Haha! You all thought the feels from episode 13 were going to be more than enough to last our fangirl and fanboy hearts awhile didn’t you? Well, unfortunately for us all, episode 14 gave our “Kdrama Feels” a whole new outlook on life. Join us . . dear Triangle fans . . as Only, Cici and myself share with you our unedited reactions to this very busy episode. We promise to settle down and discuss the major points too--well--eventually . . .

Cici: I have no idea how I am going to wait another week for the next episode. Have I mentioned I hate cliff-hangers?

Firnlambe: So this cliff-hanger was not what you had in mind at the end of episode 13.

Cici: I believe the appreciation for that cliff-hanger might have been a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Only: I almost threw something at the screen when Dong Soo didn't connect the dots with Young Dal at the beginning, so I’m glad they figured that out at the end. I really didn't expect Dong Soo to get stabbed in the middle of it, though . . .

Cici: Someone please tell me that this is NOT one of those melodramas where they kill off one of the main characters . . . please? Because in Kdrama land, you never know . . .

Firnlambe: If that ends up being the case I may just throw my pillows in South Korea’s general direction out of pure hate.

Only: It would be very Game of Thrones-like if they killed off Dong Soo. Though I guess then Young Dal would go get revenge on his own, which would be pretty dramatic. At the very least, it looks like he’s going to have to go into the casino himself.

Firnlambe: And that’s just a recipe for disaster.

Well sir . . . you better start preparing yourself for some serious shame

Firnlambe: I can’t even fathom how he’s gonna take the fact that Young Dal is in fact his younger brother. I’m hoping he comes to terms with the whole “oh how can I face them after I caused all this pain” view on things. It’s wasn't entirely his fault . . . He didn't abandon his brothers on purpose, he had every intention of coming back--which he did--he just came back a little too late. He was just a little late, that's all.

Cici: The whole guilt leading to acts of noble idiocy can be so frustrating. I hope he gets over it, and soon! It would be far more shameful to waste the time they have left because of a mistaken sense of responsibility for the past.

Only: Are you kidding me? He's been looking for his brothers for 20 years, and now, when it's obvious that his brother is Young Dal, he's hesitating because he feels bad that Young Dal had a sucky life? Yes, this is noble idiocy at its worst.

Emphasis on the word, “adopted”

Cici: So why does it matter if Yang Ha is the chairman’s adopted or biological son? This bothered me earlier in the drama, too--like if he doesn't measure up, it’s the fault of his genetics. How can his “father” be so ready to dismiss him if he doesn't perform up to his expectations? Not just that, but knowledge of his real parentage puts him at incredible risk from both Pil Sang and Go Bok Tae. It’s like, if Yang Ha is successful, Chairman Yoon gets to take the credit for making such a brilliant gamble. But if he messes up, it’s no one’s fault but his own. Not only is that not fair, it’s not even rational.

Firnlambe: I feel this is an Asian cultural difference. I’m not gonna claim I understand these things completely (I'm no expert by any means) but usually blood is very important when it comes to things like inheritances and what not. Even if Yang Ha had been a bastard he would have probably been in the same situation--that situation being, Sneaky Jerk-face utilizing some “flaw” in his existence in order to thwart him from succeeding Chairman Yoon.

I KNEW Sneaky Jerk-face man (see I didn't even exert the effort to learn his name or go back and look it up) was going to be a problem for Yang Ha--I just knew it.

Only: On a side note, I'm really glad they got rid of that skunk streak in Go Bok Tae's hair; I can almost take him seriously now. Back to the point, I don't know if this is a cultural difference so much as Chairman Yoon being a total ass. Yang Ha must have been pretty young when he was adopted, so he's basically had to live his whole life under threat of being thrown away. I would feel bad for him, but . . .

Yang Ha has basically lost his mind

Only: What. The. Hell. You would think Yang Ha would be more worried about his enemies inside and outside the casino, and the fact that his adopted father will discard him if he screws up. Instead, he’s announcing to Jung Hee that he was taking her to Las Vegas so he could propose, and that she’s going to love him, no matter what. Does he think he can hypnotize her into liking him with his crazy eyes?

Firnlambe: I think this long “battle” with Young Dal has driven him too far up crazy creek. How he thinks this method is ok, is beyond me. Hopefully Jung Hee stays strong and keeps the hell away from him for as long as possible.

Cici: I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Run away, Jung Hee, run away!

When you realize ignorance is NOT bliss . . .

Firnlambe: Well, this explains why he wanted Dong Soo to be Ahn Chan Bong’s man. I knew he’d never stepped near an elementary school but I thought he could at least read . . . man, I couldn't imagine not being able to read--poor Young Dal has got to be so frustrated with himself.

Cici: I wondered about that when he took Jung Hee to the fancy restaurant. He just gave the menu a cursory glance and ordered the special. But he must be able to read some, because he was writing letters to Jung Hee when he was in prison. Maybe his fluency just isn't that great. But it would still be frustrating!

