Welcome back Triangle fans! Episode 12 kicks the drama up a few notches with each brother doing something that will impact them greatly in the future. Young Dal makes the bet of his life, Dong Soo pushes Chairman Yoon right up to the edge, and Yang Ha prepares to protect the Dae-Jung Group at all costs.

Now that we've reached the drama’s halfway point, we here at the Drama Club thought we’d do something a little different for our second post. Join us as we talk amongst ourselves and discuss how we feel the drama has been progressing so far, before we chat about episode 12.

Only: I feel like this episode flipped the script in a lot of ways: Young Dal and Dong Soo came out of prison a lot angrier, but also a lot smarter. I hope we’re going to see what they can really do in the next 12 episodes.

Firnlambe: I wasn't expecting a time jump so quickly after they were placed in jail. I mean, it makes perfect sense to place one there--It just caught me off guard. I will have to disagree with you, Only, on both of them being angrier . . . I see Young Dal’s attitude as more regretful than angry. Though I agree that Dong Soo is completely livid and ready to take on those who have wronged him.

Cici: One thing I have really come to appreciate about this drama is the pacing, especially in regard to character development. In the beginning I really didn't like ANY of the brothers. I felt kinda like Goldilocks...this one was too explosive, this one was too sleazy, and this one was too smirky. And they were all so arrogant! But I’m really glad I gave them a chance, because by the middle episode I've grown to LOVE two of them, and I’m even starting to see potential in the third. It is so satisfying to see truly dynamic lead characters, and to feel like we get to watch their growth first hand.

Firnlambe: Oh, I’ve loved Dong Soo and Young Dal from the beginning, but the affection really started to pick up steam once they really started looking out for each other.

Only: It took me a while to feel like I had any kind of stake in the characters’ fate, partially because of their questionable actions. Young Dal relied too much on luck and Dong Soo relied too much on his fists, but neither one of them ever really thought about consequences, so they kept landing in stupid situations. But now that the two of them are using their brains too, they actually have a chance of getting somewhere. I'm not a huge fan of time skips, but in this case, it looks like it got us a pair of leaner and meaner heroes, so I think I can get behind it.

Cici: Firnlambe, do you have a soft spot for the bad boys? I have to admit I could see the appeal of all three right from the beginning, but just because they're all easy on the eyes doesn't mean I had to LIKE them. Of course, now . . . *happy sigh*.

Firnlambe: No, not all the bad boys . . . just the ones I know are softies at heart. Though I’m still having a hard time accepting Yang Ha. He’s annoyed me from the instant he agreed to Jung Hee's "game" back in episode 3.

Only: No question about it, Yang Ha is pretty annoying.

Workshop Topic: How to take advantage of a captive audience

Cici: Yang Ha almost had me fooled with his smooth delivery here. His honest admission that he was first attracted to Jung Hee out of hurt pride, and his assertion that he later started to find himself genuinely interested in her gave me hope. Maybe he’s learning to look beyond himself and be considerate of someone else, I thought. Nope. Wrong. The entire rest of the “workshop” is about his feelings, his reactions, his needs. He just wants to use Jung Hee as a sounding board, because he’s sure she won’t judge him. Hey, if all you want to do is dump your emotional baggage on someone, hire a psychiatrist. No one should have to be a part of such a one-sided relationship for free. You know what I said about seeing potential for the third? I take it back. He’s just figuring out another way to manipulate her and get what he wants without having to make any personal changes or growth. Jung Hee, I don’t care how curious or flattered you are. Run away!

Firnlambe: Make sure it’s far far away!! I was so proud of Jung Hee that I actually cheered out loud when she slapped Yang Ha. This boy needs to wake up from whatever dream he’s living in. The best way for him to open Jung Hee's heart is not by kidnapping her so he can spill all of his emotional baggage on to her like a sack of sweet potatoes, but to treat her like a human being--you know, with respect an all that jazz. And if that doesn't work, do what Cici said and go back to your psychiatrist or whatever Shin Hye's title is . . . she's trained to take in and process whatever gibberish you decide to spill--Jung Hee isn't.

Only: I'm with you guys: Yang Ha needs a psychiatrist. I can't believe Jung Hee stayed to listen after slapping him (which was the right thing to do, frankly), especially after he came out with that completely offensive line about finding her interesting because she was the only girl to say no to him.

I LOVE Kdrama Karma!

Cici: So Young Dal no sooner sets foot out of prison than he’s summoned by Ahn Chang Bong. The old man makes it clear that he’s indebted to Young Dal for saving his life, but Young Dal graciously brushes it off as nothing. He’s just genuinely glad that the guy is OK. By the way, I just gotta say that I love this elder. He’s like a big teddy bear, but of the grizzly bear type. I have no doubt that he means what he says, and that he has the means to back it up. Later, when Shin Hye told Young Dal that he’s the most powerful, wealthiest, and toughest loan shark around, I laughed out loud! And when that’s who Chairman Yoon and Yang Ha had to beg for help, well, that was just SWEET! I may have sung the nanny-nanny-noo-nah song at that point. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Firnlambe: Ok first off--let it be known I hated Young Dal's gang of misfits in the beginning, but damn was it ever cute that they felt obligated to come and show respect for their hyungs on their release day. Anyways back to our mystery elder . . . as soon as I saw the fancy car I was absolutely ecstatic cuz I knew--I just KNEW it had something to do with the old man from prison. And that somehow he would become a major player for Young Dal. Lets be serious, not just anyone can sit in jail with such an air of importance around them. And, once again, I'm in complete agreement with Cici--when it clicked in Young Dal's mind that he holds the biggest power card imaginable in the palm of his hand . . I was so excited.

Only: The lesson here is always be nice.

