Well Triangle fans . . . it doesn't really matter what your primary reason is for watching anymore. Regardless of if you came for the eye candy or you stayed for the drama, this episode has plenty of both! Join us as we talk about our overall impressions of the drama thus far and enjoy the screen shots while we recap some of the more dramatic moments in this, the sixteenth episode of Triangle.

Cici: I’ve got to admit that I am not usually a big fan of melodramas, but this one has changed my mind. I can’t believe that we’ve already gone through 16 episodes, and I haven’t experienced either of my pet peeves: dragging middle episodes that go nowhere, or crazy plot twists that make no sense, and seem like useless filler. The first few episodes contained a lot of details and backstory that slowed it down, but once those were taken care of, the writers used them to propel the plot forward in a believable and satisfying way. It’s always fun when you know just enough to feel clever for seeing something coming, but not so much that you’re never surprised. And the emotions! From the leads to the bit parts, the portrayals feel genuine and believable. I am beyond impressed. This is turning out to be one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a very long time.

Only: I’m not as enthusiastic for this show as you are but even I have to admit this is a good episode. Considering how long they’ve kept the audience on the hook for the big reveal between Dong Soo and Young Dal, it was pretty awesome. Now I’m just waiting to see how the reunion with Yang Ha is going to go. Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be as sweet as this.

Firnlambe: I was sort of on the fence about this series . . . I love the actors and how they are portraying their characters, and I’ve grown to love this OST, but sometimes the plot just seemed to drag--and that’s never a good sign. Granted it has come LEAPS and bounds since the first few episodes. That being said, I think this episode was the deal breaker for me. I am thoroughly intrigued by how Young Dal is going to utilize his new found “power” and I am just itching for Go Bok Tae to finally bite the dust.

What they don't know, won't kill them

Firnlambe: Well, this just isn't Yang Ha's day is it?

Cici: Haha, Young Dal takes just the right approach here. He's humble, admits his background, yet manages to turn that to his advantage. He even concludes by asking for support, and from the reaction of the board, it looks like he'll get it. Of course, it's what he doesn't say that really counts, but they don't have to know that. Enough to say that his idea of a brighter future for the company might not exactly be the same as theirs!

Firnlambe: True . . . ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Only: This is the second time we've seen Young Dal turn around a bad situation by being honest. He did the same thing when he was being interrogated by Dong Soo and Shin Hye earlier in the series. Pretty clever, both times.

Because sometimes ignorance IS bliss . . .

Cici: The whole scene where he meets his mother just killed me. It was so far from what he had dreamed it would be like. When he explained to the unconscious Dong Soo that the dream of his parents was all that kept him going through the hard times, I sobbed. And then how he decides to protect Dong Soo by telling him not to meet her . . . ahhhh!

Only: I wish he’d talked to her after all that, to find out what happened to her and why she left, but I guess after having his childhood dreams shattered, he couldn’t face it. I hope they’re saving that for another episode.

Firnlambe: Oh, I got particularly sad when he went and beat the crap out of the step-son. That must have been particularly painful for him. I even couldn't imagine what might have been going through his mind.

Flirtus Interruptus, part two

Only: Is that an actual, legitimate smile on Yang Ha’s face? Is this literally the only time we’ve seen him enjoying himself this entire series? Sadly, this almost cute flirtation with his potential love interest is interrupted by the not-cute Go Bok Tae.

Cici: Hmmm . . . he’s just saying this cause she suggested she’d be open to sleeping with him. Not sure that meets my definition of cute.

Firnlambe: Yeah, this is more sleazy of him than cute . . . But I will admit that his smile is cute.

Only: She’s straightforward, I’ll give her that. Anyway, she’s cuter than Go Bok Tae.

Cici: Yes, yes she is. Too bad he doesn’t even get past first base with that.

Only: Thanks to Go Bok Tae's phone call. Maybe that will inspire him to get revenge on Go Bok Tae too?

Firnlambe: Speaking of that phone call . . . I was extremely impressed that Yang Ha could even hear what was being said. Anyways, I hope they get Go Bok Tae soon. I can't wait for that jerk to get what's coming to him.

Onwards to VICTORY!!!

Firnlambe: Never thought I'd be rooting for this guy . . .

Cici: Me either. But he is slightly less sleazy than Go Bok Tae. And his side romance with Madam Jang, the Queen of Sleaze, is hilarious. Plus it has occurred to me that if Young Dal helps him take down Go Bok Tae, he'll be getting back the money he lost, and Young Dal will no longer be in his debt. That would be a win for sure.

Firnlambe: Ooooo, that is a very good point! That thought never even crossed my mind.

Only: I guess on the scale of gangsters, this guy is marginally less bad than Go Bok Tae. If it helps Young Dal, then why not? But this scene where they declare war over a huge meal is kind of awesome.

Young Dal 1, Yang Ha 0

Only: Even Yang Ha’s evil adopted father acknowledges that Young Dal has the better plan to bring up the casino’s profits. More importantly, looking at this photo, I just realized that Young Dal is wearing a camo shirt. Not only does he make Yang Ha look bad in front of the company, but he also makes brave fashion choices. Well done, Young Dal.

Cici: I love how Young Dal is learning to take the information provided by his newly formed network and use it to come up with a legitimate plan. Judicious use of statistics is always impressive. He actually sounds as smart as he looks, and I’m a sucker for that. Another fist pump!

Firnlambe: Subtle manliness for the win!! But I have a question . . . I thought Young Dal was unable to read extensively? I know he can read a little bit--text messages and whatnot--but when he was attempting to read that book an episode or two back, it seemed like he was unable to read a lot of information at a time.

Only: I can't say I buy his sudden literacy 100%, though I guess he knew enough to read reports, and process numbers.

Hyung hugs!

Cici: Now this was worth waiting for. My heart is so full it’s spilling out my eyes.

Firnlambe: Tears . . . lots and lots of tears . . . I was so happy for them.

Only: It was pretty sweet to finally see them reunited.

Well Drama Clubbers, we cheered when Young Dal triumphed over Yang Ha, we laughed when Yang Ha finally cracked a smile, and we sure as heck cried when Dong Soo and Young Dal were finally reunited . . . but now what? Will Go Bok Tae's reign come crashing down around him? How will Young Dal impress Chairman Yoon and beat Yang Ha next? Be sure to share with us when you laughed and when you cried, as well as any insight you may have for what may happen next in the comments below! We love to hear from everyone.

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