Welp . . . From sweet and tender moments of family warmth, and cold hard emotions that come from committing a dirty crime (regardless of if it's justified), to the extremely sorrowful moment of recovering repressed memories--hopefully you all had a box of tissues on standby because episode 13 of Triangle was just a whole mess of feels.

The feels were so strong that we Drama Club members have decided that the little mini chat session we had in the last recap is worth keeping around. So follow Cici, Only and myself as we discuss our overall thoughts and feels before we each talk about a section of the episode that really struck a cord with us.

Cici: Best. Episode. Ever. It had me giggling like a school girl, shouting "Yes!" at the screen, and sobbing hysterically, all in the course of an hour. It was the perfect combination of mini resolutions and new developments, and it kept me both satisfied and wanting more. I love the growth in Young Dal and Jung Hee’s relationship--FINALLY!!--and the end to the noble idiocy that was keeping them apart. I love Shin Hye’s quiet intensity and the way she knows just what to do to help both Young Dal and Dong Soo. And I love, love, love the return of the badass Dong Soo who is willing to do whatever it takes in the name of ultimate justice. Wait, did I just say that the end justifies the means? I may have to rethink this…but in the meantime, it made for another great fist-pumping scene!

I was also really impressed with the efficient development of some of the minor characters. Speaking of which, who is that playing Ahn Chang Bong? He is amazing, and he’s not even listed in the credits. And the writers have given him great lines---he gets to be the dispenser of wisdom that will ultimately make the difference between colossal success and horrible failure for our heroes.

The one character that has me worried is Yang Ha. He just keeps digging himself in deeper in that despicable hole of his. How is he ever going to redeem himself?

Only: Ahn Chang Bong is great! Especially since Young Dal is actually listening to him, and stopping to think before he makes his crazy plays. Though, how could you not listen when he speaks in that voice?

I'm glad Young Dal and Jung Hee are moving forward finally, and I do love a date scene with eating in it (what can I say? I'm a glutton). Then again, whenever I see people being too happy in a drama, I'm convinced something terrible is going to happen next. Maybe I'm just a pessimist?

To be honest, while it looked cool, Dong Soo's blackmail ploy didn't really square that well with his character, so I was glad to see the next scene, where he at least acknowledges that he's lost the moral high ground.

As for Yang Ha, I suspect he's heading for a breakdown much sooner than he's heading for redemption.

Firnlambe: I'm in complete agreement with you gals, this episode was indeed very satisfying on multiple levels. Now I know its a long shot, but if we can just keep this momentum going through the rest of the series I'll be one happy viewer. Both Dong Soo and Young Dal are taking strides towards each other with out even knowing it, and it warms my fangirl heart . . . . which is then rapidly thrust back into the cold depths of despair whenever I think of Yang Ha.

That man is dead set on killing my fangirl heart slowly--and painfully. Between him not knowing the heartache his "father" has caused him and his brothers, and the fact that he is fighting is own brother for the woman he loves . . I can just tell--knowing my luck--that things will go cataclysmicly wrong within the next few episodes.

The family that eats together . . . stays together.

Firnlambe: I love the relationship Young Dal has with this family. The grandmother has really taken a liking to him, granted she’s doing so out of pity--but still, at least Young Dal is getting to experience the comforts of a home cooked meal. But seriously . . . for really reals Triangle writers, I’d appreciate it if you stopped giving Young Dal and Jung Hee’s relationship so many obstacles. It’s bad enough that they have Yang Ha breathing down their necks, but now you've made Grandmother resistant to the idea of them being an item.

Can’t they catch a break? Young Dal obviously want’s to grow up and be a respectable man for Jung Hee . . . granted, he’s going about it in a somewhat shady fashion--but that’s besides the point . . . the point is, that Jung Hee will do wonders for Young Dal’s life and that's exactly what he needs at this point in his life. Ok, ok--he could also use a family. Knowing that Dong Soo is his hyung will probably do him a world of good too, but I still say Jung Hee will be the main factor in his life changing for the better.

It’s about time!