Cici: Yep. And maybe, just maybe, good guys don't finish last.

The king of reversals

Cici: Deja vu. I kind of hated Jung Hee at this moment. Sure, Yang Ha is being all charming and helpful, but I still don’t think she should trust him. And what’s with this, “I’ll wait a while and see if you live an honorable life, Young Dal,” business, and then she turns around and gets all flirty with Yang Ha? I know, I know, it’s been a year, but still. This is a rotten thing to come back to. Funny how much things can change in just five episodes. No, not funny.

Only: I know it makes sense in terms of the time skip, but I found this scene kind of jarring because the last we saw of the two of them, Jung Hee was slapping him, and Yang Ha was trying to lay his emotional baggage on her. So I found it weird that they were so friendly all of a sudden. The parallel between the two scenes was pretty cool, showing us how Young Dal feels like he's on the outside.

Firnlambe: Oh I loved the symbolism in this scene. The fact that both brothers had the exact same moment of pain was not lost on me. But personally I didn't feel any sort of hate towards Jung Hee . . . I know, just by seeing her still wearing the necklace, that she honestly loves Young Dal and no one else. To me she only views Yang Ha as a friend, more along the lines of someone who she cares for like a younger brother.

Cici: Ah, thank you! OK, so if things work out the way I hope they will, Jung Hee will gain both another younger brother and a big brother. Oh, I like this. Jung Hee, I don't hate you any more. Cause if anyone can keep a guy in line, we all know it's you! From episode 1 through episode 12, at least this girl's skills have remained constant:

All I want is you

Only: Shin Hye told Dong Soo that she was getting a divorce when she visited him in prison, and now that he's out, it looks like the two of them are officially together. While I'm glad Dong Soo's not playing the noble idiot anymore, I wish she had more to do than just be supportive of Dong Soo.

Cici: I was totally enamored with the feisty young Shin Hye (her "do you want to see my inner skin?" routine was hilarious) and I loved her quiet strength, intelligence, and compassion as an adult. I just hope she doesn't become downgraded to a door mat. I find her intense loyalty and willingness to go against societal norms to be with the man she loves very admirable. But the whole "I live my life with the sole purpose of trying to figure out ways of how I can be of help to you," speech a little over the top. I understand her regret at having wasted so much time in a dutiful marriage to a man she didn't love, but I hope she regains a little more balance soon.

Firnlambe: We've still got 6 weeks -- or 12 episodes -- left, so who knows, she may have a larger role in upcoming episodes. I agree with both of you. It would be great to see Shin Hye really blossom into a character who not only loves Dong Soo unconditionally, but can also be someone who he can rely on. Shedding the whole "I was too much of a coward to openly love you, forgive me?" charade will do this woman wonders.

The plot thickens

Only: So this is where I start to really pay attention. I mean, a lawsuit isn't the sexiest revenge scenario, but if money is the only thing Chairman Yoon and Go Bok Tae care about, then hitting them in the wallet is a pretty smart plan. Two great things about this scene: First, there's no way they could have come up with the idea without a year in prison to cool off and think, and second, neither one of them could have done this on their own. Brotherly cooperation ftw.

Cici: Well, a lawsuit may not be all that sexy, but intelligence sure is. I agree, I got pretty excited at this point. I had to watch it several times before I understood the plan, but then . . . sazzam! This is another example of character growth that is being handled so well. If you gotta spend a year in prison (shudder) then at least make the most of it and take the opportunity to network. After all, if your ultimate goal is to obtain revenge by wreaking as much havoc as possible, and get away with it legally, prison could be a pretty awesome school. And Yang Ha thought he was punishing these guys by sending them to the slammer. Ha!

Firnlambe: Oh, the subconscious brotherly is by far the BEST factor in Dong Soo and Young Dal's relationship towards each other. From Dong Doo's obvious "here let me take you under my wing" act to Young Dal's obvious signs of regret while beating Dong Soo--I am getting more and more excited to see these men react to the fact that they are in fact related by blood, not just by bonds. I'm also super pumped to see how they pull this whole lawsuit off . . . because you know Bok Tae and Chairman Yoon (hell, even Yang Ha) won't take this sitting around doing nothing.

I can see clearly now . . .

Cici: Dong Soo being all smiley and sassy while Yang Ha has a consternation fit--it pretty much made the perfect conclusion to the episode.

Firnlambe: I can't decide which face made me happy more, Dong Soo's arrogant smirk? or Yang Ha's obvious reaction of loathing towards Dong Soo? Probably Yang Ha's loathing . . . I may find the man annoying, but his "I'm pissed off, yet I shouldn't show it" face is quite adorable. Dong Soo is having him face all these emotions that he has never had to deal with before, so he doesn't know what to do with himself and it's very entertaining to me. Lets face it, this is not Dong Soo's first time in this particular emotional ring. He is by no means a stranger to showing just enough facial expressions to get the reaction that he wants from someone. Plus this will probably be the best opportunity to show off all the knowledge he learned from Young Dal this past year in prison.

GO FORTH AND GAMBLE ADMIRABLY, MY FRIEND!! . . . Be sure to rid Yang Ha of his arrogant smirk.

Only: See? Winning with your brains can be as much fun as winning with your fists. This was a great note to end on.

OST Update: Yes, we posted a link to this song earlier, but here is the complete version, with Hangul, romanized, and English lyrics. We hope you like it as much as we do:

Well Drama Clubbers? Which twist in the story has you the most excited for episode 13? Is it Ahn Chang Bong's declaration of being on Young Dal's side when he needs him most? Did Dong Soo's lawsuit scheme fire you up the most? Or is it Jung Hee's long awaited reunion with Young Dal that's nabbed your attention? Let us know in the comment section below.

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