you’re only kidding, but I see that look in your eye. Jung Hee doesn’t stand a chance. Not that she’s going to be trying all that hard to get away.

Firnlambe: ahhhh Kdrama logic . . . if you have been told to avoid someone at all costs, OBVIOUSLY that means you were meant for each other.

Only: What other explanation could there be? Since everyone is telling them to stay away from each other, it must obviously be fate!

You've lost that loving feeling, whoa that loving feeling . . .

Only: Well, that’s one obstacle cleared. That said, this was a pretty emotionless conversation on both sides. I wonder why?

Cici: Yes! I knew she couldn’t really be completely unattainable. So . . . maybe she’s always been in love with Dong Soo. She still keeps a couple picture of them in their younger days at her daddy’s house. EEK! He was her FIRST LOVE! And we all know what that means. Dong Soo, don’t give up!

Firnlambe: Well this was surprising, I wasn’t expecting Shin Hye and the hubby’s relationship to be on the rocks like it is. I wonder what happened between them? Did she let her feelings towards Dong Soo stop her from progressing further into the relationship? That would make the most sense, there was just too much unspoken emotional feels between the two of them . . . If that doesn’t rule out the “we’re simply platonic” relationship between those two, I don’t know what will.

Horsin’ around for fun and a profit

Firnlambe: Omo! the “kinda-sorta” husband has got a dirty business side. This will not bode well later on down the series. He’s gonna cause Shin Hye some serious heartbreak later on, I can feel it in my Kdrama bones.

Cici: Watch out, Dong Soo! They’re gonna GANG UP on you! I bet Shin Hye found out that Pil Sang only married her so he could hide behind her father’s reputation while he carried out his financial shenanigans, and now she can’t bring herself to trust him.

Only: Cue the ominous music because Shin Hye’s estranged husband is in bed (financially speaking) with Dong Soo’s mortal enemy. In the meantime, I may need a diagram to follow everyone’s relationships.

Lucky at cards, unlucky at love?

Only: Is it me, or is Young Dal really not that good at cards? He doesn't know it, but he just lost in spectacular fashion (again) to his little brother. And in front of the girl he likes, no less. Yikes. This is setting up a rivalry here between the two brothers, and not just over Jung Hee. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out.

Cici: The way Yang Ha corrected Young Dal’s use of race vs. raise made me want to slap him upside the head. I may have serious issues with this boy. Given his hot-headed history, I've got to give Young Dal credit for not starting a fight. By the way, does the excruciatingly slow way he turns over the cards drive anyone else crazy? Take a clue from Nike and Just do it!

Firnlambe: *face palm* . . . Young Dal . . . you've watched endless hours of U.S televised poker games, how are you unable to say the most basic of the English terminology? *sigh* I am with Cici on this though, the fact that he didn't fly off the handle and start a brawl took some major self control . . . although I feel that has more to do with the fact that Jung Hee was in the room. Speaking of, Jung Hee has some awesome self control as well. I just can’t see her not recognizing Young Dal and her classmate, so her non-existent reaction was impressive

Rags to riches, Korean style

Cici: Just when the situation looks truly desperate, Young Dal is saved by the “suicide” of his crime boss. How convenient. Can I just ignore the shadowy figure lurking around the money pit?

Only: As per usual with Young Dal, this seems like a bad idea. I don’t think shady gangsters in the Philippines like having their money stolen. He really doesn’t think things through, does he?

Firnlambe: No he really doesn’t, foolishly believing they will never be able to return to the country is just stupid, plain and simple. They are gangsters, if they wanna break into the country I’m sure they've got connections.

Aside from Jae Joong's barely covered nudity, there was so much to witness in this episode. Brother #1 has met Brother #2 who has met #3 but just how long will it take for these three troubled boys to discover who each one of them truly are and just how did they get separated in the first place? What's the history behind Dong Soo and his lady friend? Do you think Young Dal should be worried about the the overseas gangsters and just how quickly do you think it'll take him to lose all that money? And just what exactly is Yoon Ha's story? Got any theories about what’s coming up? Let us know in the comments!

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