Cici: Finally! Young Dal’s timing is just perfect. He beats Yang Ha to the punch without even realizing it. Isn't it great how Jung Hee calls him out on the bashful act? Such sass! That brings Young Dal back to his true nature, and he takes the lead. I love his oh-so-innocent expression (and her surprised one) when he takes her bundle and grabs hold of her hand in the market. Skinship at its most basic, but skinship never the less. Maybe there’s hope for this couple after all!

By the way, is grocery shopping together in an open-air market really considered a date? Because the way Grandmother reacted to their last shopping trip, it makes me wonder if this has greater significance than I would have expected. Implied domesticity? Inquiring minds want to know!

Dong Soo the kidnapper

Only: Oh, Dong Soo. You’re so bad-ass with that taser. I hesitate to point out that there was probably an easier way of getting his threats across to Lee Young Geun than kidnapping him, but ultimately, it’s a pretty smart play to chip away at Chairman Yoon’s allies and sources of funds before taking him on. I wasn't expecting the scene right after where Dong Soo weeps into his soju, but I’m glad it’s there. Blackmailing a guy with his icky (and possibly illegal?) sexual preferences is bound to make anyone feel icky, and Dong Soo needs to be honest with himself about what he’s getting into. However intelligent the idea is, and however meticulous the planning, dirty work is still dirty work, and revenge is still a nasty business.

I love a good staring contest

Only: Young Dal and Yang Ha are going to be so unhappy to discover they’re brothers, especially after Yang Ha took it upon himself to warn Young Dal away from Jung Hee. But leaving all that aside, since that reveal doesn't look like it’s coming anytime soon (seriously, writers, how long can you drag out something the audience knew from the start?), two things in this scene made me happy: First, before saying or doing anything, Young Dal stopped to think, and suddenly, hearts and flowers popped up in my mind because nothing is more attractive than using your brain. Second, he told Yang Ha to try to win over Jung Hee instead of threatening him. I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I wish Young Dal a hearty thank-you for finally saying what we've all been thinking.

Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Firnlambe: I was wondering when Young Dal and Dong Soo would start their inevitable trek towards each other. This scene is long over due and the subtle hints at their connection was done flawlessly. When Young Dal said “. . . but his funeral picture doesn't look foreign to me at all.” I felt so bad for him. Having no memories of his family must have been so painful and difficult for him growing up.

I know I've said it before, but I’ll say it again . . . I cannot WAIT for their history to come to light. The writers have been leading up to this moment for so long that I've started to become annoyed that we’re halfway through the series and still no reveal. And on top of everything else they've made Dong Soo look at Young Dal as if he’s a real brother, and if things go my way, Young Dal feels the same way. Which will make this reveal all the more sweeter. The only problem is when Yang Ha finds out about his relationship to the men he considers arch enemies. There is so much animosity between the three of them, that things will probably not go down in the same fashion as the reunion between his older brothers.

Side note: does anyone know what the family does with the food they've prepared for the memorial service after it's done? They don't just throw everything out do they? If you happen to know what really happens to all that food (I mean come on, they make tons of it . . . well--at least in drama land) let me know in the comments because I’d really like to know.

Courage is being scared to death . . . and saddling up anyway.

Cici: And this is where the feels-o-meter just exploded and sent tiny shards flying across the room. Oh, wait, that might have been my heart. I honestly cried through the whole scene, and that almost NEVER happens. Shin Hye is so careful explaining the hypnosis procedure, being sure to give Young Dal an out at any time if it should become too painful, and he elects to go forward with it anyway. Then watching the emotions play across Dong Soo’s face as he listens to Young Dal’s memories of the night he left them . . . ahhhhh! And seeing the intensity of Young Dal’s grief and fear over losing his elder brother, as well as his determination to protect his younger brother . . . it just tore my heart out. For once I might actually appreciate a cliff-hanger. I don’t think I could take much more in one sitting. Besides, I’m all out of tissues.

As usual, the amazing writers at Triangle have given us some satisfying developments, which have just led to more compelling questions. Will the upgrading of Young Dal and Jung Hee's status to "officially dating" be enough to get their relationship through the hurdles thrown in their way by just about everyone? Will Dong Soo be able to set aside his own moral convictions for the sake of justice? When will Dong Soo and Young Dal finally realize their blood connection? What will be their reactions when they find out? And just what does happen to all that memorial service food? Share your reactions and predictions in the comments below!

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