Only: Given his history, I assumed that Young Dal wouldn't be much for reading, though he sends and receives text messages well enough. That said, he really could have started with something easier to read, poor guy.

Shhhh . . . don’t tell the other K-drama writers about this

Cici: At last, Young Dal remembers his little brother’s name. And then his own name. While that’s really wonderful, and I was really happy that he was making progress, I still had a few problems with this scene. First, I find it hard to believe that after TWENTY-FOUR years of amnesia, a few intense minutes of hypnosis could “open the door” to these long-hidden memories.

But let’s assume that that part is true. Shin Hye’s explanation that once those vague memories are brought to light he will be able to recall more details left me pretty skeptical. And finally, the fact that he can remember his own and his little brother’s name, but not his older brother’s name, turned this into a half-reveal. Because really, the names he did remember had been changed, leaving him no closer to actually finding his brothers than he was before. Good thing Shin Hye, with her razor-sharp memory, was there to put two and two together and figure out how to resolve a little more of the mystery.

Firnlambe: See! Shin Hye is finally starting to pull her weight -- soooo it's a little shaky on the realism scale, I’m just glad they finally GOT to this point. These damn writers sure were taking their sweet time at even broaching the subject of the brothers' hidden relations with each other. If they had drawn it out any longer I might have just ripped out my hair out of pure annoyance.

Only: While I'm happy we finally got to this point, I've had problems with this reveal from the start. For the sake of ending the last episode on a cliffhanger, the writers not only threw the pacing of the story out the window, but essentially set up Dong Soo to look like an idiot, and Shin Hye as a psychiatrist with no professional ethics. If that's the price of the cliffhanger, then I'll do without. And then to drag out the reveal, Young Dal/Dong Chul just sits in a cafe and concentrates, and his memories come back to him. Writers, go sit in a cafe and concentrate; maybe logic will come back to you.

And now you know

Cici: Poor Young Dal. I mean Dong Chul. That is going to take some getting used to. And if that's hard for me, just imagine what he's going through. Finally being able to remember his painful past, feeling fear and remorse for losing his little brother and letting his big brother down, learning his real name and where he's from, and then finding out that Dong Soo is actually his biological brother. Wow. No wonder he was in tears. Not sad tears, but not exactly happy tears either. Overwhelmed tears? Grateful tears? Because now he not only has family, he has family whom he has already come to love and respect.

Firnlambe: I absolutely LOVED Jaejoong's acting in this scene. The way he portrays Young Dal's surprise and then gradual acceptance of the situation he's found himself in, was flawless. And in regards to the type of tears, my money is on overwhelmed tears . . . He's just now recalling years of painfully suppressed memories. And we're not talking just a few years worth, but 24--so yeah--my money is on overwhelmed tears.

Now that this has finally come to light, I'm curious as to how they are going to address Young Dal going forward. I'm sure most people in town will continue to call him Young Dal, but will Shin Hye and Dong Soo start calling him Dong Chul? I hope not . . . that may be too much for our hot tempered thug to handle.

Only: I can't imagine he'd even respond to the name Dong Chul after 24 years of not hearing it, so hopefully nobody starts calling him Dong Chul immediately. But credit to Jaejoong; he carried this scene off well.

NO! No, no, no, no, no!

Only: What timing! With Young Dal on the other end of the line, about to tell him he’s his long lost brother, Dong Soo ends up with a knife in his gut. Will Dong Soo make it? Who's going to be Ahn Chang Bong's man in the casino? Are we going to miss out on the long-awaited reunion after all this? And why did Go Bok Tae have him stabbed after announcing that he couldn’t do it without becoming the first suspect? Did Chairman Yoon set him up? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode.

Firnlambe: OMG no . . . . those people just standing there gawking are complete idiots! I was so mad at them for just standing around doing absolutely NOTHING! One does not simply gawk at someone who’s bleeding out in front of you . . . particularly when that someone has an active phone right at his fingertips.

Which leads me to another point . . . I’ve never been stabbed before--but he was stabbed in the gut . . . how is it he can’t lift his arm to talk into the phone and ask for help?

Cici: He was too busy groaning in mortal agony. The only thing that gives me hope is that when Young Dal was in a similar situation, he was actually able to call Dong Soo and ask him to save him. But this stab was vicious. Maybe Detective Tak will notice he’s been gone a while and come out and rescue him? All I can think is, somebody do something! Please, Dong Soo, don’t die!

Ok, that-- was an intense episode. We can’t speak for everyone else but this was by far the longest weekend. Ever. for us here in the Drama Club. That being said, things have started to really heat up, which leads to many a question starting to surface--Does Jung Hee finally manage to get some real distance between her and Yang Ha? Will Dong Soo finally realize he has an active phone line in the palm of his hand? Did Go Bok Tae really order Dong Soo’s stabbing or is Chairman Yoon to blame? We’d love to know what you all think, so be sure to share your thoughts in the comment sections below fellow Triangle Fans!

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