Triangle fans! You've all been worried this past week, haven't you? Last week left us with many questions that needed answering. Will Young Dal take Dong Soo's place inside the casino? Will the police finally be able to nail Go Bok Tae with murder charges? Will Dong Soo finally wake up and give Young Dal the chance to be able to tell him he's one of the brothers he has been desperately been searching for? Never fear, this week will help alleviate at least some of those fears that we're sure you've been having.

Only: Has anyone noticed Jaejoong looks insane when he get really angry. Like he’s doing a vampire imitation.

Firnlambe: Edward Cullen . . . . Jaejoong style!

Only: Exactly

Cici: LOL You are hilarious!

Firnlambe: Well I try ^-^

Cici: I am sooo impressed with Jae-joong's acting. He’s come a LONG way from his Protect the Boss days. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed his performance in that, but this drama shows a whole different side to him.

Firnlambe: Truth! it has a LOT more depth to it now

Cici: A lot of that may be thanks to the writers, but the man can actually cry convincingly. Plus he's not afraid to show expression, even if it makes his forehead wrinkle or his eyes or nose redden. There’s an awful lot of K-drama actors who either can’t or won't. The camera work is really good in this drama as well. They capture subtle nuances in expression in all three of the male leads.

Firnlambe: Has anyone else noticed that Young Dal’s eyes always seem to be on the verge of crying? lol they almost always seem to be red

Cici: It’s actually made me a little worried--he’s tweeted several times about being so tired. And he not only performed the song on the OST, apparently he wrote the lyrics as well. Their schedules are killer.

Only: I was just commenting that his eyes and his lips are the same color; he’s definitely tired. But I actually think his acting is head and shoulders above the writing right now. I wish I cried like that, though, with the single tear coming down the face. My crying is way more messy.

Cici: The single tear! A K-drama classic! Yeah, when I cry, my nose gets red, my eyes get red, and I’m a mess. Nothing pretty about it, lol!

This calls for a meme:

Firnlambe: lol ok we should probably get back on track

I’m so glad he’s never had botox

Cici: What I just said about the single tear? OK, so apparently there are exceptions. He just pulls out all the stops and goes for it. I dare you to watch this scene without tearing up yourself. All I could think was, “Dong Soo, don’t you DARE flatline! Not now!” Followed immediately by, “Will someone please just give that man a hug and tell him everything's gonna be alright?”

Cheating with cards--failed . . . surprise engagement plan--failed . . . Pity me, for my past is painful plan--in progress.

Firnlambe: I swear! this man boy better start shaping up reeeal quick. I'm done watching him play all these ridiculous games with Jung Hee's emotions. Plus, unfortunately for him, my tolerance for general Kdrama idiocy has started running particularly low at this point in the series.

I've always thought the way he's gone around trying to woo Jung Hee--from episode 2, when he rigged her card game so he'd win each and every time . . . to now, when started utilizing this "pity me" tactic, that everything has been all wrong. Yes, he hasn't exactly had the luxurious life that everyone thinks he's had, yes its sad and he deserves love and attention from someone--but its not Jung Hee, and him using his past as something to try and make someone he "loves" stay with him, basically makes him nothing more than a worm in my book.

Thankfully I know I wont have to worry too much about Jung Hee falling for his tactics. I mean I wont lie . . . I was a little worried she may have been swayed by the way she looked at Yang Ha while he was walking away from her, but I know--deep down, she only sees him as a little brother. And that her looks of pity were just that, pity. Not a reflection of her changing emotions towards him.

Hello. My name is Dong Chul. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

Only: Woah. I want to say that Young Dal/Dong Chul is declaring war here, but it looks more like he really just wanted Go Bok Tae dead. He's barely saved from murdering him when Shin Hye and the cops show up, though, ironically, they only take Go Bok Tae away to indulge in some police brutality. You can't blame Young Dal/Dong Chul for wanting Go Bok Tae dead, and for wanting him to know who he really is, so fair enough, Young Dal, have at it.

Does this mean you’re leaving?

Cici: I’m confused. Is he telling Jung Hee that they can’t be together because his acts of revenge will make him dishonorable? Or because he suspects he might not survive when he goes up against Go Bok Tae and Chairman Yoon?

Either way, I smell noble idiocy. If I were Jung Hee, I’d insist that he include me in the plan. If she rescinds her resignation, she could be really helpful as an inside man . . . er . . . girl. Of course he’d probably refuse to put her in danger, and wouldn't even want her associated with the dirty business that’s about to go down.

It’s heartbreaking how she asks him to turn away from the past and focus on a future with her. Doesn't she realize he really has no choice? It’s not like either Go Bok Tae or Chairman Yoon are going to leave him or his brother alone . . . or alive.

This outfit just screams shady

Only: It's not pretty, but this is the face of Go Bok Tae's downfall. With the police on him, Chairman Yoon unresponsive to his threats, and Young Dal/Dong Chul ready to kill him, a new threat pops up from an unexpected source. Man Bok looks like he could take down Go Bok Tae, especially with Boss Min's help, but I don't know what I think of this replacement, switching out one criminal who has a thing against Young Dal/Dong Chul for another. On a side note, Boss Min seems like a bigger deal than I thought she was.

::tumble weeds roll past::

Firnlambe: Yang Ha's reaction was priceless!! It was everything I'd hoped it would be. The pure and utter shock with just a hint of angst layered underneath the surface was done extremely well and It makes me excited just thinking about how Young Dal handles his new role as a director. Things are going to become much more entertaining moving forward in the series.

Not only with how Young Dal handles his new responsibilities, but I'm sure there is going to be some major friction between him and Yang Ha. And you all know that will be something worth watching--particularly once they finally figure out Yang Ha is the remaining lost brother.

Speaking of which . . . does anyone have any particular idea on how that bomb is going to be dropped? I've been racking my brain trying to think of how the writers will finally reveal that secret, and I've come up with nothing

So what do you think fellow Drama Clubbers? Which developments have left you most surprised, and which have tugged at your heartstrings? How do you think the relationship with Yang Ha will finally be revealed? Will Chairman Yoon push Yang Ha past the point of no return, forcing him to finally reach out and locate his biological family? Or do you believe Yang Ha will figure out his family history all on his own without any outside help? Be sure to comment below!

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