Brace yourselves, dear readers! Episode 11 of Triangle is one roller coaster of feels. We've got everything from heartfelt confessions and treacherous business deals to pent up rage and aggression just waiting to burst forth from a pissed off mob boss. Join Cici, Only and myself as we tackle each emotion during this episode and hope that things start looking up for our resident bad boys soon.

Prison...don't go there

Firnlambe: Personally I really like this whole section of the episode, for a couple of reasons. First, Young Dal's wimpy sidekicks are getting what they deserve, well one of them is at least. Jerry is taking things exceptionally well considering this is not his first time in the slammer so he doesn't count, but Jang Soo is crying like a little baby--I know I shouldn't find this nearly as satisfying as I actually do, but his character bugs me so much that seeing him in emotional turmoil is very, well, satisfying. His character really needs this experience in order to grow up, I don't get how he doesn't understand the fact that he had plenty of chances to walk away from everything, that’s why it's no one's fault but his own for why he's stuck in prison.

Second, we finally get to see the real owner of that 5 billion won--and its someone who will not be making things easy for Young Dal while he's locked up. Thankfully Young Dal is a smooth talker and was able to buy himself some time in order to try and make things right--although that did mean they were beat up instead.

I am confused though, as to how Man Bok was even able to figure out that Young Dal was the one who tried to steal the money/lost all his money. He's been locked up in prison--for who knows how long--I'm sure he's been without any real outside communication.

This is what betrayal looks like, Dong Soo.

Only: Everything’s coming up roses for Yang Ha, but too bad it’s at the expense of his brothers. First he lands Young Dal in prison, and then he sucker-punches Dong Soo (metaphorically speaking), by telling him he’s made a deal with Go Bok Tae. Lame self-justifications aside, Yang Ha gave a disloyal and murderous gangster a stake in the family company, just to get rid of a love rival. Plus, he’s purposely pissed off Dong Soo, who he knows to be a possible enemy, and Pil Sang, a man he knows to be on his father’s side. Um . . . I thought he was the smart one?

Good things come to those . . . who wait.

Firnlambe: If there had been any doubt in my mind that these two wouldn't end up together by the end of the drama . . . this scene would have destroyed whatever small trace there may have been. Jung Hee is one tough cookie. She painfully had to watch the man she loves get dragged away and placed in prison, and yet she STILL came to visit him. She even went as far as to get angry when Young Dal tried to claim they are nothing to each other. Granted he said what he said because he thinks that is what's best to do in order to protect her, but she doesn't know that.

This really is such a bittersweet moment for our leading couple. Jung Hee opens up her heart to Young Dal--which (if I'm reading his face right) is something that scares Young Dal--even though she has no idea if anything will actually blossom between them. And then it's painfully obvious Young Dal really cares about her and values her opinion on things. Enough that he even has flashbacks of the request she made to him during her visit while he's getting a beating from Man Bok's men. I just hope once he's out of prison he is able to set his life on the right track and support Jung Hee to the best of his ability.

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First rule of cool: respect your elders

Cici: Did anyone else notice when Young Dal addressed his apology for “making a fuss” to the elder in the communal jail cell? I thought that was interesting, seeing as how everyone else in the room pretty much ignores the guy, even leaving him out when treats are shared. Only Young Dal notices and gives him his bread and milk. Then when Elder has the predicted “accident” Young Dal is assigned to clean him up. Yeah, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle something like that. I love the way he restores the man’s dignity by telling him it’s no big deal, and directs the conversation to safer ground. Misery may or may not love company, but admitting that you share a personality flaw does seem to cement a friendship. Young Dal, you’re growing up. Jung Hee would be proud.


The power of persuasion

Cici: Young Dal’s kindness has made a friend of the Elder, but we still don’t know exactly who he is. They’re sitting outside conversing about Young Dal’s problems with Man Bo, and he sort of brushes off Elder’s offer of help, telling him to use his money to buy more of the baked goods he likes. He’s not being disrespectful, he just doesn't want Elder to feel indebted. He clearly doesn’t have a clue who Elder is, or just what kind of power he has in the outside world. I don’t either, but my tingling foreshadowing senses tell me it’s a lot. I have a feeling that offer of help is going to come in really handy some day.

Then out of the blue Elder has a breathing issue, and when Young Dal tries to get him to the infirmary, the guard just blows it off. It was pretty cool to watch Young Dal go into hyper protective mode. Amazing how the gentle powers of persuasion were able to change that guard’s attitude. Young Dal, you’re my Hero!


Only: Um . . . what? The writers had already packed a whole lot into this episode, and suddenly the plot went from 0 - 60 in all directions. This is not the reaction I expected after Yang Ha ruined Dong Soo’s plans by making a deal with Go Bok Tae. Dong Soo broke into the safe in the Chairman’s office to find evidence of his crimes (incidentally, if I’d known I could crack safes with an iPad, I would have bought one years ago). Then, instead of listening to Shin Hye’s sensible advice to be patient, Dong Soo just goes for the jugular and tells Chairman Yoon he’s going to take him down. I guess this is an improvement over angrily beating people up, but . . . not by much. What does he hope to gain by confronting Chairman Yoon? I hope it’s more than the satisfaction of seeing his surprised face.

So many surprises! Young Dal and his sidekicks actually go to prison, and take their beatings in the process. Yang Ha joins Go Bok Tae in the ultimate act of betrayal, Jung Hee confesses her feelings, Young Dal shows his compassionate side, and Dong Soo lets his mortal enemy know he's gunning for him. Which of these new developments do you think will pan out for these three brothers, and which will lead to more trouble and heartache? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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